5 Best Survival Games for Android

Did you ever imagine yourself surviving in a post-apocalyptic world? If yes, then you would enjoy survival games on Android.

Something is amazing about survival, especially when you’re not in actual danger and just playing a video game. These survival games in Android will help you live out your survival fantasies without the fear of death by starvation, which I have heard, is not good at all.

The survival genre has evolved over the years, and it’s not that different on Android as well. While survival games on other platforms have all seemingly gone multiplayer, Android still provides a quality solo experience.

But why do people like survival games?

For me, and a lot of other people into the survival genre, surviving is about isolation and having to fend off natural and biological threats without any external help. The thrill of trying to survive against natural elements, other external factors, is one of a kind, and only people who tried it would understand.

Does that pique your interest?

These top android survival games provide just that, even though they are not as realistic as real life. Having to try survival in games through your Android phone might not be comparable to real life, but it is still exciting and fun to do so.

Finding the best survival games for Android takes time and is tiring. You have to be mindful of its setting, features, micromanagement, crafting, and building capabilities.

Today is your lucky day!

We have here a list of the top survival games for Android out there. With these games, you can play and experience survival, although not realistic, through your Android phone.

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1. Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth is a wonderfully designed survival game for Android and provides hours of gameplay without the need to pay anything. I’ve been following this game ever since it was released and it has evolved a lot over time. Even though it’s still in Beta, it’s a well-rounded package that will have you engaged for a very long time.

You start off with nothing in your hands or inventory and start building up your character as well as your base as you go. The isometric camera view allows you to fully explore the area and scavenge for resources with ease. You can travel to other areas to gather wood, stone, food, and a lot of other stuff for survival.

You also have to fight off zombies, dangerous animals, and other players if you want to survive. Last Day on Earth also has a robust base building feature. You can design and build your own base, plant food, collect water, craft the weapons, make armor, and even have dedicated crafting tables.

Overall it’s an amazing survival game for Android that I recommend to everyone.

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2. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

This is a pocket version of a very popular PC game called Don’t Starve. I played the original version and thoroughly loved it, however, the pocket edition makes it a lot more accessible and fun to enjoy in short bursts. This is not a watered-down mobile experience, it is the full game available for your Android.

You play as Wilson, who has to survive in a mysterious and tough world. You’ll need to use the environment as well as other creatures to your advantage and survive.

You’ll be able to craft items from the resources you collect and even build structures that will help you survive.

The 2-D graphics style of Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition may not look as engaging as other games but the survival aspects are fully fleshed out and quite rewarding.

The added bonus of uncovering the mysteries of this strange world makes this game a truly engaging experience.

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3. Day R Survival

Day R Survival is a post-apocalyptic survival game that throws you in a world destroyed by nuclear war and ravaged by radiation. You’ll have to not only fight off hunger, disease, viruses, but also deadly radiation.

The main goal is to move across the country to your family and see if they survived or not. The game is set in 1980s Russia, which was called the USSR at that time. There are numerous enemies that you have to fight and survive. Gathering resources, crafting weapons and clothes makes it a lot easier.

One great thing about Day R Survival is its huge map that spans across a large USSR. There are more than 2500 locations that you can visit in the game which makes it one of the biggest survival games for Android.

Cleverly managing your resources, being careful in picking fights and being thoughtful when crafting is the best way to survive this unforgiving post-apocalyptic world.

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4. Stormfall: Saga of Survival

Best Survival Games for Android - Stormfall Logo
Try to survive the Stormfall world with scarce resources and find its secrets. Stormfall: Saga of Survival is a survival MMORPG that set in the fantasy world of Stormfall.

You were once a master in Stormfall but eventually betrayed and exiled to the Eastern Marches. Now, you must survive a land full of dangerous beasts, snowy peaks, old ruins, and ancient sorcery.

You must be ready to fight monsters and have what it takes to survive. Try your best to craft powerful weapons and items to fend off powerful beasts and survive in the wilderness.

Craft and build your home, learn ancient sorcery, and explore the mysteries of Stormfall. Join a clan and interact with other players like you.

Overall, Stormfall: Saga of Survival is a great survival game. With crafting, building, magic, and MMORPG features, this game earn a spot on our list.

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5. Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

Best Survival Games for Android - Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival Logo
Survive the Plaguelands in Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival. Collect resources, build your home, and fight off hostile souls to survive.

Explore new lands, find better resources, and craft more powerful weapons to fight stronger monsters in battles. Solve the mysteries of your past and find the truth behind the Plaguelands.

Reinforce and defend your castle from monsters and build traps for other survivors trying to raid your home. Alleviate your hunger by killing monsters and cooking their meat for you to eat.

All in all, Stormfall is a great survival game where you have to conquer monsters, nature, and other survivors. Do you have what it takes to survive in the Plaguelands?

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Related Questions

What are survival games?

The survival game genre set in a world where you start with minimal items, resources, and try to survive natural, biological, and external threats.

What is the first survival game?

The first survival game released is a game called My Pouch. Although it might not look much today, this game kickstarts the survival game genre.

What is sandbox survival?

Sandbox survival allows players to roam the open world and select tasks of their liking.

The Final Arrow:

The last “point” we want to make is that these games are great for on the go entertainment. However, if you are interested in a thoroughly realistic surviving simulator, you’ll have better luck finding it on PC. These are not simulators is by any stretch of the word, however, they are great survival games that will keep you occupied for a very long time.

We do recommend that you check out the best tower defense games for Android and the best RPG’s on Android to take a breather and relax. They go really well with survival games because of their slightly lighter tone.

What do you expect from a survival game for Android? What gravitates you towards these games? Is it the thrill of the hunt or micromanage your resources? Do tell us in the comments below.

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