Best Selfie Sticks for Android Phones

The 5 Best Selfie Sticks for Android Phones

Best Selfie Sticks for Android Phones

Taking your own photo with your smartphone is cool, but taking a group photo with you in it is amazing. This is exactly where one of the best selfie sticks for Android phones come into play. With a good selfie stick, you will be able to take group photos that not only are blur-free but also include everyone in the frame.

Not every Android phone is going to come with a wide angle front facing camera so having a portable selfie stick handy is going to be important. Especially, if you are into the selfie taking game.

We have already listed some of the best selfie Android phones and while they are fully capable of taking great selfies, they simply cannot match the versatility of a selfie stick. Everyone hates to be cropped out of a group photo and no one wants to take the photo as well. So naturally, a selfie stick becomes a necessity when friends make a plan for a gathering.

If you are creative, you will also be able to take some unique angled photos that are not feasible with a regular smartphone in your hand. Thankfully, most of the selfie sticks for Android phones are fairly inexpensive, so you will be able to afford one. So with extending the intro further, let’s start with the list.

1. Mpow iSnap X

MpowiSnap X

This selfie stick for Android comes at an affordable price point and looks great as well. One of the most important things to note about selfie sticks is their compatibility with different sized smartphones. We all know that Android phones come in extremely varied sizes and fitting them all on a single stick can be a challenge.

This selfie stick is compatible with almost every Android smartphone, except the Sony Xperia Z Ultra because that is just a tablet that likes to be called a cellphone. The stick comes with a Bluetooth accessory that allows you to snap great looking selfies without compromising the stability of the stick.

The stick is only 7.1-inches when fully contracted, so it is a fairly portable one. You can extend it by 31.5 inches to take a group shot with ease. The stick also comes with a wrist strap that ensures the safety of your smartphone and the stick. You don’t want to drop the phone from a hill.

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2. Stalion Pocket-Size Selfie Stick

Stalion Pocket-Size Selfie Stick

This is one of the sturdiest selfie sticks for Android phones, thanks to its steel body. The 7.7 to 32.3-inch stick allows you to take some epic selfies with your Android smartphone. One of the best things about this particular stick is its thermoplastic gripping handle. This basically allows you to grab the stick securely and firmly in hand.

It even has a wrist strap attached to the handle so even if you lose the grip, you have a chance of saving your smartphone. The stick comes with Bluetooth 3.0 so you can easily pair up your smartphone with it. You won’t even need to put in batteries, it already comes with a 50 mAh battery.

The stick is able to accommodate most smartphones with ease as well. It is also available in 3 colors. If you are not a fan of charging your smartphone, you also have the option of getting a wired version.

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3. Selfie World Certified Monopod

Selfie World Certified Monopod

If you are in the market for a sleek and stylish looking selfie stick, then this one is made just for you. This stick comes with lightning fast Bluetooth connection so you can take pictures with zero shutter lag whatsoever. The stick also consumes very little power so it can last way longer than other sticks. You will not only be able to access all camera modes with flash but also start filming videos with a press of a button.

With an extended length of 36-inches, the stick is a really long one. The precision engineered 3 sided mount can secure a smartphone that is 3.5-inches wide with ease. This means that the stick will work with almost any smartphone available on the market right now.

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4. Perfectday Foldable Selfie Stick

Perfectday Foldable Selfie Stick

Simple, easy and inexpensive, this selfie stick gives you a quality experience without going overboard with the price. It comes with a built-in Bluetooth remote controller that also has a battery. So you won’t be able to misplace the remote and make the stick redundant.

The selfie stick is as simple as it gets. Turn it on, pair it with the smartphone with ease using Bluetooth and place the phone in the mount. That’s it, you are ready to take great pictures.

One good feature of this selfie stick is that it allows 270-degree adjustable head. The mount can be positioned almost anywhere you like and this gives you a lot of room for creativity. Another good thing about this stick is that it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. This means the manufacturer has trust in their product and are selling a good quality product.

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5. Spigen Wired Selfie Stick

Spigen Wired Selfie Stick

If you are seeking the most inexpensive yet good quality selfie stick for Android phones, then look no further than this one. Spigen makes some of the best quality smartphone cases and covers and I have personally used a couple of them. However, this is the first time I’m looking at the premium case maker venture into something different. The wired nature of the selfie stick might feel a little odd to some people but you will also be able to use the stick without batteries.

The number of devices we charge on a daily basis is colossal as it is, some people don’t want to add a selfie stick to the list as well. The removal of Bluetooth from the stick also helps the stick become a lot more affordable than the competition. There is a simple shutter button on the stick that you can press to capture pictures. The stick will use the headphone jack as the connection to the phone and take reliable and lag free photos.

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These were a few good quality and best-selling selfie sticks for Android phones. I have included a stick for every price point so that anyone will be able to afford one. Combine a stick with a great selfie camera app for Android and you have a winning combination.

What do you think about general selfies stick usage? I like the utility they provide but absolutely despise them in concerts. Tell us about your thoughts in the comments below.

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