3 Top Sites for Android Game Cheats

Finding it hard to finish a level in your fave game? Is looking for a cheat the only way to surpass the challenge?

If game cheats are your last resort, then, keep on reading.


There used to be a time when almost every videogame shipped with cheat codes and Easter eggs. It was a simpler time, a time without the Internet and we had to search for magazines for cheats.

Thankfully, now we have the power of the Internet and some excellent search for Android game cheats.

The only problem now is…

Android games don’t usually have cheat codes, and there is a good reason for that as well.

Back in the day, we had physical input devices like the keyboard and controllers. Today we have touchscreens that although work great in videogames, not that great while entering cheat codes.

The worst part is…

There is a great chance that the game you love won’t have any cheat codes to input at all. This is the reality we live in today.

On the other hand, cheat codes are being phased out by DLC add-ons for games being released on PC and consoles. But some old school games for Android may have some ways for you to enter cheat codes and have a lot of fun.

In some other games, there are some nifty exploits that you can employ to gain the upper hand.

I really loved using those codes in old games and the state of today’s videogames has made me a little bit sadder. I hope you find cheats for your favorite Android game on one of these great sites.

Here’s a note:

The few exploits and cheats were tested on different games on my smartphone. However, I was really disappointed with the minimal variety of cheat codes available for Android games. The sites do provide authentic and usable information, so it’s not their fault. It would be nice if developers find some creative ways to enter cheats and unlock additional modes.


Cheat Codes has been very reliable and an easy to use companion for me. I’ve used this site for many years, and it has always delivered.

Cheat codes

Over the years as I grew up, the games became easier for me and hence the need for cheat codes dwindled. But this website has a large variety of cheat codes for not only Android but also on the platforms. Even though there are not many cheats for Android games available, the app website does try to help you with hints, Easter eggs, and guides.

Finding cheats - cheat codes (2)

The website also offers comprehensive guides for games that need walk-throughs. It’s a great way to know the achievements, unlockables, and hints about a game you love. The interface is designed well, and everything is easily accessible, especially on the desktop version.

Reading on - cheat codes (3)

Super Cheats

Super Cheats has the best interface around when it comes to offering cheat codes. I really like how blocky and big the words are on the mobile version of the website.

looking around - supercheats

It is a very easy to use website, and everything is accessible from almost anywhere. It is a community-driven website as well, so there is an overflow of hints and guides. The community is very lively and will jump to your help if need be. A lot of tricks and tips are to be found for your favorite games on this website. But if you really like a game and are stuck somewhere, this site also offers comprehensive walk-throughs and guides.

buffering - supercheats (2)

For example, I really loved the SimCity BuildIt Walkthrough Guide the site has featured on the main page. Everything is also categorized by popularity and the latest cheats, so it’s very easy to find what you’re looking for.

reading cheats - supercheats (3)


This is the oldest site on this list and has been serving a lot of gamers for a very long time. I first started using this site when I was stuck in Resident Evil 2 which was released on the PlayStation One way back.

looking around - gamefacts

I remember using this site on a dial-up modem, this is how comprehensively archived this site is. Now as Android is capable of porting a lot of old-school games on it, there is a need for you to consider cheats and guides for games that are not natively available on the platform.

games - gamefacts (2)

We have always stressed the openness of Android and its ability to emulate a ton of video games. If you are into playing old games on your Android device, then this site should be bookmarked at all times. Old games didn’t believe in handholding on easy tips so you will need the help of this website to make it through them.

how to - gamefacts (3)

People Also Ask:


Do all games have cheat codes?

Unfortunately, NO. Unlike old games, most Android games don’t have cheat codes.



This concludes the top three websites for Android game cheats and tips. If you need any guides for Android games, one of the sites will be able to help you out easily. The best thing about these websites is that they are updated almost daily with new titles. There will hardly be any game left out from their archives, so you will always find some hint and tip regarding an Android videogame. I have personally never chosen cheats on an Android game; there was never really a need for them.

What do you think about using Android game cheats? Which game do you think needs to have some cheat codes implemented? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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