Best Sprint Flip Phone in 2022 – Compact and User-Friendly
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Best Sprint Flip Phone in 2022 – Compact and User-Friendly

We have lived in an era when we did not have direct access to the Internet on our phones. Yes, we meant flip phones. We respect your preference that you want a flip phone instead of a smartphone. When you decide on a plan, you also need to choose a phone. To start, we recommend you to have Sprint. Do not worry! We will recommend you the best Sprint flip phones in 2019.

Sprint offers the fastest 4G LTE connection in 9 major cities of the United States. You should know that Sprint has a unique network, they use bands and technologies different from another carrier.   The best Sprint flip phones listed below are our solid preference from Sprint.

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Best Sprint Flip Phone

Best Over AllSonim XP3
CheapestCoolpad SNAP
Runners upAlcatel GO FLIP
AT&T Prepaid AT&T Cingular SmartFlip

Best Sprint Flip Phones that Come in Handy

1. Coolpad SNAP 

Best Sprint Flip Phones - Coolpad Snap
Image of Coolpad SNAP

When you want to be connected with your family and friends but wants to live a lowkey life, Coolpad SNAP flip phone is right for you.

Its 2.8-inch screen display will help you navigate easily through the menus. It enables you to easily read the texts and notifications with just a glance. Are you worried if it is a 3G phone? Worry no more, you can securely connect with your friends and family with its 4G LTE coverage for texts, calls, and photo shares.  Moreover, if a cellular reception is inaccessible, Coolpad SNAP offers VoLTE. A voice over LTE calls audio technology that can offer a high-quality audio call.

You can even enjoy taking photos of its 2MP fixed focus camera, it might not be the picture-perfect result. But, it will do. If you have media files to save, photos to remember moments and music to sing along, SNAP has a 4GB internal storage enough for you. You can have an additional 32GB from external storage. You do not have to worry about its 512MB RAM, it can secure you a smooth performance with the simple tasks.

One major concern is the battery capacity, 1,390mAh. It can stand up to 6 hours of talk time. You can talk for hours and hours with your best friend.

Product Specification of Coolpad SNAP:

  • Screen Display: 2.8″ QVGA
  • Processor: 1.1GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 210
  • Operating System: Open Source Android
  • 4GB ROM
  • 512MB RAM
  • Camera: 2MP
  • Battery Capacity (Talk time): 6 hours

For more details with the data plan, you can visit the available subscription plan for Coolpad SNAP.

2. Sonim XP3

Best Sprint Flip Phones - Sonim XP3
Image of Sonim XP3

Everybody loves a rugged phone, its toughness makes us feel secure. It has an IP68 waterproof and rugged with MIL-STD-810G. Even when the phone is underwater, its physical buttons are fully usable.

The 2.6 screen display of Sonim XP3 helps you easily read and navigate through the apps menu. It can surely satisfy your needs on-call and messaging. You signed up for old school style, expect that you cannot download apps nor find games and non-calling apps.

Its camera resolution is quite better than the Coolpad SNAP. The photos taken with its 5MP camera is much clearer but it might not still what you expected to like the photos from a smartphone camera.

Do you know what’s amazing with this Sprint flip phone? Its battery can last up to 8 hours of talk time. You can catch up with your friends as long as you like. You can charge this phone at an average of every 2 to 3 days.

Product Specification of Sonim XP3:

  • Screen Display: 2.6″ TFT
  • Processor: 1.1GHz Quad-core QCOM MSM8909
  • Operating System: Proprietary Android O-based
  • 8GB ROM
  • 1GB RAM
  • Camera: 5MP
  • Battery Capacity: 8 hours

You can look for more details about the subscription plan for Sonim XP3, if you want to pay its full price, it is for $240 as of 8/26/19. There is also a non-camera version of Sonim XP3 available in Sprint.


Alcatel GO FLIP

Image credit:
Image credit:

Alcatel is the best sprint flip phone for senior citizens. It is an unlocked smartphone with 4G dual-card dual-standby, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, FM, 2.8-inch display, and 2MP wide-angle camera. This phone has premium design elements like large keypad buttons, separate function keys, a curved back, an easy-grip edge, and hard-coated colours.

It is designed with classic flip design, the flip to answer calls, the large dialling button, the large volume for easy hearing; and a simple operating system.

This flip phone for the elderly is ergonomically designed, with wide buttons and arcs for a wonderful hand feel. Even for those with impaired eyesight, the icon is huge and clear. The charger is also included with the phone.


  • Best for texting and messaging
  • Has expandable memory
  • LTE
  • Good quality camera

AT&T Prepaid AT&T Cingular SmartFlip

Image credit:
Image credit:

AT&T, H2O Wireless, PureTalk Wireless, Cricket Wireless, and Red Pocket Wireless are all compatible. It has a camcorder and video camera with a view from behind, 2 MP standard angle lens 480p.

KaiOS 2.5 R3 is an Android operating system that is in-built with it. Memory storage on the inside expandable memory storage is up to 4GB microSD memory cards with capacities of up to 32GB are available. It has Wi-Fi connection 2.4GHz Wi-Fi capabilities, noise-cancelling Bluetooth technology v4.2 Qualcomm’s noise cancellations.


  • 1.77-inch external display
  • Large keypad
  • Wi-Fi capability 2.4Ghz 
  • Bluetooth technology v4.2 
  • Noise Suppression

Related Questions for Sprint Flip Phones

Are flip phones hard to track?

Depending on the model but flip phones that has no location feature such as GPS is untrackable. The Coolpad Snap and Sonim XP3 provided by Sprint both has GPS.

Why did flip phones go out of style?

After smartphones were introduced, flip phones became obsolete. It could not compete with the display size, screen resolution, and the network connection it offers. People no longer prefer physical keyboards, they wanted the capacitive touch technology and larger screens. But if you still want to have physical keyboards, get an Android smartphone with a keyboard.

Are flip phones making a comeback?

Before the smartphone revolution, flip phones were the gem. Fortunately, there’s news that flip phones will have its comeback. LG confirmed the launch date of their upcoming dual-screen flagship smartphone. It’s a modern flip phone with interesting developments. You might want to grab it next month!

Live in the 2000s with your flip phone!

As you can see on the list, these are only the best Sprint flip phones that are currently available. Rest assured that these phones and the Sprint network will surely meet your needs. Nothing can beat the comfort of using the phone of your preference and make use of the network service that you need at the same time.

Do you find the article helpful? Share it to your friends who want to relive the era with flip phones. If you have suggestions, we would love to hear it! Leave a message at the comment section below.

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