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Best Smart Bed to Buy for the Better Everyday in 2023

Take your sleep to the next level with a Smart Bed. Say goodbye to countless wakeups.

Smart beds improve your deep sleep ratio, by up to 20-50%. Smart beds are cool and come with a built-in TV, storage, temperature control both heating and cooling, projector, and sofa (rare).

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Here are some of the best Smart Beds picked for you.

Smart Beds In 2023:

1. Hi Can

Smart Bed- Hi Can
Smart Bed

The Hi Can smart bed features a 70-inch home theatre screen. For your absolute most restful and peaceful time, the Hi Can smart bed is created by using many innovative ideas to come up with a product built on customer satisfaction. Automated privacy blindfolds, voice assistant, and a built-in input device with Apple TV and AirPlay compatibility.

The Hi Can smart bed supports gaming consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation.

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2. Jubilee Furniture Monica

Jubilee Furniture Monica
Jubilee Furniture Monica

The Monica multifunctional bed is furnished in the ultimate enclosure system that compactly comes with everything that you should have in a room. Basically an all-in-one investment for your home. The Monica smart bed has a massage chair with a controllable remote, a built-in BlueTooth speaker, a bookshelf, an air circulation system, and a desk to work on while watching your favorite shows.

Now, you don’t have to leave your bed with a low battery worrying or even worse switched off. Jubilee furniture, like Monica’s smart bed, has a built-in charging station for working late at night that brings you the most comfort.

Have the prettiest ottoman furniture for your guests and loved ones under the conditioning unit. You can either learn or lie back in a relaxed position with the best back support and watch TV or do work or relax in your comfort and at your comfort. Built with an adjustable top headrest for you to get the maximum comfort in your bed. The frames are made of pine wood for long-lasting durability and the best quality.

The Jubilee bed comes customizable for both left-handed people and right-handed people, leather options and color can be customized.

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3. ReST Bed

ReST Bed
ReST Bed

The ReST smart bed comes in 4 different options, which are:

  • The single pump smart bed.
  • The pump in bed smart bed.
  • The 5 zone smart bed.
  • The 5 zone smart bed with geogrid.

Climate Comfort Technology

A cooler, warmer, or drier all-in-one comfort bed by the BedJet. It offers the leading coolest, most heating, and sweat-drying bed technology, making it the world’s smartest bed.

The smart sensor technology delivers a real-time unique body pressure map to the ReST app.

  • Automatic real-time response.
  • Modular components.
  • Limitless firmness configurations.
  • Nightvision, a sleep quality monitor.
  • Pressure sensing fabric.
  • Ergonomically designed body zones for ultimate customization.
  • Simultaneous adjustments on either side of the bed.
  • Ventilated upholstery.
  • 4-inch cooling gel infused memory foam top layer for added comfort.
  • Split top kings were available for ultimate adaptability with adjustable base air chambers.

The ReST’s proprietary, the patented sensor features three layers of fabric uniquely designed to capture pressure across the entire sleeping surface, in real-time using AI inside the technology.

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4. GhostBed


The GhostBed has its own 100% steel constructed frame with a matte finish, and a steel retainer bar to keep the mattress in place with a non-skid surface. The 3 12-inch, customizable pieces of contemporary charcoal grey fabric cover give you the most comfortable bed to work in or sleep in. In the GhostBed you can add any designed mattress, like memory foam, latex, and even a hybrid style mattress of any kind that will fit in with your desired wish mattress.

The GhostBed works with most bed frames all that is required is a clear opening, with any horizontal support rails or slats removed, install and build your smart bed with your already owned bed frame. With the adjustable base that fits in a box, it is 60% times smaller while maintaining the same quality and durability features. It’s easier to move around and can fit into the back of an SUV.

The GhostBed works with the motto of giving more efficient transportation from the factory to you by making a planet-friendly choice.

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The TempurLove smart bed has an integrated system with personalized sleep analytics and coaching to improve your overall sleep quality, with a unique adjustable foundation that responds to snoring by adjusting the bed automatically so that you don’t have to. Let’s get into the advanced features available for you to rest a maximum of a customized sleep report with sleep rating, these also include heart and breathing rates, time spent awake, time spent in different sleep phases, and sleep efficiency that will tell you the number of times that you woke up in between sleep.

  • Automatically, responds to snoring.
  • Customized sleep report.
  • Personalized sleep coaching.
  • Smart home connectivity.

With a personalized sleep coach of an AI to analyze the data of your sleep process, you will receive personalized specifics and advice on your sleeping strategies to help you, your partner, and your loved ones achieve deeper and more gleaming sleep. The sleep coach in TempurLove has a feature of waking you up at the same time every day, including weekends, that provides you with better sleep at night.

Smart home connectivity with Google support, and Amazon Alexa, or even you can adjust any base position just by voice commands. TempurLove smart beds give you daily sleep reports and personalized sleep tips.

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6. Sleep Number

Sleep Number
Sleep Number

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed has a revolutionary breathable sleep surface that balances temperature to always maintain the optimal sleeping temperature required for your body. The eight-sleep smart bed has proven to increase deep sleep by 34%,  sleep quality by 32%, and recovery by 19%. With the luxurious space, comfort, and firmness as separate settings for each side of the bed. Reading. Showing you an insight into your sleep quality. Absorbs the absolute excess heat and releases it as you cool. The Sleep Number bed works with your smartphone.

Smart 3D fabric is up to 50% more breathable for a cooler sleep surface.

The Sleep Number is available in varieties, those are 360 sleep numbers c3, c4, and c85, which are special edition, as well as p5, p6, i8, and i10, which are limited edition smart beds provided by Smart number.

Take your sleep to the next level with the Sleep Number smart bed with amazing endless head positions, snoring alerts, wonder bed lighting, endless feet positions, and foot warnings.

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Frequently Asked Question

What does a smart bed do?

Smart beds are for better sleep, a better tomorrow, and a better future. Scanning your sleeping analysis, being your trainer, and tracking your sleeping progress to understand and give a better sleep performance, as well as be a temperature controller, a space to fill things, gaming area, and TV

How much is a smart bed?

A smart bed can be between $300-$13,800 and this could totally be based on fine wood materials, a TV, it to turn into a sitter, or something like that,  building and customizing these things, one by one, will raise your cost of the Smart bed. 

What is a multifunctional smart bed?

A multifunctional smart bed is a room in a single bed, with a workspace, shelves, game console, TV, monitor, and a foldable or bendable mattress ( automatic) where you can work with your laptop, privacy blindfolds, LED customizable lights, and many other things by costuming by your need.

What are smart beds in hospitals do?

Smart beds in hospitals are made with care and understanding of each patient that can meet every doctor’s and patient’s needs. For example, a fingertip bed controller, or a moveable bed that moves in case of emergency.

Our Take:

Get a smart bed for a healthier sleep cycle, and productivity, and to build a better future.

A smart bed needs luxurious space but gives a luxurious peace of mind and a new day every day by giving you the best sleep cycle. With a bright good mood waking up helps you with the best productive day. These smart beds either work with mobile wifi or remote alone. Do you work from home? Worry not, working on a smart bed gives you the perfect space and peace of mind, especially for sleeping, taking rest, chit chat, and having more fun space for a healthier future.

Hope you find the right be for your perfect home, let us know in the comment which one is your best.

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