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5 Best Smart Water Heaters in 2023

Hi there! Welcome to the beginning of your exploration of smart water heaters. Though the name sounds so intelligent and futuristic, in terms of modern technology, they are regular water heaters improvised to reduce billings and space and control user-specific temperature conditions and other requirements using a smartphone/AI assistant.

Primary Differences between Smart and Conventional Water Heaters:

First, let us look at the need for Smart water heaters and later discuss how it differs from conventional ones. 

  1. A conventional one is fueled by gas and takes 30 – 40 min to heat water. 
  2. An electric water heater takes 60 – 80 min to do the job. 
  3. Apart from the heating time, emissions report statistics show that water heaters in the U.S. leak 91,000 tons of methane as uncombusted gas into the atmosphere. 
  4. On the other hand, electric heaters consume a lot of electricity to heat the water and keep it warm for our use.
  5. Water heaters with tanks faced a downfall due to the reheating that is required when the water cools down when we postpone the use of the hot water.

This gave rise to the invention of smart water heaters. Think of it this way: wouldn’t it be better to control the time and temperature at which you require hot water from a remote distance, to be able to monitor power consumption and reduce unnecessary heating, and even understand your need for hot water by monitoring the pattern of use?

Though smart water heaters are a bit expensive, their technology is loaded with new options and features you might still draw a lot of value from

  • It enables you to set a particular time and temperature for various purposes from hand washing to showering.
  • It reduces your monthly bill by monitoring your need for hot water, thus saving energy.
  • Since they are tankless, there is no need to reheat the water once it cools down.
  • It offers you the comfort of operating it from almost anywhere through a smartphone.

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Best Smart Water Heaters

These are some of the best smart water heaters.

  1. Biselong Water heater
  2. Marey ECO150
  3. Ecosmart ECO 8
  4. Eccotemp Smarthome 2.5
  5. Ecotouch ECO 90

1. Biselong Water Heater

smart water heater- Biselong BIS-07
Biselong BIS-07

The BIS-07 is a 7 kW instant smart water heater that offers an output of 2.0 Gpm with a continuous hot water supply. It is equipped with self-modulating technology, which prevents standby losses. The BIS-07 calculates exact power consumption through the entered value of temperature and flow rate. It also has protective functions to prevent leakage and reduce the risk of scalding.

This electric water heater comes with a touch-responsive display and remote control features. The smart modulating technology saves energy by monitoring the power consumption and memorizing the final set before turning it off.

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  • 7.0 KW
  • 220/240 Volts
  • Battery powered
  • 2.0 Gpm Output
  • No standby losses
  • 6.14 pounds
  • Endless water heating

2. Marey ECO 150

smart water heater- Marey ECO 150
Marey Eco 150

The Marey ECO150 is a tankless smart water heater that comes with an LCD display where you can simply adjust and program desired water temperatures. The flow switch mechanism can provide constant water output at the lowest rate of 5gpm / 5psi.

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  • 14.6 KW
  • 220/240 Volts
  • 5 Gpm output
  • Battery powered
  • 10.1 pounds
  • Smart Control Panel

3. Ecosmart ECO 8

smart water heater- Ecosmart ECO 8
Ecosmart ECO 8

The ECO 8 smart water heater is enabled with self-modulating technology, providing a continuous hot water supply based on your demands. The ECO 8 is also a tankless water heater that heats as the water passes through the unit. The ECO 8 device saves time and energy since it optimizes the amount of energy required to supply hot water continuously. Ecosmart water heaters save up to 50% on cost, according to the Department of Energy. 

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  • 8 KW
  • 240 volts
  • 0.8 – 1.9 GPM flow rate
  • 4.75 pounds
  • Digital temperature control 80-140o F

4. Ecotemp Smarthome 2.5 Mini [ESH 2.5]

smart water heater- ESH 2.5
ESH 2.5

The ESH 2.5 smart water heater is compatible with voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The company provides an app to monitor and control the water heater through WiFi. The app updates the statistics regarding usage, power consumption, energy losses, and other related product information. It has a 98% energy-efficient recovery rate. If you’re experiencing low connectivity issues, the manual mode helps you to set the desired temperature according to the required use.

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  • 2.5 Gallon
  • 1440 watts
  • 90-140 degrees
  • Ecotemp mobile app
  • Quick recovery rate
  • works with Google Assistant & Alexa

5. Ecotouch ECO 90

smart water heater- Ecotouch ECO 90
Ecotouch ECO 90

The ECO 90 smart water heater is equipped with self-modulating technology, which promises energy-efficient power consumption. Smart microcomputer control and patented heating technology are additional upgrades in this unit. The ECO 90 automatically adapts the power input according to the flow rate and temperature setting in real time. It allows free switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit. It saves electric charge with optimal efficiency of 99.8%

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  • 9 KW
  • 240 volts
  • 1.5 Gpm
  • 15.72 pounds
  • Switch freely between celsius and Fahrenheit
  • LCD display

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the BIS-07 unit be mounted for outdoor purposes?

Yes. It can be mounted outdoors.

Can I use the Marey ECO 150 for washing machine purposes?

Yes, you can, but you need the 70 amp double pole breaker to do the job.

Will the weather conditions affect the rate of heating in the device ECO 8?

It will affect the rate of heating up to a certain extent as the capacity of maximum temperature in this unit is 80o – 140o Fahrenheit.

Can ESH 2.5 be used for 3-4 showers?

No. It can only be used for a single shower.

How do I install the ECO 90 once it gets delivered?

You can install this unit by yourself by following the manual provided. You won’t need a skilled technician for this job.

Will the tankless electric water heater work under low-temperature conditions?

It will work perfectly fine under all temperature conditions except when it’s freezing cold.

Does this unit auto restart after a power failure?

No. It has to be switched ON manually.

Closing Thoughts

Based on its application and features, I would suggest the ESH 2.5 smart water heater for domestic purposes. ESH 2.5 has less output than many other products, but considering the space I live in, it will be a perfect choice. 

The dedicated smartphone application Eccotemp also delivers reports and statistics of all the necessary information, from power consumption to leakage detection and much more. This device is a clear choice for me, considering the modern technical aspects of the unit.

However, when it comes to the requirement of hot water for the entire home, the Marey ECO 150 GPM is the best option to go for. It has a high output rate, which will perform the given task of heating and supplying hot water to your home.

Thank you for staying all the way till the end, I hope you have a fair idea of what smart water heaters are and which would best suit your needs.

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