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Best Unit Converter App for Android – 2023

Throughout history, measurements have been developed with the fundamental units defined by ever more precise methods in the science of metrology. Even the earliest civilizations needed measurements for agriculture, science, construction, and trade. Now in the fast-paced modern world, unit conversion has become a necessary practice. 

Whether you’re going on international travel, or doing math conversions, this unit conversion plays a major role. Since the metric system is a universal thing, it is referred to as the International System of Units (SI). Generally, a unit is a measurement of quantity that is defined by a tradition or law. Thanks to modern technology, the unit converter app for Android comes in handy through smart devices. There are numerous free websites available for converting units, and you can get results in seconds when you search in Google

We suggest the best unit converter app for Android, which can assist you in converting units without hassle. 

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The Best Currency and Unit Converter App for Android

There are a lot of unit converter apps for Android available in the market right now! However, certain apps are inconvenient and complicated to use because of poor User Interface (UI) design. Keep reading for the best options unit converter app for Android that can fit your needs and preference! 

  • Unit Converter by Digit Grove
  • Unit Converter Ultimate
  • Unit Converter by Smart Tools
  • Unit Converter Pro 
  • All in One Unit Converter Pro
  • All Unit Converters & Tools

1. Unit Converter by Digit Grove

Unit Converter by Digit Grove

Unit Conversion by Digit Grove is simply an excellent unit converter app for Android and an elegant tool with 70 categories of units used in day-to-day life. It has a wide range of conversion features with a simplified user interface. 

This app can convert the real time currency of 150 world countries and their latest rates to 72 unit categories. Their one time payment method removes all ads and allows access to their premium content.  

Users need not worry about storage problems on their devices. Despite having numerous categories, this converter takes less than 4MB of storage from your smartphone. Its simple design, premium content, and regular improvement of UI are the major reasons and are still supported by more than 5 million users. 


  • A built-in search functionality and application shortcuts.
  • Offline currency features allow you to convert exchange rates without connecting to the internet.
  • Used for engineering calculators, and all kinds of math equations.

2. Unit Converter Ultimate – Free Unit converter app for Android

 Unit Converter Ultimate - unit converter app for Android

Ultimate Conversion has a beautiful user interface that allows users to quickly and easily convert from one unit to another. The Ultimate Conversion app is a free and open-source software tool that is ads-free. The unit converter app for Android app offers a wide range of unit converters, including currency, temperature, cooking, fuel consumption, and even digital storage. 

This app allows you to perform your desired conversion and is simply perfect for all schools, engineering, and sciences. Tap on the slide-in menu to navigate between conversions and units you require.

The conversion values are completely customizable, go to the Settings menu to select the number of decimal places required, as well as the grouping and decimal separators.


  • This app lets you convert different country’s currencies based on the latest exchange rate.
  • Has a slide-in menu for navigating between conversions and selecting units.  
  • It’s free and has no annoying ads.

3. Unit Converter by Smart Tools

Unit Converter by Smart Tools

Smart Tools software is a developer on Google’s Play Store and Unit Converter is their sixth set of tools. There are a wide range of unit converters available on the market. However, this unit converter app for Android is designed with a simple UI for casual users. Units are grouped into four categories including basics, living, science, and misc. 

It converts unit sets depending on the user’s country of residence. The app also offers various units to convert between exchange rates and conversion. This app is perfect for users who want to convert basic units and have an easy interface to use. 

Do you want an ad-free version? Simply, upgrade to their premium version, which has many other features as well. 


  • The highest number of unit conversion categories among all other apps.
  • Designed with a simple UI.
  • Varies and shows different unit sets depending on the user’s country. 

4. Unit Converter Pro

Unit Converter Pro

Many users prefer free apps with many features instead of premium versions. Likewise, this Unit converter pro is not a premium version of a unit converter app for Android. It’s completely free to use without any ads or in-app purchases. It enables you to convert different units, including angle, density, and volume converters. 

They have the premium version of this app, Pro Plus, but both contain the same amount of features by default. If you want to explore more features, tap the More button at the bottom, it should show many other categories, such as frequency, wavelength, and HVAC efficiency calculations.

Basically, the units are arranged alphabetically and abbreviated, so it’s simple to find the conversion you need. 


  • It can quickly convert more than 1500 units into different categories.
  • You can hide units that are unwanted or unused.
  • Adjustable precision and format of results.

5. All in One Unit Converter Pro

All in One Unit Converter Pro

The All-In-One Calculator Pro is an app that can help you simplify your needs for conversion. It has a very simple user interface, so you won’t get lost while using the app. Best of all, this unit converter app for Android is free to use so anyone can access it at any time. This is a great app for students because, as previously mentioned, it’s free. 

It can help students better do their homework. When they’re having a hard time solving an equation, the app can show them a solution.  It’s important to understand the solutions they are trying to find. 

With that said, it should be used with supervision to make sure students don’t just copy the answers.


  • It’s a premium version calculator with different unit conversions.
  • It performs scientific calculations and has a stopwatch, as well as memory usage, a speed meter, and a calendar.
  • This app shows different unit sets depending on the user’s country. 

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Conclusion – Unit Converter App for Android:

The best unit converter app for Android must offer a wide variety of conversions. For them to stand out, they must also offer more functions, aside from being just a converter. They must be able to help the user beyond just the conversion of units.

This is why we recommend the apps featured in this article. They offer so many conversions for so many situations. The Unit Converter app for Android also offers a lot of functions that can make the user’s life easier.

Each of these apps offers something different to the users aside from the basic conversions. Some of them offer a dark mode user interface while others offer a wide variety of conversion options. At the end of the day, what works for you will be the best app.

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