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Top 5 Best VR Apps for Android 

Virtual reality has taken a lead in technology by expanding its existence in almost every important field. There’s always a thrill in experiencing VR. But pie in the sky, not all of us would require a VR headset just to experience it. 

So, to make things easier, app developers created VR apps to download on your Android phone. To become a pro at using VR apps, here is everything you need to know about the best VR apps for Android. 

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But before delving into it, let me take you through what VR is all about for you to have a grasp about this technological advancement.

Here’s a guide on the topics we will touch on this article: 

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality or VR is a tool designed for users to experience an “embodied cognition” that is, an approach that involves acting with a physical body in a virtual environment where the body is engulfed. It basically shows how body and mind correlates to create a human experience in a virtual world.

VR apps
VR apps

This virtual reality has become the apex of life today. Starting right from health to education, VR has taken a place throughout the decades. It all started with building it for military purposes. Technology has found its way to implement VR in almost everything. Now, we have virtual reality creating a realistic world.

Virtual reality has highly rendered its services in education, mental health care, entertainment, military, science and technology just by introducing VR apps. 

Types of VR Apps 

Virtual reality has various types according to its uses. The different types of VR helps you to know its purposes. If you need to purchase a VR headset you can take a glimpse at the following:

Non-Immersive Virtual Reality

Non-immersive virtual reality is a type of technology that allows you to participate in its virtual world using your computer. You can also control people or the characters in the virtual world. For example, playing on video game consoles. You are part of the virtual world, not directly. The character you play in the virtual world takes control. 

Fully-Immersive Virtual Reality

Fully-Immersive virtual reality is just the opposite of non-immersive virtual reality technology. The fully immersive virtual reality gives you a real world experience. You would feel as if you are physically present in the virtual world. There are some unique body detecting features in this type of virtual reality. These sensors are detected by the computer in which the virtual world responds in real time.

Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality

A combination of non-immersive and fully-immersive virtual realities, the semi-immersive VR allows you to be a part of the virtual world but you can not feel the physical presence like the fully immersive virtual reality. To experience semi-immersive virtual reality requires a computer and VR glasses.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality allows the user to experience the virtual world on smartphones. Snapchat filters are a great example of augmented reality. You can see visuals when you turn on your phone’s camera. The visuals appear when you point it to the environment you are in.

Collaborative VR

The collaborative virtual reality gives a different experience for the users. It shows a virtual environment where multiple people can be a part of it. Basically, games that involve virtual 3D characters or avatars to participants appear in the virtual world is a great example for collaborative VR. 

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5 Best VR Apps for Android

If you are wondering which app can provide the best VR experience, do not worry about it. I have made a thorough research about the best VR apps that can work best for you. Take out my best picks below.

1. Google Earth

Google Earth VR helps you explore places in the world. You can go to your dream place, cities you wish to visit, or go on a world tour in a few seconds just by using Google Earth VR. All you need to do is download the app and start your journey. 

Google, with all its efforts, is helping people to give them a chance to experience a real world tour by introducing the Google Earth virtual reality technology. You don’t have to hit books to learn how it works. This VR app is easy to use.

Major features:

  • This app is free to download on your smartphone.
  • It contains a 360- degree view of places all around the world.
  • You can have a great experience walking and flying through space.
  • You can access location by using the Google assistant.
  • This VR app supports most major VR headsets.

2. YouTube

YouTube is one of the popular VR apps when it comes to music-streaming. The number of users of this app are more than millions. This app launched a virtual reality mode that gives you various options to view VR on your Android phone. YouTube provides users an option to view any video to watch in virtual reality mode too.

All you have to do to make that happen is just tap and drag on mobile or simply look around. YouTube creators have come together to give the users an amazing experience of seeing their videos in a realistic way. 

Major features:

  • This app contains a natural language processing feature in which you can do a voice search on YouTube VR to search the content you want.
  • You can make use of all the features on YouTube, watch, and explore videos in VR mode. You can also create content using these features.
  • While making videos, you can make it into a 180-degree and 360-degree angle for people to watch the whole environment you are in.
  • Directing and shooting guidance is one important feature of YouTube. For beginners who are still trying to learn to use YouTube, this feature is for you. You can make use of this feature to know how to make, explore and upload your content on YouTube.
  • There are multiple VR modes available on YouTube. You can initially try to create content using the 180-degree mode which is just side to side view. It is also the easiest and the popular way to begin. The requirement of creating 360-degree content can provide users with fully-immersive virtual reality experience.

3. Second Life

The Second Life VR, created by Linden Lab is  an exclusive app to experience VR in real time. You can play your favorite games using this app. You can meet people, be a part of music clubs, roleplaying communities and cinemas. You can also make your meetings interesting by organizing social events and gatherings using this app. 

Moreso, you can do shopping, make friends, purchase stuff, and do a lot of fun things on the app as well. There are around 64.7 million users who actively use the second life app. It is literally living a second life which is a crazy thing to experience. 

Major features:

  •  This app is extremely free to download and use.
  • The Second Life viewer feature allows the user to explore and connect people in second life. This second life viewer feature is available on Linux, Windows, Mac and other beta versions. 
  • One of the cool features is that you can choose places and destinations to host parties and events on the second life app. 
  • You can collaborate and connect with various people while using this app. 
  • The Second Life app contains fully-immersive virtual reality mode which gives you an exciting experience.

4. Within

Have you ever dreamed of being a character in a movie? You can make that happen by using the Within VR app. This app contains movies and documentaries in different genres. You can watch independent films handpicked for you.

The exciting part of the app is that you can watch movies on this app for free. This app is an augmented reality and a cinematic reality app. 

The major features of this app are:

  • This app is ad free and does not charge any fee to download and use.
  • This app focuses on providing more quality than quantity in the movies
  • In this app, photos of real people and places are captured by rendered computer generated imagery. 
  • The app has introduced ‘Supernatural’, a fitness tracking element in the app. You can make your cardio workout fun by using the ‘supernatural’ feature in the app. 
  • This app is available on Apple store, GooglePlay store, PlayStation, Oculus, and Viveport.

5. Titans Of Space

Titans of Space takes you through a journey of the Solar System. You can take a closer look at the stars, planets and everything in space. It gives you a self-paced guide tour with an optical comfort mode.

This app also feeds you with unknown facts and information. You can also experience zero-gravity EVA. You can try touching stars and the moon and have a great time experiencing it. 

Major features:

  • This app contains enhanced 3D effects. It has a reduced scale and distances to compare sizes of the moon and the stars.
  • With the help of Valve Index Controllers, your fingers can be tracked and can be seen on the screen. 
  • This app is compatible with almost every VR headset. 
  • This app also contains music which provides the user a relaxing and a mind soothing experience. 
  • The Titans of Space app is free to install.


Now, it looks like virtual reality technology has been focusing on one area – entertainment. It found ways to become an attention seeker amongst the youngsters. Since the pandemic, it has spread its wings to establish its existence. From playing games to learning, young minds spend their time learning how to face real life situations right from their comfort zone by using these VR apps. Though it carries certain disadvantages, yet it has become a priority. You can make use of these VR apps on your Android device for an amazing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VR used for?

VR gives one an opportunity to take a part in a man-made virtual realistic world. It is used for entertainment such as video games and movies, education, and business.

Is VR 3D?

To be precise, VR contains elements of a 3D visual such as graphics, images, and videos. VR systems use computers with high-resolution displays integrated into walls.

What devices are used for VR?

Devices like Valve Index, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Oculus Go are used for VR.

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