Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands in 2022

5 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands in 2022

How many smartwatches do you need?

Maybe 1, 2, 3 or more? Well, you can get as many smartwatches as you can. But the thing is: 1 smartwatch will do. You just need to restyle or customize your watch to give it a different feel or look. That is especially true if you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch. There’s plenty of Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm bands to choose from.

But that’s also the problem.

There are just too many watch bands available. Picking the right one can be confusing, really.

For a start, you can go to the Samsung Store to purchase official watch bands. However, such watch bands can be more expensive and there are not many variations.

So that leaves us to the cheaper and more varied option: third-party watch bands.


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The Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands

Best OverallV-Moro Metal Strap
CheapestKADES Galaxy Watch Band
Best ValueCoobes Leather Band
Highly RecommendedKoreda Mesh Band
Runner UpVOMA Galaxy Watch Metal Bracelet

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active or Active2 band, these Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 bands might be of interest to you.

Now going back…

Since there are plenty of third-party watch bands in the market, it can be difficult for you to choose which is the right band or strap for the occasion.

As a rule, when choosing, you must always consider the color of your watch. Make sure the watch and the band or strap match. Another important thing to consider is where will you wear the watch or what outfit will you be wearing it with. Is it for daily use?  For dinner? For an event? For a meeting? And so on…

These things will help you decide.

But to save you time, we’ve handpicked some of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm bands available today.

Check them out here.

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5 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands

Since there are plenty of Galaxy Watch 46mm bands in the market, we’ve tried to make this list as varied as possible. That way, you can have the right watch band for every occasion: from sporty, casual, elegant to formal.

Learn more about Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Now let’s proceed to the list.

1. V-Moro Metal Strap

v-moro metal strap for samsung galaxy watch 46mm
Suitable for a variety of occasions- Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands

This V-Moro Metal Strap is the perfect choice for the classy gentleman. The metal strap is time-tested to be fit for almost any occasion. It’s a safe choice for those who don’t know what to get or can’t decide what to wear.

Crafted from premium solid stainless steel, this wristband underwent multi-process and fine polishing and finished off with a matte metal surface.


  • High-quality stainless steel material
  • Matte metal surface
  • Link removal tool
  • 3 pins
  • Fits 4.92 to 9.25-inch wrists

Worried that it might not fit your wrist perfectly? Don’t be. This watch band can be easily adjusted. Thanks to the handy link-removal tool that comes with it. It also comes with 3 pins. So you’ll have replacements just in case you accidentally lose one.

Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm, Gear S3 Frontier, and Gear S3 Classic. It also fits other 22mm watches.


2. KADES Galaxy Watch Band

kades galaxy watch band
For the fit and sporty- Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands

The KADES Galaxy Watch band is a sporty and comfy watch perfect for the fitness lovers. Heading to the gym? Or going for a walk or a run? This is the best watch band for you. It’s the right choice for the sporty and fit.

But even if you’re not sporty or even if you’re not wearing a sporty outfit, this watch band will still fit perfectly well. You can wear it for daily use or to match your casual attire. The important thing is that it’s lightweight and breathable, making it very comfortable to wear wherever you go.

This sporty band is strong and durable. Yet it is soft and feels comfortable to your skin. And thanks to its compression-molded perforations, this band is breathable and lightweight.


  • Durable and flexible fluoroelastomer material
  • Compression-molded perforations
  • Pin-and-tuck closure
  • Quick-release pin
  • Fits 6.5 to 8.3-inch wrists

It’s a universal strap replacement for 22mm watches. But it works perfectly well with the following: Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm, Ticwatch S2, Ticwatch E2, Ticwatch Pro, Gear S3 Frontier, Gear S3 Classic, and Huawei Watch GT.


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3. VOMA Galaxy Watch Metal Bracelet

voma galaxy watch metal bracelet
Stylish and gorgeous bracelet- Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands

Some people find the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm too masculine. But the great thing about Galaxy Watches is that they are easily customizable. Restyle your watch and make it more feminine, gorgeous and stylish. And a way to do that is to replace its default band with this great-looking metal bracelet from VOMA.

The silver color and the metal material make this watch a safe choice too for most. It’s a stylish and exquisite twist to the classic metal bracelet.


  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Symmetrical design
  • A set of quick-release pins
  • A tool to resize the watchband
  • Fits 5.8 to 8.3-inch wrists

So for women who are having a hard time trying to make their Samsung Galaxy Watch band look more feminine and gorgeous, try this out. It’s a traditional watch band with detailed design. And more importantly, it’s durable and of high quality.

It’s not only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm band; but with the following watches as well, among others: Gear 2 Live, Gear 2 Neo, Gear S3 Classic, and Gear S3 Frontier.


4. Coobes Leather Band

coobes leather band
Timeless leather- Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands

Add a more classic and timeless look to your Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm by replacing its strap or band with this leather band by Coobes. Leather really has a timeless feel to it. This watch strap looks even more retro and vintage with its hand-stitch detail and Crazy Horse Calfskin finish.

And the thing about premium leather, it will become more beautiful in time. It will develop its own character and generate its own unique gloss. So if you want something more long-lasting, then this a great choice.


  • Sporty and utility design
  • Vintage suede leather band
  • Crazy Horse Calfskin finish
  • Precise hand stitches
  • Metal buckle locks
  • Quick-release spring pins
  • Fits 6.9 to 8.07-inch wrists

Its design takes inspiration from equestrian fixtures. The modern cuff leather is also adapted in such a way as to allow the watch’s heart rate sensor to stay responsive with the wrist. While this watch is fit for both men and women, some women may find it too masculine. And that’s largely due to its bulky appearance.

This band is compatible with most 22mm smartwatches, such as Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm band, Gear S3 Front/Classic, LG Watch Urbane, Asus ZenWatch 2, and Moto 360 2nd Gen.

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5. Koreda Mesh Band

koreda mesh band for samsung galaxy watch 46mm
Classic mesh bands- Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands

Not sure what to get? Go mesh. These Koreda Mesh Bands are the safest choice. They can be matched easily with any outfit. It’s the kind of watch band that can fit in whatever the occasion. Nothing can go wrong when you choose something so simple yet classic.

Made of durable woven stainless steel mesh, this band is breathable and is comfortable to wear. Since can be easily adjusted, it does not feel tight or uncomfortable on the wrist. And because it is made from premium materials, it does not irritate the skin.


  • Premium stainless steel mesh loop
  • Unique double-button folding clasp
  • 6 quick-release pins
  • Adjustable strap
  • Fits 6.69 to 10.82-inch wrists

It can appear stylish, classic, or elegant, depending on what you’re wearing. That’s the advantage of getting a watchband that’s neat-looking.

Aside from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm band, this band is also compatible with the Samsung Gear 3 Classic, S3 Frontier, and some non-Samsung watches.


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FAQs About Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands

Is Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm too big?

Many find this watch too big to wear. Compared with other Galaxy Watches, it is too big. But with proper restyling or customization, it isn’t that bulky.

Is Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm waterproof?

Yes, this watch is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Which is the best Galaxy Watch 46mm band?

There’s no absolute answer to this one. But the safe choice is to choose a leather band or a metal bracelet. But, of course, if you want something more sporty, choose a silicone band.

Say Goodbye to Old Watch Bands By Buying Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands

Why stick with the default band when you can customize it?

Don’t get us wrong. As it is, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm bands is a great-looking watch, though some people find it too big. But you can do more and make it more attractive by restyling it.

So which of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm bands is best for you? That would entirely depend on you. For the modern gentleman, you won’t get wrong with the V-Moro Metal Strap. For women who find the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm too big and masculine, there’s a way for you to make it look and feel slim and feminine: the VOMA Metal Bracelet.

What we’re saying is that you should decide according to your preferences. Rest assured that these bands are among the best of the bunch. Pick your favorite Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands.

Which of these watch bands do you like best? Tell us by leaving your comments and suggestions below.

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