Best PSP Emulators for Android

I started playing on the PSP when I was in high school and loved every minute of it since you could just jailbreak the PSP and get all the games you wanted without paying. This was cool for putting old games on your PSP, so if I wanted to play GoldenEye from N64 then I could do so. What if you want to play old PSP games on your Android phone? That’s where PSP emulators for Android come in.

These emulators are perfect for playing your favorite PSP games without having to break the bank by buying them all online or at a store. Let’s have a look at the best emulators for you.

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Why Should You Use the Emulator Instead of the PSP Console

Buying the PSP is fun, but there are a few reasons why just using your Android device is a tad better:

  • You don’t have to pay for the actual console if you don’t currently own it
  • You don’t have to pay for any of the games
  • You can bring a gaming system with you on your phone instead of having to remember a completely different device

1. PPSSPP – PSP emulator – Free and $5.99


Your Top Choice

1.a Free Version

The PPSSPP emulator is the top option on my list, which works well to bring you various classic PSP games such as Final Fantasy:Crisis Core, Dragon Ball Z and more. The speed works just fine, and I enjoy the placement of the controls.


  • You can dump your real PSP games on here as long as you convert to the right format
  • Comes in HD
  • Runs tons of games

Notable Feature:

Allows cheats so you can move along quicker in the games.

Download on Google Play

1.b Paid Version

The paid version is primarily to support the developers, but it also removes ads from the emulator.

Download on Google Play

Honorable Mention: Emulator Games Catalog – Free

emulator games catalog

The Ultimate Catalog for Finding Your Favorite PSP Games

This is not one of the best PSP emulators for Android, but it is a must have if you want to play all the best games from back in the day. It brings up the list of games so that you don’t forget anything for your nostalgia trip.


  • You have access to lists for quite a few consoles
  • Browse through thousands of games
  • Look through screenshots from each game

Notable Feature:

The app recommends emulators that work best for each game, since some games work better on particular emulators and devices.

Download on Google Play


If you have any questions about the best PSP emulators for Android, please let me know in the comments section below. The first option is by far the best, but feel free to test them all out if you think a particular game might work better on some other system. Make sure you always grab the catalog app to remember some of the better games from back when the PSP was quite popular.

What’s next? Learn about the best Gameboy Advance games, along with N64 favorites.

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  1. Fyi “emulator games catalog” was removed from the app store for obvious reasons(it directly linked to ROM sites.) The version on Google play, 1.0.6, has these features removed.

    But the application is still available on 1mobile market, an alternative app store, as “any emulator ROMs” version 1.0.5. The same developer also has a BIOS finding tool as well available there.

  2. Hello

    I make video tutorials on use of technology in day today life and publish them on YouTube. Need a clarification…

    I want to make a tutorial on how to play PSP games on android for which the process is to download the games from sites like – oceans of games and other PSP downloading sites and then copy those on phone internal storage through a USB.

    Next thing is to download a PSP emulator from android play store, so game lovers can play their favorite games on android.

    With that background, I want to learn from this forum whether the process explained in above steps in legal, as I may get penalized from YouTube if I don’t follow a process for which I have rights or for a process that is not legal. Till date I have kept myself away from making video on a topic for which source is not legal. So seek your opinion on this…

    1. Hi Harish,

      Using an emulator is legal if you have the original game with you. I usually made ISO files from the games I owned physically for the PSP. Obtaining them from shady sites is illegal and wrong. You will be penalized by Google for promoting piracy, be cautions my friend!

    1. Hi Nihar,
      Does this only happen on this game or every game you play? Maybe the specs of your phone may not be enough for the game and that explains why it lags. =-)

  3. I have a really good question about ALL psp emulators, why does it seem like all of them are based on ppsspp? It seems like they are all based on it and its really difficult to get them to work.

    1. Hi Mahlik,
      That is a good question, but all I can think of is that maybe the most popular games are from PSP and that´s why. What do you think? =-)

  4. sorry but every time I play god of war:ghost of Sparta my screen blink and blink and blinks and when a movie comes it goes blackout and return to normal screen

    1. Do you have the smart features (Smart stay, Smart pause) turned on? If so, try turning these settings off as bad lighting cause the screen to flicker when these settings are enabled.

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