5 Best Swimming Coach Apps for Android

Need a swimming coach? Swimming is something that either clicks immediately or takes a little while to learn. The best swimming coach apps for Android are here to make it a little bit easier for the beginners and refine the form of those who already know how to navigate waters.

We’ve been swimming for a long time and apart from the front crawl, we can do a pretty decent butterfly stroke. Bragging aside, some of the tips provided by these swimming coach apps for Android were invaluable in making us faster in freestyle. Of course, they won’t replace real-life coaches, but if you need a helping hand in just grasping the basic concepts of swimming, these will do a remarkable job.

Best Swimming Coach Apps for Android

1. Swim Coach – Workouts for Swimming & Triathlon – Free with In-App Purchases

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Swim Coach is a really well-designed app that provides you with personalized workout plans for swimming. If you want to stay in shape and get better at swimming, this is the best swimming coach app for you. All you need to do is just enter the swimming distance, the number of workouts, and your training focus and the app will take care of the rest.

There’s a friendly panda that acts as a cuddly trainer and provides you with a personal and enjoyable workout. The app also prepares you for competitive swimming, triathlons or just being better than everyone at the public pool. From creating personalized swim training sessions to offering different exercises, Swim Coach has a lot to offer.

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2. Tri Swim Coach – $5.80

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Now swimming towards the professional side, we have Tri Swim Coach. If you’re looking for an app that will help you train for a triathlon swim, this is the one that has everything for you.

Developers have put together an excellent swimming training program that will help you become better and faster. The app makes it very easy to absorb new techniques and perform some drills thanks to the videos it includes. You can watch a video and then go to the pool or take your smartphone with you and watch there if you prefer.

The interface is rudimentary at best but lists everything clearly and is highly accessible. Sections about swim drills, training plans & workouts, are labeled appropriately and can be accessed right away. Tri Swim Coach also has text that explains every drill without the need to play the video, this helps you save mobile data.

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3. MySwimPro Swim Workouts, Training Plans & Tracking – Free with In-App Purchases

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MySwimPro is not exactly a swimming coach app for Android but it can help you better your lap times and get motivated to swim every day. One of the best features of the app is the training section that provides helpful articles about swimming and daily workouts. We also really like how the app presents a social environment for swimmers; you can follow certain swimmers that you think set a standard for a certain style of swimming.

There is also a video section in MySwimPro with multiple videos of every style of swimming. As of writing, there are 6 videos for backstroke that you can watch and learn from. Overall, it’s a great package that will help you improve your swimming game a lot.

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4. Effortless Swimming – Free

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Effortless Swimming despite its misleading name is a solid swimming coach app. Nothing about swimming is effortless unless you just want to float around, perhaps, then it is effortless for sure. However, Effortless Swimming makes learning swimming an effortless ordeal.

There are some really great technique videos that you can watch on the app and learn on the go. If you are more of a podcast person, you can easily check out multiple podcasts that will help you refine your swimming skills.

There is also an online coaching membership that we weren’t able to test out, but if it’s anything like the videos and podcasts, it will be good as well. It’s a relatively new app in its infancy and we hope it will continue to grow and provide more useful features for swimmers.

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5. Swimming Step by Step – Free

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As the name implies, Swimming Step by Step is a swimming coach app for beginners. If you know nothing about swimming and want to learn from scratch, this is the app you should get. A point to be noted here is that the interface is absolutely atrocious. It is readable and won’t give you any legibility problems, but the background pictures make it downright awful.

Swimming Step by Step prepares you for a swimming session from the basics. The app provides you with ample definitions and pictures to make swimming concepts easier. We really like how rudimentary it goes when teaching; it even shows you how to hold your breath as well.

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Best Swimming Coach Apps – Rule That Final Lap

We really enjoyed testing these apps and we hope that they will help you in becoming a better swimmer yourself as well. Swimming is one of the best ways to stay fit and we highly recommend that you check out the best exercise apps and the best workout apps to further improve your physical fitness. However, if you ask me personally, swimming a few laps in the morning will be good enough work for a fairly healthy individual.

What are your thoughts on swimming daily? Do you have easy pool accessibility? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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