5 Tips and Tricks for Hay Day App for Android

Hay Day is one of the most popular games in the Google Play Store right now, and I’m not talking about just the farming category. There is a good reason for the popularity of the game, though, it is made extremely well and comes in a nicely polished package. Sometimes playing a free to play title can be a bit hard, this is where the 5 tips and tricks for Hay Day app for Android comes in. These are some great ways to play the game and do well in it.

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If you are a competitive person like I am, you will be extremely interested in making sure you do better than your friends. While some people would likely use the easiest way out and start purchasing in-game currency with real world money, I tend to be a cheapskate.

Sure, I would occasionally indulge in purchasing an in-game item just to support the developer, but daily purchases? That is out of the question for me. Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks for Hay Day you can adopt to become a serious farmer. Let’s start on that list.

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Save a Little

It’s very tempting to plant all your crops right away and reap the benefits later. However, it’s recommended that you save at least half of your income. It’s true that you will be able to multiply the production each time you reap, but keeping a backup always comes in handy later.

You will still get 2 crops when you plant one, so it is already a win-win situation for you. The first cycle will seem useless at first but, believe me; you don’t want to be caught with nothing in hand to plant.

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Also, if you can, save gold for later use and don’t go on spending it as soon as you can. OK, now this is sounding more like life advice than tricks and tips for Hay Day, but it works in the long run. Just as in life, you don’t want to go broke, your Hay Day avatar will also appreciate it if you save a little gold and have a backup stash.

Unlock and Use Stuff

You want to reach level 7 in a hurry. And to be honest, you can reach it in a fairly short time if you are determined. Reaching level 7 will allow you access to Roadside Shop. This is an excellent way to gain gold and experience. Taking orders with the truck is one of the best ways to gain that much-needed experience and take the lead.

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Focus on gaining experience in the beginning because this will give you greater benefits in the long run. Do the daily chores and complete missions to gain even more experience. I find that planting and harvesting wheat is the best way to gain more and more experience. Because the crop only takes 2 real life minutes to grow and be ready for harvest, it makes it so much easier just to plant wheat.

Make Money Fast

I’m going to sound like ruthless farmer here, but if you want to make money, all those pretty decorations have to go. That’s right, I highly recommend that you go this route at first and get as much gold as you would ever want. First off, don’t worry about making your farm presentable, make it a gold churning machine.

You would want to plant wheat fields anywhere you can do so. As wheat takes only 2 minutes to become fully harvestable, it is one of the easiest ways to gain a ton of crops. Now, you can easily sell them to get a little gold in your pocket.

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Another way is to sell the crops at the roadside shop. This allows you to sell items at a premium to other players and get even more gold. I highly recommend that you don’t get too greedy in the shop as many will just ignore your products.

The right way is to stick with 80% of the maximum price so that your crops gets picked up in minutes. Like if your corn is selling for 100 gold, sell it for 80 to attract other people faster and make more money in less time.

Get Those Diamonds

If you have played the game, you would know that while gold is good, diamonds are better in Hay Day. I suggest that you be on the lookout for diamonds all the time. You might already know that you can gain 1 or 2 diamonds just by leveling up so; it is one of the most basic ways to gain that bling.

Another easy way to make diamonds is to follow Hay Day on Facebook. However, this will net you only one diamond. You can also get 5 more if you link Facebook with the game. I highly advise that you don’t do that until you tidy up your farm. I was laughed at by my friends for having a ton of wheat on my farm.

Farm - Hay day

Completing achievements will also net you diamonds. Sometimes you can also find them in mystery boxes, so always be on the alert for them. You can also watch trailers for other games to gain diamonds.

If you have already done everything else, you can always mine for diamonds. The catch is that you need to reach level 24 to start mining.

Don’t Ignore Newspapers

Newspapers are not that prominent and are usually ignored by most of the people. However, they can be a source of some fast cash. The thing is, most people only use their newspaper and call it a day. But if you truly want to beat your friends then you can be sneaky and steal their newspapers as well.

The problem is, they can steal yours too if they catch the wind. Truth to be told, not many people know about this and chances are they won’t even notice that you have taken their newspaper. So go on, steal some quick and easy cash.

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While many sites claim to provide magical means to get more gold and diamonds, they are all either fake or don’t work anymore. I have personally tried that double gold trick but failed to see it work. The thing is, the companies keep a close eye on these exploits and are usually patched within a day, and after all, they can’t have someone making a bucket load of money without paying them a cent. Same goes for almost every game on the best farming games on Android as well.

So which level are you at in Hay Day? Do tell me about your personal strategies in the comments below.

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