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4 Best Root Checker Apps for Android

So, you want to be an Android superuser?

You might have heard a couple of your Android user colleagues use the term ‘Android rooting’. But what does it really do? Rooting is the tweaking of your Android phone’s system to attain privileged control over your device’s subsystems. Simply put, it allows you to surpass your device’s limitations. You will have permission to alter your system’s settings and run special apps.

Sounds exciting? It could be. Because using an Android Root Software to root your Android phone means you can do a lot more stuff compared to a non-rooted device.

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What are the pros and cons of rooting an Android device?

First off, your device will be fully customizable, from the theme down to its graphics. You can also extend your device’s battery life and boost its connectivity. It can let you upgrade to the latest Android version even if your device is old and updated. Plus, you can download any app you want. It will give you the maximum versatility over your device.

However, rooting your phone can be risky.

Before deciding to play with your device, know that rooting can void your gadget’s warranty. Are you willing to risk that to your new phone/tablet? Your phone will also be prone to malware and viruses. Even worse, it can brick your device.

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So, prior to tweaking your device’s system, you must be armed with everything you need to know before rooting your Android phone.

How would you know if you have successfully rooted your device?

Surely, after all the modifications, alters, and adjustments, you would want to make sure if you have successfully rooted your phone. Below are the 6 best root checker apps available on the Google Play store that you can use to test whether you have hit or missed.

Note that these root checkers only act as a checker and is not supposed to root your phone whatsoever. If your rooting is unsuccessful, it will not show any recommendations or solutions to your rooting problems.

1. Root/Su Checker by KShark Apps (Growth42)

Root Checker Advanced

Root/Su Checker has a clean user interface which verifies if you have rooted your phone properly or otherwise. If you only have the basic app, that is the only service that this app can deliver. But it accurately does it.

Root Checker Advanced
Root Checker Advanced User Interface

You can unlock other additional features when you purchase its PRO version for $1.99. The premium version will verify your Busybox installation and its binary paths. Want to know if superuser apps are installed in your phone? This root checker can verify that too!

We really like the video tutorial that comes with this app. It provides useful information on how to root your phone, the difference between rooting and Busybox, etc. If you have additional questions, you can tap on the FAQ button on the Info screen.

The free version comes with ads, but the PRO version removes them for you.

Google Play

2. Root Checker by Joeykrim

Root Checker Basic

Root Checker by JoeyKrim has more than 50 million installs because it does what it is supposed to do, and more!

Root Checker
Root Checker User Interface

It has a clean user interface and delivers a fast response without the annoying pop-up ads. It verifies if your device is rooted or not in less than 5 seconds.

Like Root/Su Checker, this app also verifies BusyBox installation. In addition, it shows the global root statistics of your phone and its rankings. This app will give you a lot of information; from the ease of device rooting installation via the manufacturer to the steps on how to successfully root your device.

Google Play

3. SU Root Checker

SU Root Checker

SU Root Checker is a simple tap-and-check root checker for your Android phone. Using it is easy. All you need to do is install the application, tap the Check Root Access button, and it will show your mobile model and confirms if your phone is rooted or not. You can reset the application by tapping the vertical dots on the upper right screen.

SU Root Checker
SU Root Checker User Interface

Salute to its developer, Sai Soft, for making this root checker ad and pop-up free.

Google Play

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4. Root Verifier by Madhav Kanbur

Root Verifier

Root Verifier by Madhav Kanbur is almost similar to SU Root Checker but this app checks the BusyBox status and superuser app. It has a simple black and red theme and is easy to use. It verifies if your Android device is successfully rooted with a single tap of a button.

Root Verifier
Root Verifier User Interface

It doesn’t have any ads so there will be no pop-ups every now and then. Plus, it functions just like it should. Simple and straightforward.

Google Play

Over to You

When done correctly, rooting your Android can give you the privilege to enjoy your device fully. Root checker apps are there to help you make sure that you have done it successfully.

Have you tried rooting your device? Did you face any problems while rooting?  Did you use any of the root checker mentioned above? Have you tried something else? Let us know on the comments section below.

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