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8 Best QR Reader Apps for Android

QR codes may be one of the most underrated inventions of today. It’s amazing how much a small box can keep up to 100 times more data than the barcode. So, the only way is to read it is by a QR Reader App which can be easily be downloaded from Google Play Store through your Android smartphone.

If you’re conscious about your phone’s memory, these apps only take up little storage. For example, you can discover one that is only 1MB. Most of these apps are free for download unless you prefer the paid versions. That is totally fine as long as they execute the same functions.

Without further ado, below are some of the ones that gained a lot of positive feedback from users. Feel free to try any of them and make your decoding experience a breeze.

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1. QR & Barcode Scanner by Gamma Play

Gamma loop scan
Get quick and accurate results with QR & Barcode Scanner

QR & Barcode Scanner app is loved by most users because it is easy to install and easy to use. This means that anyone who hasn’t used a QR reader before won’t find it hard to learn.

Another thing is it provides quick and accurate results to share with friends or relatives. As soon as you point your smartphone to the code, it will read it in seconds.

If you still want to go back to the QR codes you read a long time ago, you can simply go to the app history and still find it there.

Gamma scan
QR & Barcode scanner reads your code in seconds

Tired of pop up Ads that are very distracting? You will be glad to know that this app has no Ads at all. So, you can enjoy your reading experience without stress.

QR & Barcode Scanner can read all code types such as text, URL, ISBN, product, e-mail, location, Wi-Fi any many others.

It can also scan coupon codes so that you can get discounts on various products and save money.

In case you’re reading information in a low light area, you will know that this app allows the use of a flashlight.


  • It is Ad-free
  • It reads all kinds of codes
  • It permits the use of a flashlight
  • It allows you to share with friends
Google Play

2. Free QR Scanner by EZ to Use

Ez to use scan
Scan QR and Barcode with Free QR Scanner

Free QR Scanner is another free scanner that takes up a small part of your phone’s storage. If you frequently use barcode aside from QR, this app is for you. It’s very fast and reliable so you don’t have to stress over anything because it will give you instant results.

This app doesn’t need an internet connection in order to work except when you are opening links to browsers. In order to use this app, just align your smartphone to the QR code and you’re good to go.


  • It provides an instant scan
  • It reads 2D and 1D Barcode and QR code
  • It supports camera zoom
  • It has no Ads
  • It supports flashlight for low light reading
  • It saves scan history
Google Play

3. QR Code Reader by Green Apple Studio

Green apple
QR Code Reader is easy to use

QR Code Reader by Green Apple Studio is a very easy to use. As soon as you point your phone to the code, it decodes it in a few seconds.

The other thing you’d love about this app aside from reading is, it lets you make your own codes such as personal messages, WIFI passwords, phone numbers, locations. On top of that, you can share it with your friends and relatives.


  • It provides fast results
  • It reads all code types
  • It also reads barcodes
  • It allows you to generate your own QR code
  • It saves and shares code just encrypted from the history
Green apple scan
QR code reader decodes your code instantly and permits you to generate yours
Google Play

4. QR Code Reader by Techno Loop

Techno loop
Read all code types with QR Code Reader by Techno Loop

QR Code Reader by Techno Loop is a 2 in 1 app that lets you read barcode and QR code as well as generate one and share with anyone.

If you are not a frequent user of QR then this app is just simple to learn so you don’t have to break a sweat. As long as you allow permission for the app to use the phone’s camera, you are good to go.


  • It reads all codes such as text, URL, SMS, WIFI, e-mail etc.
  • It is automatic and fast
  • It is flashlight supported
  • It also scans barcodes
  • It enables you to generate QR code and Barcode
Google Play

5. Lightning QR Code Scanner by Application 4 U

Lightning qr
Read all code types with Lightning QR Code Scanner

Lightning QR Code Scanner is one of the fastest and safest QR code readers from the Google Play Store. If you want to read QR that is either far away such as a big billboard or one that is very tiny, this app enables you to adjust the camera feature by zooming in and out.


  • It decodes QR fast
  • It also reads all barcode types and others
  • It has a zoom feature to view small QR codes
  • It is easy to decode small and far away QR codes
  • It is very safe to use
  • It uses a flashlight for low lighting
Lightning qr share
Lightning QR allows you to share already decoded QR
Google Play

6. QR Scanner by G-Tool Lab

G tool
QR Scanner reads all codes automatically


  • It reads QR codes automatically
  • It allows you to zoom the codes
  • It reads and saves to the history
Google Play

7. QR Scanner by Trend Micro

Trend micro
Enjoy an Ad-free scanning with QR Scanner

QR Scanner by Trend Micro is one of the safest scanners on Google Play Store. Enjoy a secured scan which is powered by a security provider called Trend Micro. This provides one of the safest checks for all codes and ensures that dangerous websites are either blocked or reported.


  • It is fast
  • It reports and blocks dangerous websites instantly
  • It is Ad-free
  • It provides flashlight in low light
Trend micro safeseach
Scan safely with QR Scanner by Trend Micro
Google Play

8. QR & Bar Code Scanner by We Soft

we soft QR scanner
Encrypt with QR and Bar Code Scanner

We Soft provides you with a QR & Bar Code Scanner that works on both Android and tablets. It is also safe and easy to use for anyone who hasn’t used a scanner before.


  • It decodes both QR and Barcode
  • It is fast
  • It works on Android and tablets
  • It scans all QR codes
  • It is safe
Google Play

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This list has provided you with one of the best QR apps you can possibly find on Google Play Store. They are all free to download and scans QR codes efficiently. As to which QR reader app is the best, that’s up to you to decide.

Have you tried any of these apps? How have they worked for you? Do you have any to add to the list? If so, we would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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