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5 Best Wallet Cases For Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was a great, all-rounder. Although it was not warmly welcomed by most of the smartphone community, we have to give credit where credit is due. It did provide various leaps in the technology, like the biometric fingerprint scanner, and a great screen. But, how do we protect these vital parts?

Enter wallet cases, which provides you with a lot of functionality, plus protection as a bonus. Some of these cases even makes your smartphone look better than ever before. But, if you were looking for regular ol’ cases, we have a list for that too.

Protection is really important because the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a very flimsy back. Sure, the dotted pattern provides some amount of grip. But, in my opinion, that does not account for much. Let’s take a look at the 5 best wallet cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

1. CM4 Q CARD WALLET – $39.99


The case fits 3 cards. Those can be credit cards, ID cards, and cash too. The slim design fits in your hand. It has a built in audio amplifier and durable frame for extra protection. The soft finish gives the users better grip. This added grip helps when you take the phone from their pocket.

The case has natural buttons for a way authentic and tactile felling. It is made up of Premium fabric. It is raised on the front for protection against the surface and from scratches. It has a quick access slot for the compartment.

It comes in three colors black onyx, midnight blue, and pacific green for a retail price of $39.99

The issue with the case is the audio amplifier which is located in the bottom and ironically, it is hard to hear the sound in ongoing calls.

NOTABLE FEATURE: It has a stitched fabric design and also has a flash guard.



The Samsung Galaxy Official wallet case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 consists of a polyurethane leather casing with detailed stitching that only adds to the smartphone’s elegance.

It does not add any bulk to the Galaxy S5, because it replaces the back cover. It provides just as much convenience as function because it also incorporates the rubber seal that does not compromise the S5’s water resistance.

The wallet case is quite slim and features a special ID chip. This serves two main function. First, it is a signature of authenticity. Plus, it serves the additional purpose of automatically turning on the device when the case is opened, and also turns it back off when the screen is closed.

The case can hold approximately 3 cards, and some cash as well.

It is available in only 2 versions, black and white, for the retail price of $39.99

Users mainly praised this case as it was convenient and functional.

NOTABLE FEATURE: The integration of the smart ID chip is a winner.



It is made of a premium leather exterior to protect your smartphone from scratches and it is quite durable. It has a TPU bumper on the inside which snaps onto the smartphone quite well, plus, it also acts as a shock absorber.

It has 2 card slots for daily use, and as a bonus feature, it also acts a stand for convenient multimedia viewing. The cutouts are all quite precise.

Now, let’s get to the good bit. When I say that this case is available in a plethora of variations, I mean it. Amazon lists about 40 versions. Nebula, dreamer, sunrise, and dreamcatcher, are a few of the good ones.

NOTABLE FEATURE: This case absolutely obliterates its opponents in the variants department.



The ULAK hard shell wallet case for the Galaxy S5 consists of a premium, synthetic, polyurethane leather. It has a sleek lining while also integrating shock and scratch resistance. The casing on the interior has a convenient snap-on/off shell.

The degree of functionality this wallet case provides is insane. It has, brace yourselves, nine card slots. Nine! One of them is transparent as to fit in a small photograph. It also has 3 cash slots, and one of them is hidden in the back.

This is a convenient place to store all your cards, ID, cash, and some small notes as well. It integrates a wrist lanyard, to carry the smartphone on your wrist. The cutouts are all precisely trimmed for ports, camera, and the button. The leather is tear resistant and impact absorbent.

It is available in a myriad of colors: black, light blue, mint, coral pink, hot pink, purple and brown. It is available for retail at $29.99

It should be noted that the case adds a considerable amount of bulk to the smartphone.

NOTABLE FEATURE: Functionality is the main selling point of this wallet case.



The Vofolen Hybrid Wallet case is designed to give the users access to all functions with the maximum amount of protection. It is a hybrid case that is impact resistant. The case is totally made up of a TPU bumper and a shockproof hard case on the back.

It is raised on the front that protects the phone from getting scratched and prevents the phone from making contact with the surface. The storage can hold up to 2 cards which is secure, by the way. You can store ID cards, Credit card and some amount of Cash too.

It is scratch resistant and shock proof. It has a smooth feeling and classic appearance. It has precise cutouts for all the ports including the camera and the speaker. It has rubberized edges for protection against drops and for grip.

It is available in a plethora of colors like black, gold, light blue, midnight blue, mint, pink, purple, rose gold, and silver for the retail price of $21.99

The users mention that the storage is hard to open. To this, the company replied that the storage is hard to open for security reasons.

NOTABLE FEATURE: This case is designed to give maximum protection.


We all tend to have items we carry around all day every day. Our phones and our wallets are usually the two things we don’t leave home without. Combining the two makes it easier to carry.

Did we forget to mention any more awesome wallet cases?  If so, don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below.

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