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3 Best USB DAC for Android – Best External to Improve Sound

Ever heard of DAC? You might not realize but most of us use DAC in our day-to-day lives.

What might that be?

DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) makes use of the digital files on your device and converts it into audio that you can hear.

Did that confuse you on how you are using a DAC every day? Well, a device that delivers digital sound needs a DAC to convert the audio before it is on the output.

Do you think having the best USB DAC for Android will change your perspective?

It sure will!

Without a DAC, you cannot understand the digital format of music. Sucks, right?!

Your music collection will just be sizeable digital signals. Thus, DAC is essential in creating a worthwhile digital world of music. Furthermore, the sound quality from a premium headphone will improve when paired with the right DAC equipment.

Now, that you have a little background about DACs…

Let us talk about what’s the best USB DAC for Android that you need to get your hands on to. Amplify your audio and rock on!

3 Best USB DAC for Android

Best Over AllCord Mojo
Best Value for MoneyiFi xDSD
CheapestAudiolab M-DAC Nano

Connect Android Phone with a USB DAC

1. Chord Mojo

Best USB DAC for Android - Chord Mojo
Chord Mojo

Mojo is a short term for the phrase ‘Mobile Joy’. It obviously gives joy to its users with its latest and powerful programmable processors. If you can see the layout of the DAC, it has three ball buttons for the volume level and power. It may not have a display screen but the button lights up according to the sampling rate of the input signal. The DAC has a 3.55mm jacks, micro USB, coax, and optical.

How does the Chord Mojo stand out with the others? It is capable of organizing all the information resulting in unified and smooth music. You cannot notice a richness excess or middle or low frequencies. The DAC brilliantly communicates with the song’s momentum. To use the Chord Mojo with your Android phone, you need an OTG USB cable. After this, you need to connect the cable to the USB 2.0 to Micro Cable that is included in the Mojo packaging.

Best USB DAC for Android - Chord Mojo Sample
Chord Mojo Sample

But, the Chord Mojo needs to be charged before it can be used. It needs 10 hours of charging to have a full battery, and it can run up to 8 hours of use. You might notice that it runs warm and it gets hot when charging, but apparently, there is nothing to worry about it.

Product Specification:

  • Compatible with Android and iPhone
  • Plays audio files up to 768kHz 32-bit, quad DSD 256
  • Li-Po technology

2. iFi xDSD

Best USB DAC for Android - iFi xDSD
iFi xDSD

The Chord Mojo and iFi xDSD has a close call between their features. But, there is one thing that’s distinctive with iFi, it gives the user different possibilities. Judging from its appearance, iFi xDSD has a catchy smart-look appearance. Moreover, it has a velvet bag

The iFi xDSD has features that are almost the same as the Chord Mojo. But, there is one thing that makes the iFi distinct. It gives you countless possibilities in music. Judging from its appearance, the iFi xDSD has a catchy smart-look. Moreover, you will be surprised when you get it out of the box. It has a velvet carry pouch with velcro strips to allow the users to strap their DAC to their smartphones.

Best USB DAC for Android - iFi xDSD Sample
iFi xDSD Sample

iFi xDSD has an optional Bluetooth connectivity which makes everything easier. Also, it supports the aptX compression format allowing you to stream wirelessly without disrupting the audio quality. You can also use the type-A USB and connect it to your Android phone. Its USB and mini optical allows you to use it with the right adaptors.

Do you want to experience a live performance feel? Turn on the ‘3D + Matrix’ to widen the scale and presence of the soundstage, while the bass is gently on boost. Lastly, you can enjoy the iFi xDSD can be used up to 10 hours. But, if you will use it with Bluetooth, it will most likely survive only up to 6 hours. But, that’s a long shot already!

Product Specification:

  • Wired Connection or Bluetooth Connection
  • Powerful Amplifier
  • High-resolution Audio
  • Portable and Sleek Design
  • Packed with Advanced Technology
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3. Audiolab M-DAC Nano

Best USB DAC for Android - Auidolab M-DAC Nano
Auidolab M-DAC Nano

All of the mentioned USB DAC is portable. But, the Audiolab M-DAC Nano is a better alternative, if you are looking for a tiny unit that can deliver a high-quality performance. It is a powerful and excellent DAC at an affordable price.

Best USB DAC for Android - Back of Auidolab M-DAC Nano
Back of Auidolab M-DAC Nano

You do not have to worry about having a wireless headphone. You can use the Audiolab M-DAC with Bluetooth connectivity. The DAC only needs to be connected to the device of your choice that is compatible with Bluetooth. There are two sonic modes you can choose from, the standard and upscaled mode. The standard mode makes the sound perfect and stable. Meanwhile, the upscale mode can enhance the quality of a 16-bit 44.1 kHz file to a 32-bit 384 kHz resolution.

Lastly, the general use of Audiolab M-DAC Nano can last up to 8 hours and using the upsampling method can take you up to 6 hours.

Product Description:

  • Wireless Connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Impressive sonic boost
  • Hi-resolution digital playback with convenience on its portability
  • Multi-function portable headphone amplifier and DAC combination
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The mentioned DACs are what most music enthusiasts choose and currently considered as one of the best. Now, we have realized that DAC has a promising function in improving the audio function. If you want to enhance your audio setup, then it is a great time because Cyber Monday is nearly here! Check out the discounts, you may stumble upon a sleek DAC at a lower price!

We hope that we were able to supplement some essential ideas about picking the right USB DAC for Android. Do you find the article helpful? You may share it with your friends. Are you hyped up with the music quality with your USB DAC? Tell us how you are jiving with it in the comment section below.

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