Best Real-Time Writing Assistants for Android Devices

Finding the right writing assistants can seem daunting at first. It makes it even more frustrating if you think you’ve found something only to realize it isn’t compatible with your Android device.
Here, we’re going to take out two birds with one stone and look at real-time writing assistants that you can use from your Android device.

1. EssayService


This is a platform with students in mind, but it can be helpful to everyone. The leading service that EssayService offers works as an online essay writer website. This includes writing, editing, and rewriting services that cover almost all topics and styles.

If you’re looking for less hands-on aid, though, you can jump over to their blog. It offers plenty of valuable information on topics such as how to write individual styles and tips for coming up with engaging topics.

2. Writer Plus

This is a rather minimalistic app for Android using writers. It’s made to allow the user to write as much as they want directly into their device. Unlike a simple built-in notepad, though, it allows you to use bold or italic fonts and header fonts 1, 2, and 3. It also allows you to create both bulleted and numbered lists. The app will also let you know factors such as the time it will take to read the content you’ve written.

The added benefits of Writer Plus over the standard Writer app focus on organization. This includes allowing users to create and separate files into folders. In addition, the Plus version allows users to share their items in various forms, including HTML, image, text, and markdown files. It supports the use of Bluetooth keyboards too.

3. Cortana

Siri is incredibly helpful to iPhone users. It’s used every day for everything from simple searches to working as an electronic personal assistant. Unfortunately, Siri is limited to iOS users. The good news is that there are options for Android users. One reliable alternative is Cortana. It isn’t just a good trade-in, however.

It stands strong on its own as a virtual assistant keeping you up-to-date on the news, the weather, manages tasks, and more. It’s also programmed to be witty and engaging when it interacts with the user to set itself apart from boring or monotonous virtual assistants. The service also works to integrate other apps seamlessly to ensure that your device, as a whole, works as a unit.

The mobile version does have fewer features than the desktop version, but it’s likely to grow in the future just like its competitors.

4. Google Docs

Google Docs has gotten a lot of attention for more than just a famous name. It offers a lot of the same functionality that is associated with desktop word processors. It allows you to type up anything on your mind with full access to different fonts formats and sizes. This includes different heading sizes, styles such as “Arial” and “Times New Roman,” and choices such as italics and bold.

One of the biggest draws to Google Docs is that it has a significant focus on collaboration. Documents can not only be shared and updated by different users, but they can be edited simultaneously. If you’re interested in more than just a word processor, Google Drive also has branches, including Google Sheets and Google Slides.

This app does require an internet connection to stay updated across devices, and access already started documents.


Whether you’re a dedicated writer or need to write occasionally, it’s essential to have the right tools to help you out. With the ones we’ve looked at here, there’s something to help with every edge of the writing process while working perfectly on your Android device.

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