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5 Best Reminder Apps for Android

As we get through life, we meet different people with different responsibilities. Some students work part-time, and some employees work during their day off. They need to sort everything with the many tasks they need to accomplish. 

Besides listing what they need to do, they also set reminders. They set reminders so that they do not forget their deadlines. Making reminder apps for Android helps us organize our workload. We can prioritize important tasks. 

Since we have different responsibilities, we lie if we tell ourselves that managing tasks is easy. If you want to start project managing apps to do your tasks better, you can get these chances and try downloading a reminder apps for Android.

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Top Reminder Apps for Android

If you do not know what reminder apps for Android to use, we got some recommendations for you. 

1. Todoist

Todoist - Reminder apps for Android

Let us start off our list of recommendations with Todoist. With this app, you can organize your life and work responsibilities. If you want to know how to organize your personal and work tasks with Todoist, let us walk you through some of the reminder apps for Android features. 

  • Reminder for Recurring Tasks

If you are going to ask me, one crucial recurring task would be paying your bills. If we are too occupied with our workload, we sometimes forget that we have a bill due. With todoist, you do not need to worry about this responsibility. 

With the app, you can set a reminder for your bill payment. If your bills are due every 15th month, you can make the app remind you. This way, you would not forget to pay utility bills and rent.  You can also set reminders for other recurring tasks, such as grocery shopping or a monthly doctor’s appointment. 

  • Breaking Down of Big Tasks

When you are assigned a project at work, you might be overwhelmed with the tasks needed for the project’s completion. With the help of todoist, you can break down the project into subtasks.

When you break down the project into subtasks, it allows you to look into details. You will not miss any detail because you have a clear outline of what you need to do. For example, you are tasked to create a launch project. For you to complete the project, you can set the subtasks as calling the suppliers, finding your venue, etc. 

  • Tasks Are Completed Earlier When the Workload Is Shared

Everything is more accessible when it is shared. The same goes for the workload. If you are assigned to work on a project as a team, you can create a reminder on Todoist and delegate tasks to your teammates. 

The reminder apps for Android also notifies you when the task is completed or when your teammates make comments. It makes collaboration among your team easier. You can finish the project earlier as everyone is aware of the project’s progress. 

2. Life Reminders

Life Reminders

Sometimes, we just need an app that reminds us of what we must do. If you are looking for simple reminder apps for Android, life reminders suit your taste. 

With this app, you can add a reminder, schedule it, and then it will remind you of the day. You can also set recurring reminders for weekly or monthly tasks. 

Another feature we like about the reminder apps for Android is that they can call and send SMS. If you have a birthday you do not want to forget; you can simply set a reminder in the app. When you set the reminder, you can set the message you want. With this, you would not worry about remembering your loved ones despite being busy. 

3. MyPet 

My pet

With these reminder apps for Android, we would not forget people who have pets. As a pet owner, I want to give the care and love my pet deserves. For us pet owners to give our pets the care they deserve, we need a helping hand. 

Mypet is the pet care assistant that we need. With this app, we would not miss anything we would need. We can get reminded of vet visits and vaccine schedules. This is important as our pets need vaccines to be safe from diseases such as parvovirus and distemper

Besides reminding you about your pet’s health needs, this app would also remind you of occasions. You can get reminders on your pet’s birthday. You can also get reminders on other occasions, such as dog shows and competitions. These kinds of events allow your pet to socialize with other pets and other owners. 

4. Memorigi


The reminder apps for Android that we have next is another app that is simple and straightforward. Memorigi is an app where you can set a task and get reminders. You can also set up recurring tasks daily, weekly, or monthly. With this, you will not forget your daily tasks, such as checking emails once you get to work. 

We have this app on our list because we think that people who procrastinate would benefit from this app. This way because its premium subscription, which costs $49.99 per year, has the Nag Me feature. This feature would remind and “nag” you to do your tasks. It will not stop with the reminder until you finish your tasks.

With this kind of future, you can develop a new habit. You can slowly change your habit of putting everything to the last minute. Not everyone needs this feature, though. If you are not interested in being “nagged,” you can opt for the app’s free version. It still offers the basic features of the app. 

5. Evernote

Evernote - Note Organizer

We have mentioned in the introductory part of our article that some students work part-time jobs. Since they are working students, they would need help in juggling tasks. The app that we would be recommending next can be useful for both working and regular students. 

With Evernote, students can take notes. They can take notes and add images and audio to make their notes more interactive and easier to remember. They can also sync their notes across devices. This allows students to review their notes wherever and whenever they want. 

Since we are talking about reminder apps for Android, let us tell you how you can manage your tasks with this app. One feature students would like here is that it allows them to see what they need to accomplish in one glance. They can prioritize and plan their week if they know what will happen in the following days.

Another thing is that Evernote can help you with group work. For example, is that you would be writing a thesis paper. You can delegate and set reminders for your groupmates. This can help you avoid procrastination. You can also have time to revise your paper as every part of your paper is scheduled. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which reminder apps for Android are best?

Best reminder apps for Android:
1. Todoist
2. Life Reminders
3. MyPet
4. Memorigi
5. Evernote

Does Android have a reminder app?

Yes, there are plenty of reminder apps available in the Google Play Store. Reminders are synced up with your Google account. Reminders are kept to be private and cannot share with others.

Is the reminder app free?

Yes, the reminder app is a free tool that syncs across all your Google Account device. Add one-time reminders for birthdays, and events for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly commitments.

Reminder Apps: Tools That Can Help Us Organize Our Lives Better

As we grow older, our responsibilities also grow. Since we have a lot of responsibilities, we inevitably have difficulty managing them. Since we are having difficulty, it is only natural for us to seek help. 

With the help of technology, we can organize our responsibilities with reminder apps. These apps can help us prioritize what we need to do. We can break down big tasks so it would not overwhelm us. You can have better time management skills with these apps. 

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