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10 Best Phones for Business in 2020 (Android Smartphones)

I think we can all agree that having a phone that can help you with work is essential in this modern world. With our list of best phones for business, we’ve got you covered.

With all the additional features and updates, using work-related apps is more accessible and efficient than before.

Here’s the deal:

With the technology we have today, finding a smartphone is relatively easy, but most smartphones aren’t suitable for business. Business phones must be ideal for people who are always working and must prioritize productivity over other aspects.

These smartphones, when used with business travel apps, can make your work more manageable. Although these phones can be quite expensive, having one is a good investment if you’re always on business trips.

If you’re interested in buying one, you might be asking:

What to look for in a smartphone for business?

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First things first:

When choosing a phone, you must consider which one is worth your money. Do the specs of the phone match up to its price?

You also need to consider specs and performance when choosing a phone. Business smartphones must be fast and reliable so that you can use your office-related apps smoothly and without worry.

That’s not all!

You’ll also want to have a smartphone with exceptional security features, a dependable battery so that you can go through your day without recharging, and a smooth interface so that you can use your phone with ease.

With all these factors considered, choosing the best Android phones for business is still challenging.

Finding a phone that is fast, reliable, has excellent security features, and has a battery that lasts long is time-consuming and difficult.

But don’t worry!

We listed the best phones for business in the market to save you from the troubles of looking for each one.

With these devices, you can handle your business from anywhere without worry.

Check out the list we’ve curated for you down below!

Best Business Phones in 2020

Best Over AllSamsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
CheapestGoogle Pixel 4
Highly RecommendedOne Plus 7T
Best ValueSamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Runner UpsGoogle Pixel 4 XL
 BlackBerry KEY2
 Samsung Galaxy Note 9
 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
 Samsung Galaxy S20
 Nokia 9 PureView

10 Best Phones for Business in 2020

While these phones are expensive, all of them are definitely worth your money. With these smartphones, you can manage your business without worry while you’re on the go, in your home, or your office.

Disclaimer: All of these phones are Android smartphones, and offer the best performance and quality given their price. These smartphones are not ranked numerically in any way.

Are you ready? Here are your top smartphones for business out there in the market.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Best Phones for Business - The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with Stylus

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus was the largest and most powerful smartphone from Samsung in 2019, and up until today, it’s still a behemoth that can do almost anything a 2020 smartphone can do.

With its super-fast processing speed, great design, dependable battery life, and features for business, it can handle whatever application you run with it.

Its additional S pen feature gives you more flexibility in using your smartphone. With the S pen’s handwriting-to-text feature and larger screen, you can now write notes, browse documents and spreadsheets, and handle your work smoothly and efficiently while on the go.

Best Smartphones for Business - Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Back
A Smooth Backplate

That’s not all!

Galaxy Note 10 Plus has a 4300mAh battery that can last longer than other smartphones by a large margin. Also, with its 12GB RAM and generous storage capacity, you’ll have a powerful phone that can handle whatever task that you throw at it.

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2. Google Pixel 4

Best Smartphones for Business - Google Pixel 4
Google Pixel 4 Front

Google Pixel 4 is indeed an excellent phone from Google. With its compact and new design, high-quality camera, and motion-sensing features, you can enjoy this phone casually, or use it for business.

With this phone, you can access all the essential Android tools, and have the most advanced updates which are useful for work. Also, one of the perks of this phone is you can have the top quality security protection directly from Google.

Best Smartphones for Business - Google Pixel 4 Back
Google Pixel 4 Back

The only thing that bothers people from this phone is its 2800mAh battery, which is not enough if you’re always using your smartphone. Nevertheless, Google Pixel 4 is still a great smartphone choice due to its price and features.

Are you looking for an affordable smartphone for business? Check Google Pixel 4 on Amazon now!


3. Google Pixel 4 XL

Best Phones for Business - Google Pixel 4 XL
With a larger screen

Google Pixel 4 XL is the better version of the Google Pixel 4, it has all the features of the device with a bigger screen at 6.3 inches and higher PPI at 537, a better battery at 3700 mAh, and improved overall specs compared to the Pixel 4.

The battery at 3700 mAh is not a lot, but it is certainly more applicable for your business for ergonomic reasons.

Best Phones for Business - Google Pixel 4 XL
The White Variety

If you want a more packed version of the Pixel 4 that can supply the demand that your business requires, then this phone is certainly for you

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4. BlackBerry KEY2

Best Smartphones for Business - BlackBerry KEY2
An Ergonomic QWERTY Keyboard

Now, if you’re still used to phones having a keypad, BlackBerry KEY2 is the best one for you. With its thinner, lighter, and yet durable design, you can easily use it on the go, wherever you are.

BlackBerry KEY2 offers an improved keypad that has an integrated fingerprint sensor, speed key, and touch navigation for smoother use. With its enhanced security and privacy features, it is one of the most secure Android smartphones out there in the market.

Best Smartphones for Business - BlackBerry KEY2 Back
A Sleek Back Frame

You can also charge less and do more with this phone’s battery life, which can last up to two days on a single full charge. With BlackBerry KEY2, you can do your business on the go without worrying about security issues and battery life.

Does this smartphone with keypad suit you best? Buy it now on Amazon!


5. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Best Smartphones for Business - Samsung Galaxy Note 9
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Although Galaxy Note 9 is not the latest phone from Samsung, it is still a great smartphone to choose if you want the S pen feature but doesn’t want to stretch your budget too much. With its dependable battery life, huge screen, expandable storage space, and top-notch performance, it is one of the best smartphones for business out there in the market.

With its 4000mAh battery, you have a longer-lasting battery than can last all day and all night. Enjoy expandable storage up to 640Mb, and don’t worry about space for your documents, pictures, and videos.

Best Smartphones for Business - Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Back
The Galaxy Note 9 with the S stylus

Its impressive S pen features customizable shortcuts, fast-charging, and remote-controlled apps through the stylus. You can now go back and forth through images and presentation slides with just a few clicks.

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6. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Galaxy S10 Plus is another excellent smartphone for business from Samsung. Although it doesn’t focus on the business features, unlike the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, it is still a great all-around phone you can use for work on the go, at home or at the office.

With its advanced Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID, your files and documents are kept safe and secure through soundwaves that detect fingerprints. It also has a Wireless PowerShare feature that can charge other devices wirelessly just by placing them at the back of your Galaxy S10 plus.

Best Smartphones for Business - Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Back
The Back of the Samsung Galaxy S10+

With its 4100mAh battery, combined with the phone’s intelligent energy management, you can use your phone with its peak performance all day. Along with expandable memory storage, you’ll now worry about having not enough space for your files, documents, images, and videos.

Is the Galaxy S10 Plus the best all-around phone for you? Get it now on Amazon!


7. One Plus 7T

Best Smartphones for Business - One Plus 7T
Settle for the Best Phone for you!

If you haven’t heard about One Plus before, they have been slowly growing in popularity in the market. Although One Plus 7T isn’t their latest business device, it is much affordable than other business smartphones and is still a solid smartphone you can use for work.

With its 8Gb RAM and Snapdragon 855 processor, you can a powerful phone at an affordable price compared to other smartphones with this power. Although it doesn’t have fancy features, it still gives you high-quality performance and service.

Best Smartphones for Business - One Plus 7T Back
It has no headphone jack!

The problem with One Plus 7T is it doesn’t have a headphone jack and a MicroSD slot, meaning that you need a BlueTooth headset if you want to listen to music on the go, and you don’t have expandable storage for your documents and files.

Nevertheless, this is still a solid smartphone in terms of performance and design.

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8. Samsung Galaxy S20

Best Phones for Business - Samsung Galaxy S20
The new bezel-less design

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 is the latest one to be released among the entries on this list. With the most powerful processor, a fantastic display, a well-built camera, and 5G connection, this phone is undoubtedly one of the best on this list.

It is the most affordable in Samsung’s flagship catalogue, but it’s incredibly efficient and powerful in its own right.

Best Phones for Business

If you want a powerful phone with top-of-the-line specs for business purposes, then this phone would certainly fit the bill.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S20 on Amazon!

9. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Best Phones for Business - Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

If you’re looking for the best phone for you to use for your business, then this is it. This Cellphone is truly top-tier; it has the most powerful processor, a 108 Megapixel primary camera, and 5G connection and functionality.

As the superior version to the S20, it can do anything a smartphone can do and more.

Best Phones for Business - The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Back
A 108 Megapixel Main Camera

If you can utilize this flagship phone to its maximum potential, then, by all means, it’s the phone for you.

With all the top-end specs and features added into this phone, this decadent device would be sure to catch up with any of your needs.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra on Amazon!

10. Nokia 9 PureView

Best Phones for Business - The Nokia 9 PureView
The Nokia 9 PureView’s QHD Display

The Nokia 9 PureView is a gorgeous device. It has a 5.99-inch QHD display that features an enhanced experience for its users. It also has a unique 5-camera arrangement that can capture 4K UHD videos.

The device is made of a sturdy and durable casing with Gorilla Glass coating on both sides.

The Nokia 9 PureView is a powerful device that puts focus on its camera but doesn’t let go of the devices’ power.

Best Phones for Business - The Nokia 9 PureView
The Nokia 9 PureView’s 5-Array Camera

If your business is in the line of using your camera on the go, with the need for powerful specs, then this is the right phone for you and your business.

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What’s the difference between a business smartphone from your average smartphone?

Smartphones built for business are more powerful and have a stronger battery life compared to your average smartphone. It also has extra security and business features for your valuable files and documents.

Why are smartphones good for business?

Smartphones are handier and more compact than laptops, which lets you handle your business and work even if you’re on the go. With the technology that we have today, smartphones are now capable of replacing laptops in terms of its design, flexibility, and availability for business use.

How can I use my smartphone for business?

Use your smartphone pretty much like how you’re using your laptop for work. Use office-related apps, check your email, do business calls, and handle your work through your phone.

To sum it up

Let’s be honest that laptops are better than phones for work, but smartphones are handier and more compact, which is very useful when you’re always on the go. Thankfully, phones nowadays are capable of replacing laptops for work.

With smartphones for business, you can now use office-related apps, check your email, and do work more efficiently and smoothly than before. With these phones, we can assure you that it would make your work more productive and efficient.

If you want to share your thoughts, feel free to comment below!

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