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9+ Best Roblox Alternatives in 2023

Roblox is an application that is used to play a wide variety of games. This app can also be used for online chat purposes. ROBLOX provides players with an interactive gaming environment. Roblox alternatives are a set of games that gives you the same amount of creativity as Roblox.

Roblox is a gaming environment aimed at children. As a user, you can download the ROBLOX app on your computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet. After that, you can just select the game that you want to play in the application.

Roblox has been around since 2006. No one can ever complain that they’re not able to find the kind of game they have in mind since there are more than 50 million games available in the application.

Roblox developed a very big fan base for its games with the help of YouTube videos. Their gamers record the games and share them as YouTube videos, resulting in its current popularity. 

Roblox has gained popularity only through verbal communication. A person plays a game, then he or she invites a friend and it continues, forming a large gaming community in the virtual platform.

Roblox alternatives are a set of games that allow a similar level of freedom while testing your creativity, which is listed below. 

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9 Best Roblox Alternatives in 2023

  1. Minecraft
  2. Ko Ga Ma
  3. Terasology
  4. Trove
  5. Garry’s Mod
  6. Fortnite
  7. Castle Miner Z
  8. Minetest
  9. Lego Worlds
  10. Growtopia
  11. Animal Jam

1. Minecraft

Roblox Alternatives

Image Credits: Minecraft

Minecraft is a digital block-building Roblox alternative game that is available. You have two modes in which you can play on this platform. One is creative and another is survival. This game is however not available for free. It can be purchased at affordable rates for your devices. This is a versatile game that can be played by everyone. As a player, you have unlimited resources to create and build beautiful gaming bases. 

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

2. Ko Ga Ma

Roblox Alternatives

Image Credits: Ko Ga Ma

Ko Ga Ma is a browser-based free Roblox alternative game. This gaming platform allows gamers to create their own games. They can also increase the number of levels as and when required. There are an equal amount of diverse game designs on this gaming platform. The game titles of this gaming platform can be constantly changing. But Ko Ga Ma always tends to create games like parkour and racing battles so that they are in line with Roblox.

The base of Ko Ga Ma games happens to be programming and scripting. This will help for further depth and interaction with the gamers, but the elements within the game may not be as customizable as the Roblox games.  

Compatibility: Browser-based game

3. Terasology

Roblox Alternatives

Image Credits: Terasology

There is a lot of excitement and scope to play an adventure Roblox alternative game in Terasology if you want a better alternative to Roblox. This gaming platform takes inspiration from Minecraft to create games for itself. The games incorporate Zelda-style action. The result happens to be a 3D title game in that you will fight, survive, and complete several adventures as you move up the level. 

You will be able to custom-create your own world. This is a gaming platform that allows a player to create their own world that other players can visit.

Compatibility: Windows

4. Trove

Roblox Alternatives

Image Credits: Trionworlds

Trove is a good option for gamers who are on the lookout for adventures in its large universe. You will be able to enter numerous worlds through the HUB area. The class system that is implemented in Trove is distinct in design. This will make your gaming experience more fun and exciting. 

There is a feature called ‘cornerstone’ in this game that helps you to place huge structures anywhere in the gaming area. There are a lot of customizable options available that can be used to make your characters look distinct in design. 

This gaming platform provides you with a space to explore your creativity to a maximum extent, play multiple-player gameplay, and chart your course among a wide variety of gaming adventures. You will also be in a position to create a customized avatar of your own self in the game.  

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Play Station 4

5. Garry’s Mod

Roblox Alternatives

Image Credits: Gmod

Garry’s Mod is a children’s Roblox alternative game that takes inspiration from the Physics Sandbox. This game is constructed based on the valve’s source engine. This game is designed with visually impressive graphics. The only drawback with such a game is this game does not have any objective. You will be able to do whatever you want. You can even generate numerous objects in this game. 

The objects you create can be used to create a lot of weapons, environmental elements, and vehicles. You can also make use of models to create distinct shapes in it. Using these creations you can even drive or even fly to locate and inspect the game area.

Garry Mod helps to develop a social community by encouraging multi-player gaming in a single game. Previously Garry’s Mod was designed as Half-life 2 Mod but later on, was designed as a unique game. 

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, and Linux

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6. Fortnite

Roblox Alternatives

Image Credits: Fortnite

Fortnite is a free Roblox alternative game that is available. Both Roblox and Fortnite have got a lot of common characteristics. The free-form building component of the game helps you to socialize within the game. This concept of socializing makes it a perfect alternative to Roblox. The outstanding graphics of this game makes it a better option than Roblox. 

This game can be played on a wide variety of devices and gaming consoles. If you are a creative person, this game allows you to create your own island. On this island, you will be able to create your games and battle arenas.

The game is quite effortless to play and, at the same time, the players get a mesmerizing experience. At present, there are four games available in Fortnite. They are Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, Zero Build, and Fortnite Creative.

Compatibility: Windows, macOS

7. CastleMiner Z

Roblox Alternatives

Image Credit: CastleMiner Z

CastleMiner Z has been developed by digitalDNA. Minecraft is the inspiration for the interface of this Roblox alternative game. You need to develop some weapons on your own in order to survive in this game. You can use these self-developed weapons against monsters. The current form of the game has four modes in it: Endurance, Survival, Dragon Survival, and Creative mode.

The Creative mode of the game looks like the Roblox game. Different shapes of the blocks can be used to create distinct structures and fight the dragon. 

Compatibility: Windows

8. Minetest

Roblox Alternatives

Image Credits: Minetest

Minetest is a free open-source Roblox alternative game that is available online. This helps you to play from a list of games that are available. You will be able to create your own game and enjoy it with other players online. The game also has a wide arena space of 62000 x 62000 blocks in the area. The player will be able to play 31000 blocks in either the top or the bottom directions.

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

9. LEGO Worlds

Roblox Alternatives

Image Credits: LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds has access to numerous sets of LEGO blocks that will help you to create your own world of LEGO. This Roblox alternative game will help you to create virtual LEGO blocks. There is a sandbox mode available in this game that will help you to create absolutely anything from the available materials in the game coupled with the various characters involved in it.

Compatibility: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch


Image Credits: Growtopia

Growtopia allows you to join a universe of unlimited worlds. All the worlds in this universe are connected with each other. You will be able to create a set of the mind-boggling world with the help of friends and family. Your world will be filled up with things that your heart desires. You will be able to collect seeds, grow trees, harvest, and combine seeds in order to make a new ones is the heart of the game.

Growtopia has been around for many years. And there are many features that have been added to the game. You will be able to combine fabrics in order to stitch unique outfits. You can also become the best cook with the cooking mechanics. You can also be a part of an adventure pack that can create quest-like worlds with mazes, traps, and puzzles that can challenge your friends. Within a single game, you can play different sets of games.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, and web

11. Animal Jam

Image Credits: Animal Jam

Animal Jam is an online game where you can customize the characters according to your taste and creative ideas. You can play games on this platform all by yourself as a loner or you can play with other players and attend parties. Players can collect items, chat, and send messages to other friends. You can also join other existing groups within the game and chat with the online gamers out there.

This can be treated as an educational game where kids can be taught on geography and environmental science. This is done through adventures, parties, and online social elements. You can also explore the natural world with videos, animal facts, and downloadable e-books. It has got more than 160 million registered users this is one of the largest online games available. If the parents feel that a game is exceeding the limits of the danger zone, they can always lock it for the kids. 

Compatibility: iOS and Android Devices

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online application that is used to play a wide variety of games. It is a virtual platform that allows users to create and share experiences with friends.

Out of the gaming platforms listed above, which one is the best Roblox alternative?

Minecraft is one of the best Roblox alternatives that are available.

What is the best gaming platform that can be used on Windows, Linux, and macOS as well?

Garry’s Mod and Minecraft are gaming platforms that can be used for Windows, Linux, and macOS.


Gaming platforms are a great means to unleash creativity in you. Online games also help you to increase the speed of decision-making and problem-solving. Roblox is one of the leading gaming platforms that are available. It has a large number of games on it. This way, you can also invite your friends and unleash your creative side in you. We have listed out the various alternatives and free options that are available along with Roblox. You can try these games to develop a community among your friends. 

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