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Top 5 Best Rhythm Games for Android

No one can deny that one way to kill boredom is to play the best rhythm games on a mobile phone. That’s something that anyone from all ages could relate to.

Even before smartphones and Android phone became very popular, a rhythm game was already a popular gaming genre back in the old days.

Most of you might not be able to recognize these games but I’ll say it anyway. I’m talking about games like Bust A Groove and Vib-Ribbon. They were available on PlayStation in the late nineties.

In terms of gaming apps, the Play Store categorizes them by genre.  So, here are the best rhythm games for Android:

1. BEAT MP3 2.0

This gaming app gained an Editor’s Choice badge on Play Store. It has more than 10 million downloads and supports devices running on Android 4.0 and up.

The app boasts about its music analysis system that makes perfect timing of beat on songs that are already saved on your device. You can search your favorite song through the app and use it as a BGM while playing.

BEAT MP3 also lets the player earn coins every day. These coins will be used by the players to be able to play their own choice of music for 10 coins every round.

This game lets you play according to your taste. Thus, it has an adjustable speed of up to 9 steps. You can also turn its long note, slide note, and beat sound on or off.


If you’re familiar with Guitar Hero, then you can definitely feel its vibe on BEAT FEVER. From the design of its appearance itself, it’s like Guitar Hero on a mobile version.

What’s unique about this rhythm game is that it lets you choose your character the first time you launch the app. Then, it has a story mode which you have to play the game level by level assigned with specific songs.

It also has a chat and video player tool at the Live section that makes the app more than just a gaming app.

Beat Fever offers a huge collection of songs within the app itself as it is frequently added with new music every week. They even have a real-time music news feed at the Discover section.

3. Cytus II

If you’re into rhythm games but haven’t tried this one yet, then you should install this right away. Cytus II is not your ordinary music game as it’s more entertaining and exciting with a very excellent graphical interface.

Cytus have 12 chapters within the game and each chapter contain a list of songs you can play with two modes- easy and hard.

With its amazing graphical interface, expect that this app is also too heavy, therefore, it may not work well on older smartphone models. Another drawback from this app is the ads that keep popping every time you start a new round. You will have to wait at least 30 seconds before you can start playing. But, you can opt to buy the ad-free version for $2.

Cytus has gained the top spot of music game rankings in 100 regions. Still not impressed? Check out their reviews for yourself.

4. Arcaea

Arcaea is also one of the most recommended apps for rhythm games. What’s unique about this app is its Sky Input zone that makes the game more dynamic. Plus, you can adjust the song’s note speed in every start of the round.

The players need to complete the offset setup if launching the app for the first time for best timing. Although, this can be re-configure through the settings menu anytime.

Like Cytus, this app also has a side story about two youngers who drifts in a broken world called Arcaea which is brimful of some remnants of its past. The story is accompanied by assigned songs and can be viewed once you play them level by level.

There are currently 90 songs available in the app with three-level difficulty. This app is free to download but offers in-app purchases.

5. Voez

The best way to describe Voez is that it is an elegant but very entertaining gaming app. It has a very easy UI but the game is hard to master at the same time.

Voez is an online rhythmic game app, therefore, you will need to log in your account. This will let the app save your progress so you can switch to a different device anytime.

This is also a free app with in-app purchases and over 200 songs available to download. Most of their songs are free but their paid songs are quite pricey at $1 per song.

Bonus Tip:


This rhythm game is different from all the above-mentioned apps. BeatX allows multiplayer gaming through split-screen. Plus, it can be used with a dance mat or gamepad. Just like the old StepMania days.

Here’s a good list of the best game controllers you can use to level-up your gaming experience.


How do I get better at playing rhythm games?

Games are meant to challenge the players. Therefore, what you can do to get better at rhythm games is to practice, learn patterns, find the rhythms, and lastly, just have fun because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

What are the best mind-challenging games?

For this type of game, mostly, I would recommend escape games. Here’s a list of the best escape games you can download.

How can I reduce lag while playing games?

There are a lot of possible reasons why your mobile device starts lagging when you play a game. Try any of these solutions: Drop the resolution, go offline, use an anti-lag app, update the game, or update your hardware. For more information, read this article.

Just play, have fun, and enjoy the game.

No matter which game you play or how challenging it would be, remember that the main purpose of playing games is to enjoy and have fun. These apps here are one of the most recommended by players in different regions. But, if you know other rhythm game apps that would fit this list, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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