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5 Best Talk to Text Apps for Android for Transcription Bliss

Sometimes your hands are very busy doing other stuff and you still need to text someone. This is where the Talk to Text Apps for Android comes into play. Simply activate them and reply to important texts without touching your Android device. While they are not a hundred percent perfect, the Talk to Text Apps for Android still do an admirable job of making texting easy without using the touchscreen keyboard.

I highly recommend using the Talk to Text Apps for Android while driving. They can save you from getting distracted and also answer to your SMS with ease.

My whole family uses one of these apps while doing stuff which requires two hands. A cousin sends texts while cooking, dad while gardening, uncle while tweaking his car and me while playing online video games. In short, these apps have truly made life easier and futuristic for me.

Note: The best Talk to Text Apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. Even though I have an accent, the apps picked on my words fine. The apps do struggle to work in noisy environments. I recommend using hands free for optimal talk to text conversions.

1. Voice Text – Free with In-app Purchases

Voice Text - talk to text apps for Android

Lends a Keen Ear

Voice Text is the number one app in the list because it is simple and easy to use. There are no deep options and the app does everything with voice commands. The app allows you to easily send and receive messages via voice. The best thing is that the app will automatically read all the received messages out loud.

But that is not why I liked it, it’s because you can customize the voice commands and make the app your own. It is really refreshing just talking to the phone and sending a text. I cancel plans with friends without even opening my eyes on a lazy morning (I know, it is bad).

The app has a weird tutorial which gives no indication that it is in fact a tutorial. Don’t be worried and simply tap on the messages which appear on the first boot up. I spent around 20 seconds with an unresponsive app which was only displaying a badly designed tutorial. I felt stupid afterwards.

In-app Purchases: $4.27 per item


  • Simple and very easy to use.
  • Can offer edits to an already composed text.
  • You can also make phone calls with voice commands.

Notable Feature:

This speech to text app for Android can comprehend even the most awkward accents. I tried a couple of them and the app was very receptive and accurate.


2. Voice To Text – Free and $1.00

Voice To Text

Long Chats

2.a Free Version

Voice To Text is a great app if you are looking to dictate long paragraphs. Now that I have used the app, I’m thinking about actually dictating my articles and simply porting them on PC for edits. While my talking is not much faster than my typing (yes, it’s surprising), the app does a pretty fast job of converting long sentences into text.

I tested the app thoroughly by reading very large walls of texts and the app did an amazing job. Although I noticed that the app took some time when actually showing the text. I reckon it’s because the app was processing the abnormally long sentences.

The downside of this talk to text app is its complete lack of punctuation. There are no periods or commas in the text, making some sentences completely lose weight. These are the words my editor uses about my writing, it feels great to use them myself.


2.b Paid Version

This paid version adds the Google Search and Google Maps features.


3. Voice To Text – Free

Voice To Text


This app is also called Voice To Text and basically does the same things the other apps do. Interestingly it can use Google’s own voice recognition or even Samsung’s voice listening capabilities. For your convenience, I suggest you select Google Voice as the default.

The interface is simple enough that it needs no tutorial for explanation. The app works fine and translates voice into text with grace and ease.

What sets this app apart is its ability to translate what you say. Not everyone can speak English even though the best language learning apps can help, sometimes it is better to use your native language. The app can translate French into Spanish and Hindi into English. This is where it beats the competition.


  • A one screen interface.
  • Calls in Google to do the heavy lifting.
  • Can also send messages.

Notable Feature:

You can enhance both the messaging and translation aspects with the best SMS apps and translators for Android but none of the apps offer this two in one functionality.


4. Text by Voice – Free with In-app Purchases

Text by Voice

The Doppelganger

Ok this may sound really odd but this app is the exact copy of the number one app on the list. That’s right folks, this here is a fine example of blatant copying. So what is it doing on the best talk to text apps for Android list? Well the first app was not playing nice on HTC phones, but this one does.

This is the only reason why I’m listing this app. The features, the layout and the performance are the same as the number one app on the list expect the color swap. This app however comes with the benefit of full screen pop up ads.

In-app Purchases: $2.49 per item


  • An eerily familiar interface.
  • Send and receive texts easily by voice.
  • Allows you to customize voice commands.

Notable Feature:

The app is very battery efficient and runs no background services. This app is suitable for the occasional user.


5. Speech To Text – Free

Speech To Text

Looks Great

Need help writing something but don’t want to actually write? Get Speech To Text on your Android smartphone today. The app is simple in its user interface and execution of features.

It has a great looking one screen layout which makes it highly convenient to translate while you talk. Need to send a personalized email to a German client? You can do that with this efficient and stylish app.


  • A very competent translator.
  • Copy with one swell sweep.
  • Can send text as a text message.

Notable Feature:

There are around 30 languages supported by the talk to text app for Android. Even Urdu is supported which is almost never seen in apps.



The talk to text apps for Android really make a difference in your daily life. Using your phone while driving can prove fatal and we want our readers to be safe.

Kindly use caution with these voice to text apps for Android to text while driving. I recommending concentrating on the road completely but if you really need to text, use one of these apps or park somewhere. Now go talk to your smartphone and creep people out.

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