5 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android

Here’s the thing:

People are always looking to upgrade their phones and tablets. Your device’s volume is not an exception. To catch up with the demands of Android users, app developers have launched different volume boosters to maximize the capacity of your device’s sound. Cool, right?

But, we have an important question we have to answer first…

Do Volume Booster Apps for Android Work?

Technically speaking, they do. These apps do boost your volume up to a significant impact but not like how Bluetooth speakers do. Still, being able to improve the volume a little bit by just using an app is a great deal already.

You might want to use these volume booster apps for your Android device for a few reasons:

  • Don’t want to carry with you a speaker? Use this if you want to chill out with a small set of friends.
  • Do you want a louder sound when you are watching a movie?
  • Are you looking for an equalizer for your music? These apps are definitely handy.

A heads-up though, we at JOA do not recommend using these apps for a long period of time because it could permanently damage your device’s speaker.

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What Does Volume Booster Apps Do?

Volume booster apps sound too good to be true. Will it really intensify your Android device’s volume to the extreme? Well, we aren’t going to set your expectations high. Honestly, volume/sound booster apps will not magically emit more sound from your device’s speakers. It isn’t physically possible. What these apps do, is boost the volume of your device on the software side. And most of the time, full-throttled sound loses its clarity and sharpness.

1. Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume Booster GOODEV Logo

Volume Booster GOODEV is one of the best volume booster apps in Android. It is lightweight at 2.9Mb and has a simple user interface so you won’t get lost while using it.

Volume Booster GOODEV User Interface

This app is useful for audiobooks, videos, music, and some third-party apps. If your phone is running a 4.0 OS (or higher) but the speakers are not very reliable, this app will help you enjoy your music and videos more.

Google Play

2. VLC for Android

VLC for Android
VLC for Android Logo

This media player doubles up as a sound booster which claims to increase the sound from your phone to about 200%. To enable this feature, you need to hit the Preferences, go to Video, and tap Audio Boost.

VLC for Android User Interface
VLC for Android User Interface

VLC is also great at improving your music files. To do this, start your media and select the Settings. Look for the equalizer button and you can customize the sound as you see fit.

It has a lot of widgets that focus on other features such as brightness and aspect ratio. If you are looking for a versatile app to play your media (not just boosting the audio) this app will be perfect for you.

Google Play

3. Precise Volume

Precise Volume Logo
Precise Volume Logo

Precise Volume functions as an equalizer and sound booster. It is a fully-functional, feature-filled volume control app. It claims to override your Android phone’s 15 volume steps limit by safely hooking up to your phone’s audio system.

Precise Volume User Interface
Precise Volume User Interface

Precise Volume comes with a 5-band equalizer including a sound amplifier. It will also enable you to customize the volume presets to fit any external devices like headphones, or AUX cord. It also has a bass booster which is great for music lovers.

Google Play

4. Super High Volume Booster – Loud Speaker Booster

Increase the volume of our phone with just a single touch of a button.

Super High Volume Booster
Super High Volume Booster

Super High Volume Booster features a subwoofer bass which makes the sound of your music more precise. Aside from your playlist, you can also use this volume booster app while playing games, watching a video, or increase the volume of your alarm.

Super High Volume Booster User Interface
Super High Volume Booster User Interface

This app increases your device’s sonar system without the need to root your phone. You can even use this to amplify your notification sound.

Google Play

5. Speaker Boost: Volume Booster & Sound Amplifier 3D

Speaker Boost Volume Booster & Sound Amplifier 3D Logo
Speaker Boost Volume Booster & Sound Amplifier 3D Logo

Another lightweight sound booster app at 8.7Mb, Speaker Boost has a user-friendly interface that does the job. Use this app if you want to maximize your volume for playing, watching videos, listening to music or doing a voice call. It provides a good base, so music lovers, rejoice.

Speaker Boost: Volume Booster & Sound Amplifier 3D user Interface
Speaker Boost: Volume Booster & Sound Amplifier 3D user Interface

Do you want to hear those little sound details in your movie that you can’t hear while using your phone’s speaker? This app will make you do so. It can also be used even when you’re listening through your headphones.

Google Play



If you just want your device to sound louder, these volume booster apps for Android will do just fine but if you want a volume booster app to listen to music in a party, these won’t do.

We reiterate that you do not abuse your device’s speakers. Using these apps frequently can trigger damage to your device, and we all sure don’t want that to happen. We highly suggest that you use external devices. You can check out these 5 Best Speakers for Android Phone and these Top 5 Best Small Speakers for Android Phones. They are handy and effective if you want to pump up your listening experience. You can also try the best headphones, earphones, and earbuds at Amazon. Investing a little goes a long way.

Do you have questions or concerns about the apps listed here? Feel free to drop a comment so we could help you out.

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  1. Hi Billa,

    Thanks for writing a great post about android volume booster apps. Went through many webpages but, the way you have given short review and over all description of all the volume booster apps is very fantastic.

    After reading your review, come to the conclusion that basically there are no apps that actually boost the volume of android mobile.

    Need to buy a good earphone/speaker or good music player app.

    BTW, thanks for the great review.

    Sabrez Alam

  2. Those who have a custom rom based on CyanogenMod, can flash c-apps package (by cyanogen) making the device mod ready. I includes audio FX which is a great Equalizer.

  3. I appreciate the info here. Please note that you have the same name – Volume Booster Pro – on all three columns of your comparison table, and also on each of the first three reviews.

  4. I’m hard of hearing and when i take out heading aids at night to sleep i have a hard time hearing my alarm go off on phone. I have it set to a song that is loud but it’s not loud enough for when sleeping. I was told to use one of these apps but after reading this info it doesn’t sound like it will help. Do u have any other suggestions?

    1. You could try Music Alarm Clock Sleep Timer. It will play your alarm through Bluetooth or other wireless speakers. You can have more volume this way. There are paid apps like Tasker that you can force the audio to play out of the headphone jack, but it’s more complicated.

  5. 100% works ..I been using this 5 years or more ..Speaker boost icon look like a white volume knob with a B on it with blue an red volume level … it works on my lg no jk only one in the world that does I had to replace my first phone I set to loud blew my speaker don’t set boost limit over 60%unless running throw audio cable into radio … there is one thing I’m confuse on … only my lg phones can use full version of app free and it 100%works but I got a samsung phone today and tried to download app and it won’t let me have full version unless I pay an the free option won’t boost my phone … but yet I’m holding an lg that has the app an is best app ever .. and yet there is only one version of app but one phone free in Google play and other not well it has a free equalizer but won’t boost unless u pay monthly. Wtf not right an don’t make any since .. only thing I can think is maybe it’s cuz I have not updated the app on my lg I bet if I hit update it wld not let me use it without paying ..

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