10 Best Upcoming Android Phones for 2016

Whether you make sure to buy every new upgrade as soon as it’s released, or you’re just browsing with half an eye on the future. We’ve prepared a list of 10 of the best upcoming Android phones in 2016.

We have all of the latest rumors and specs for a range of new devices, from trusted brands like Samsung to successful Kickstarter projects such as the Nextbit Robin.

So without further ado, let’s start the top ten;

1. Xperia Z6


We’ll begin with the new Xperia Z6.

Sony has refined the silky Xperia range over the past couple of iterations, and the new Z6 has set the rumor mills into overdrive. It’s hoped that it will be a decent upgrade considering that the Z5 only had minor advances when compared to older models.

It’s likely that the Z6 will be a premium handset, with a Snapdragon 820 processor and a new back that has an emphasis on metal rather than glass.

There are reports that aZ7 could also be in the works, with a supposed release date pencilled in for October 2016, so it could be worth waiting even though it’ll probably only be a minor upgrade on the Z6.

Either way, it looks to be a solid addition to the Xperia lineup.

(Expected US Release Date: June 2016)

2. LG G5


If you’re interested in the new LG G5, a decent amount of information has been made available online. It’s expected to come packaged with a retina scanner and a 20MP camera, as well as a metal body and a Snapdragon 820 processor.

The design looks to be an improvement on the plastic and leather combinations of the past, but it’ll have to work hard to gain market share considering the competition shaping up in 2016. A working retina scanner would be another technological leap, and if it sets a new standard for premium devices, there’s no reason why it won’t be able to hold its own in comparison to others on the list.

(Expected US Release Date: April 2016)

3. Nexus 6 (2016)


Rumors abound that a new version of the Nexus 6 will be released in 2016, but there isn’t much information available about the handset itself. It’s likely to have a new OS, and Google’s flagship device is always packed to the brim with the latest features, even though they haven’t had the best sales figures in recent times.

If you’re wondering what the difference will be between the two models, it’s hard to say given that the original Nexus 6 came out way back in November 2014, which is a long time in the smartphone world.(The recently released Nexus 6P helps bridge the feature gap.)

The device is another rumored to be powered by Snapdragon 820, while it’s sure to have most of the features found on the 6P, with more expected

(Expected US Release Date: October 2016)

4. Moto X 2016

Moto X 2016

Photos for the new Moto X have allegedly been leaked from China, and if true,it appears that the new handset has a sleek metal back panel, which seems to be a major trend for the smartphones of 2016.The camera also looks to be a departure from older models, as it appears to protrude from the back panel, and there are speaker grills at the back of the device when they’re traditionally located on the front.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for concrete information about the new Moto X. As soon as we know more, we’ll have a report ready.

(Expected US Release Date: Mid to late 2016)

5. HTC One M10

HTC One M10

HTC only released the One A9 a few months ago, but it’s widely believed that that a new handset will be released in the first half of the year.

The M10 will hopefully make up for the slightly watered down M9, although it will only have been out for roughly a year if expected release dates are to be believed, so it’s unclear what kinds of improvements will be made. (Aside from the obligatory Snapdragon 820 processor.)

The One M8 was (and is) an incredibly popular phone so HTC fans will be hoping for a return to form after the M9 just didn’t do enough to justify its existence.

(Expected US Release Date: Early to mid-2016)

6. Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

Galaxy A7

The Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) was confusingly released in December 2015, so it’s one of the few devices on this list that we actually know most of the facts about.

It has a 13MP camera and it runs Android 5.1.1, and it also supports fast battery charging. It also comes with a fingerprint sensor, though most of these features are becoming standard fare for decently priced handsets.

It might not match up to a few of the others on this list, but it’s worth remembering that there could be a six-month gap between their respective release dates.

(Expected US Release Date: December 2015)

 7. Nextbit Robin


Of all the devices on this list, the Nextbit Robin is one of the most interesting.

It’s a smartphone that is going to rely heavily on the power of ‘The Cloud’, as you’ll be able to back up your files and data which will be retrievable at any time. Here’s an official video from their YouTube channel;

3,611 backers pledged $1,362,343 on Kickstarter to help to bring the project to life, and it should be ready in the first month of 2016.It’s available for pre-order on their website.

It can often cost a lot for models with higher memory capacities, so it’s good that there’s a competitor on the market that aims to make the 32GB or 64GB conundrum a thing of the past. Then again, a large number of phones will allow you to circumvent any memory issues with an SD card.

Nonetheless, it offers something different if you’re constantly running out of memory on your device.

(Expected US Release Date: January 2016)

8. Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7

Yet another device to have ‘leaked’ recently is the new Galaxy S7. Concept images have been shared, while a concrete release date was ‘accidently revealed’ by Chinese sources.It’s another phone expected to come packaged with a Snapdragon chip, and it’s possible that there will be versions in a few different sizes.

Happily, it seems like Samsung have listened to their user base considering the news that an SD card slot is likely to be included on the device. If they do, it will be a departure from the ‘internal storage options’ found on the many variations of the Galaxy S6.

As always, concept images should be taken with a grain of salt, but as the phone should be released in March,we’re likely to get confirmation soon.

(Expected US Release Date: March 2016)

9. Project Ara

Project Ara

Project Ara is an official Google product, so it’ll run Android OS. It’s a ‘modular smart phone and it takes customization to a whole new level, but it honestly has to be seen to be believed;

It allows you to swap out any of the components easily so you’ll always be able to keep up with the latest handsets. (As long as new parts continue to be released.)

Project Ara could become true cutting edge technology, or it could end up being just another gimmick. In any event, it’s certainly more interesting than most of the other handsets on this list, and it offers more than a few extra megapixels on the front camera.

However, it’s rumored that the phone was delayed because of a design fault that stemmed from the electromagnets that hold the phone together. Allegedly, the device would come apart if it was dropped, so it was definitely a serious issue that needed to be fixed. (At leastit’s easy enough to put back together again.)

Here’s a video that discusses the delay in detail;

(Expected US Release Date: Mid 2016)

10. Asus Zenfone 3

Zenfone 3

Asus managed to balance perfectly pricing and performance with the release of the Zenfone2 so you would think that theZenfone 3 is definitely one to watch if you want great value for money.

It’s rumored that it will come with a fingerprint reader and USB-C connectivity which is pretty standard fare for premium handsets, but the scanner could potentially end up affecting the final price.

We’ll have to wait and see whether they’ve been able to keep up their balancing act.

(Expected US Release Date: May-June 2016)


There are so many phones to choose from, but most on the high end tend to be somewhat similar on the inside. The OS is likely to be 6.1, and the chip will probably be a Snapdragon. Oh, and the back will probably be made of metal.

But one of the best perks about Android is that it’s incredibly customizable, so that’s why information like the aesthetics, processor, and battery life are so important to so many owners. Android phones continue to improve, and 2016 looks to be a promising year.

If we managed to help you make a decision on which handset you want to get, or you think we’ve missed one on a great one, let us know in the comments below.

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