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Best Videogame News Apps for Android – Get the News That Matters

Avid gamers want to stay updated with the latest news and happenings in the gaming world, and it is no surprise that gaming news sites are in big demand. This is why we have assembled a list of 3 best videogame news apps for Android so you can keep up with your favorite gaming titles. Knowing when the next GTA Online double experience event is and when the next Witcher 3 DLC will arrive is very important for gamers and these are the apps that will help you know when you can play them.

I have been gaming my whole life, from Atari to PS4; I have purchased and played almost every console there is. Browsing various gaming websites is part of my daily ritual now. In fact, half of the bookmarks on my PC browser will lead to gaming related site.

However, a true gamer may want to read about his/her favorite game on the bus or in an important meeting. Therefore, they will need a few good quality videogame news apps for Android devices.

I’ll be honest here; I prefer the desktop versions of gaming websites for consuming news partially because they are a lot more familiar to me and partly because I cannot take my phone out in the office. The best videogame news apps for Android do keep me entertained in bed, though, so I highly recommend that you install at least the first app on the list.

1. IGN Entertainment

IGN Entertainment App icon

IGN is without a doubt one of the biggest videogame news sites in the world. I follow their website from time to time, and they always have something interesting to read. However, the state of their Android app is not as striking as the site.

The app gives you a lot of news, reviews and previews of videogames and even has opinion pieces from the writers there but something feels off about it. A point to be noted here is that I’m talking about the app, not the content of the app.

Apart from the usual stiffness that a lot of news site apps exhibit, the app has a lot of videogame related stuff to provide. I especially like the upcoming games calendar as it helps me look forward to the next big release.

Free Version


These were a few videogame news apps for Android that will surely keep you entertained for a long while. Hopefully, one of the apps will find a permanent home on your Android device as well. Take a look at some of the best Android cheat sites list if you get stuck in a game as well.

If you have any questions or want to play with me online, drop a comment and we will play together!

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