5 Best USB C Headphones to Buy

USB C headphones are not as popular as wireless Bluetooth headphones, or those that use phone jack. Not to mention that when these kinds of headphones were first introduced into the market, they never gained much popularity and quickly died out.

But many things have changed since the early release of USB-C headphones. Now, these headphones have lived up to the hype, and have become a great choice for those who are not fond of Bluetooth earphones or headsets. This is even truer, now that many devices are ditching the 3.5mm jack.

The Best USB C Headphones

Best OverallEcoker Type C Headphone
CheapestWamGra USB-C Headphones
Best ValueRazer Hammerhead USB-C ANC
Highly RecommendedBang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i 
Runner UpsLibratone Q Adapt USB-C Headphone

What to Look for in USB C Headphones

Before we proceed to the list of the best USB-C headphones, earbuds, and earphones, let us find out first which and what features to look for. The following are basic things to look for in a USB-C headphone:

  • Sound quality. This includes the volume, clarity, depth, and bass. It’s the most important reason why you’re buying a headphone: to enjoy clear, high-quality sound. You can also check these high-end headphones.
  • ANC. This is short for active noise cancellation. No matter how great-sounding your headphone is, if it doesn’t have a noise-cancellation feature, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the sound or the music. With ANC, you will only hear what you’re listening to, and not the external noise.
  • Comfort. This is another important aspect to consider. The headphone or earphone must fit nicely to your head or ear. It must be comfortable to wear. That way, you’ll enjoy the sound better.
  • Mic. Your primary reason for getting a headphone might just be for listening to sounds, be it music, movie, or games. However, you might also want to record your voice or talk to someone over the phone or the web. This is where a clear-sounding mic comes handy.

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5 Best USB-C Headphones

Using the criteria we’ve mentioned above, we have gathered some of the best USB-C headphones on the market. Check them out below.

1. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i 

Gorgeous and elegant

If you want to get a USB-C headphone but can’t let go of the 3.5mm jack or wireless listening, then the Bang & Olufsen H9i is your best choice. You can have all 3 in 1 headphone: USB-C port, 3.5mm mini-jack, and Bluetooth connectivity. This comes handy for people who use different audio inputs from various sources.

Since it’s a Bang & Olufsen headphone, you can expect that it’s going to be elegant and luxurious. It’s modern-looking, sleek, and classy. Aside from its luxurious feel and look, this headphone also offers crystal clear sound without external noises. Thanks to its advanced hybrid ANC feature, which isolates both higher and lower frequencies. With just a swipe, you can tune in to the surroundings using the Transparency Mode.

Listen comfortably and luxuriously

It uses an intuitive and intelligent aluminum touch interface. This makes it easy for you to operate the headphone wireless or manually. It uses Bluetooth 4.2 and a bass port, which account for a deeper, clearer sound. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and portable. Listen to music or stream up to 18 hours.


  • Heightened sound quality
  • Improved active noise cancellation capability
  • Intuitive touch aluminum interface
  • Transparency mode
  • Elegant, luxurious design
  • 2 dedicated microphones
  • Proximity sensor

However, since it’s a high-end headphone from a luxury brand, expect that it’s on the expensive side. It is the most expensive headphone on the list and is relatively way more expensive than the others.


2. Razer Hammerhead USB-C ANC

Deep, clear ambient-free sound

Hammering in the bass. This is how the company advertises the Razer Hammerhead Headphone. True enough, it delivers booming bass and stellar audio quality. For as small and as sleek as this earbud, it offers more than what you’d expect.

It is specifically made for USB-C devices. Designed for quality bass, this headphone features a custom-tuned DAC (digital-to-analog) converter, 24-bit audio, and 10mm dynamic drivers. The result is better audio quality and higher-resolution output.

You can also listen to music free from external noise. Even when you’re in a busy neighborhood, you’ll be fully immersed with what you’re listening to and not hear the noise outside. Thanks to its bi-flange ear tips with noise-isolating capacity.

Big booming sound


  • Custom-tuned DAC
  • In-line volume and mic
  • Active noise isolation
  • Highly-durable aluminum chassis
  • Dual, dynamic drivers
  • Black with neon green design

But the Razer Hammerhead is not all function. It’s one of the most good-looking earbuds out there. With its braided cables and aluminum frame in black with touches of neon green, it will definitely turn heads your way. It has a clean and minimal design with in-line controls for easy access.


3. Libratone Q Adapt USB-C Headphone

Made for Google

The Libratone Q Headphone is the best headphone for Google users. It’s primarily built for Google devices with USB-C connectors, including Pixelbook, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel. It works for both voice calls and sound. It’s compatible with the Google voice assistant as well.  Using the easy 4-button control, you can activate Google voice assistant and just say “Hey Google” and you’re good to go.

Equipped with a 4-level noise-canceling technology, this headphone lets you enjoy the immersive and noise-free auditory experience. And if you want to check on the surroundings and hear what’s going on, you can easily activate ambient monitoring.

Experience Libratone’s unique sound signature

It offers Libratone’s signature sound, a balance of the following: clear vocals, deep bass, full mid-range, and crisp high tones. It also comes with a noise-suppression mic for phone calls. On top of these, it has a very comfortable, non-intrusive, in-ear design. And if you’re using it during workouts and other physical activities, don’t worry about the sweating because it’s sweatproof.


  • Premium sound quality
  • 4-level active noise cancellation
  • Noise suppression mic
  • Google voice assistant
  • Non-intrusive, in-ear design
  • Sweatproof

However, for non-Google devices, you won’t be able to use the voice calls feature of this headphone. For other USB-C devices, it will only for listening. While it’s well-built and great, it does not live up to its price. There are cheaper options that you can get for the same quality, such as the succeeding headphones.


4. WamGra USB-C Headphones

Affordable Earbuds with Hi-Res Audio

Looking for a cheap but still reliable option? Check out the WamGra Headphone. This is among the most affordable USB-C earbuds available in the market. For its price, it is surprisingly great-sounding and feature-rich.

It doesn’t sound cheap. It supports digital input signals and uses the latest DAC chip, accommodating most devices that use USB-C audio output. Hear clean bass, crisp percussion, clear vocals, and other instruments. Great for listening to music.

Sweat-proof and ultra-lightweight


  • Superior sound quality
  • Advanced noise reduction technology
  • Wide compatibility
  • Built-in mic and remote control buttons
  • Ultra-lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Sweatproof
  • Lifetime warranty

Using an advanced noise-reduction tech, this headphone allows you to concentrate on what you’re listening to, whether you’re watching videos, movies or listening to music. It also has remote control buttons and built-in mic which are designed for ease of use.


Ecoker Type C Headphone

Hi-Fi Digital Stereo Earbuds

Another affordable choice is Ecoker Type C Headphone. It uses a Hi-Res Sony DAC chip, which converts standard 16-bit analog to 24-bit digital. The result is a clearer, richer sound. It has a light and durable aluminum housing that makes the sound more stable and dynamic.

Featuring an in-ear design, it isolates sound so you can enjoy your music better without external interruption. This is true even if you only play the volume at 20 to 30%.

Ergonomic and comfortable


  • In-ear sound-isolating design
  • Hi-Res Sony DAC chip
  • Wide compatibility
  • Durable, all-metal Type C interface
  • Full metal wire control
  • Separate airflow channel

It supports most devices that use USB-C for music or audio listening. However, its calling features are only compatible with the following devices: Xiamoi Essential PH-1, Huawei Mate 10, 10 Pro, P20, P20 Pro, Google Pixel 2, Pixel XL, LG G5, G6, Sharp S2, Razer Phone, Sony Xperia XZ2, and HTC U11 and U12.


What People Ask

How do USB C headphones work?

It depends on whether the headphones send audio data through analog or digital. Active headphones send a signal in the digital form. This means that the amplifier and the DAC are inside the headphones. The conversion is done on the headphone instead of your phone.

Do USB C headphones work on Switch?

Yes, because the Switch has a USB-C receiver, these kinds of headphones can be easily plugged in on such a receiver.

Are USB C headphones better?

No, they are not better. It’s only the port that has changed. The sound quality and other features would still depend on the headphones you’ll purchase. However, it’s more convenient than ever now that more and more devices are ditching the 3.5mm jack.

More of USB-C Headphones

The trend among smartphones and mobile devices is to go wireless. Because of this, more and more brands are moving forward without the 3.5mm jack. That just lives the USB-C port at the bottom of the device. This is why headphones that use USB-C ports can make a great comeback, after initially failing to live up to the hype.

With this, we can expect more of such headphones in the coming months and years to come. That is if the trend of dropping the 3.5mm jack continues. If you’re a huge fan of wireless, Bluetooth headphones, but at the same time, you want something that can connect to your device’s USB-C port, the best headphone you can get is the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i.

However, if you’re not much fond of wireless listening or audio streaming, then we recommend the Razer Hammerhead ANC Earbuds.

Do you find this article helpful? Feel free to drop your comments and suggestions below.

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