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5 Best Stock Apps for Android to Trade at Ease

Playing the stocks is a very addictive game. Making real money using your insight and ability to predict market patterns is immensely rewarding. There are a lot of stock apps for Android phone which can help you in making the right decisions at the right time. I have selected the top 5 apps which will be your stock market companion. With these great stock market apps for Android you will be able to take the market with you anywhere you want.

You can lose or make a lot of money just by being present and well informed. If you are here, you must know the basics of the business, so I won’t bore you with “Tips” from my side. I will leave the decision making and hopefully money making up to you.

Note: The stock apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. All of the apps require an active internet connection to work properly. The apps performed fine on Wi-Fi as well as 4G network.

1. MSN Money

MSN Money is one of the oldest stock apps for Android. It has a brilliant track record and has been in my personal use. The app covers a lot of regions and markets, so there is a high chance your local market will also be entertained. The app has a very clean and readable interface which is welcoming to newcomers.

A lot of stock apps for Android cram a ton of information on one screen, which makes it hard for a new guy to understand. The font size is very appropriate, this comes from my weak sighted dad. This is a good stock trading apps for android.

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2. JStock Android

If you have already made some investments and need to track them, this is the stock market app for android you should look for. The app provides a well-organized market interface which makes it easier to look after your stocks. There are 26 world stock markets supported.

The app also provides superior portfolio management as well as dividend management. The best part is that the app provides a ten year history chart so you can properly predict the further highs and lows of a particular stock.

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3. Stocks: Realtime Quotes Charts

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Are you in need of some real time quotes? Then this is the best stock analysis apps on android for you. The app comes jam packed with updated information which will surely be beneficial to an investor like you. If you want your information hot from the oven, this app can certainly serve you well.

This app is actually called StockSpy but for some reason it uses that awkwardly long name on Google Play Store. Nonetheless the app is one of the best ones around. Combine this app with a productivity app and you are golden.

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4. Stocks Quote

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This is one of most serious looking apps in the great stock apps for Android list. The interface is barebones and the app focuses on the information. The stock details are up to date and the charts are also kept recent. The app also allows you quick access to charts.

If you are interested in only a few companies, you can add them as favorites. General company news as well as stock ones are presented. This is a good stock chart apps for android.

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5. Bloomberg Business

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Bloomberg Business is a great stock market app for Android. The app comes with a little bleak interface but the information and details are all kept up to date. The news articles are very insightful and can help you make the right decisions at the right time.

Tools and visualizations are also of top quality. One of the best things about the app is that you can watch Bloomberg TV right on your device, eliminating the need to read headline news.

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These are some of the best stock apps for Android available on Google Play Store. If you are not from the US or UK and need to check out your local stocks, I recommend that you do a search on Google Play Store first. While these stock market apps may have your local market listed, it is still better to get a dedicated app for serious business. If you have any suggestions or tips for me my fellow readers, kindly share them in the comments below. Safe Trade folks!

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