5 Best Wallet Cases for Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a great device, but, it would be unparalleled if we could add a bit of functionality. But, how do we do that?

Enter wallet cases for the Samsung S6. These cases provide your smartphone with the ability to store some bank or ID cards, and if you’re lucky, some cash.If you’re looking for regular cases for your Samsung Galaxy S6, we have a list for those as well.

I’m going to venture a guess that you’re thinking about those regular folio, front-flap cases for your smartphone. You don’t want these. They don’t really add anything to the phone.A true wallet case will add storage and act as a simple wallet, not just add a flap to the front of the phone.

Some of the cases in this list offer you the perfect combination of functionality, protection, and fashion. Others are more geared toward one of the three.


Verus Wallet Case

One of the classier looking options, the Verus Layered Dandy series provides you with a case that holds up to its name. It not only looks vintage, but feels like it, too.

Made from faux leather, that looks quite fancy by the way, the case integrates stitched Polyurethane leather that accounts to its look and feel. It can hold up to 3 cards, and provides you with a nifty inside compartment that can hold cash as well.

It provides you with a full degree of protection, and is a snug fit for your cards. The included magnetic closure is integrated to the case nicely, and it holds the case closed quite securely. The case also has a cutout for the earpiece, so that you don’t have to whip open your smartphone flap every time you want to make a call. This is quite convenient.

It can be purchased for $39.99 in 3 premium colors: Black, coffee brown, and wine red.

Users complained that the colors started fading after time, and the premium leather starts to peel off slightly after repeatedly pulling it in and out of your pockets.

NOTABLE FEATURE: All in all, it is quite elegant, and feels good to touch



Verus Slide Wallet Case

This is one of the few cases in the list that’s managed to pull off the perfect combination of style, functionality, and some protection. The Verus Damda Slide wallet case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 features a handy slide compartment.

The compartment is quite secure, and there has not been any complaints about it by users. The compartment itself is not very roomy, but, nonetheless, holds a maximum of 2 cards. I would strongly suggest not cramming in more than that.

The case is upwards of 70% thinner than your average wallet. Since it’s not one of those cases with the front-flap and folio cover, it’s very usable. The case was made with one-handed phone use in mind. The ergonomics of the case make it quite comfortable, all the while retaining its slimness.

The outer part of the case is made out of a hard Poly-carbonate cover, while the inner is made out of soft TPU.

It is available in a variety of colors ranging from light silver to steel silver, shine gold, to special yellow and crimson red. You can purchase it for $24.99

Users spoke highly of the protection, style, and sense of security this case gives them. Some have said the button placements will take some time getting used to, and are quite stiff. But, that will get better over time.

NOTABLE FEATURE: The TPU layer inside has a unique pattern, and regulates the perfect amount of airspace to absorb shock from impacts. The case is sturdy, and downright fashionable.


3. SPIGEN WALLET – $29.99

Spigen Wallet Case

As they say, nothing beats the original. If you’re one of the few that would genuinely like a flap case, then the Spigen Wallet case is the one for you.

Featuring a faux leather casing that is both stylish and durable, it just pulls off that classic look. It can hold 3 credit cards and the integrated interior compartment can hold additional cash.

The premium leather feels great in your hand, and it has an additional polycarbonate casing for an added degree of protection. It has a reversible magnetic clip too.

It comes in several colors: Black, brown, mint, or pink, for the price of $29.99

Some users complained that it did not provide adequate protection, but, that’s expected. People have also mentioned that the back of the case starts to peel back a little after repeatedly taking it in and out of your pocket.

The colors tend to look a tad bit darker in person. So it should also be said that the product that you receive won’t look the same as the one you see on the Spigen website. But, let’s face it, as long as you know that going in, you won’t be disappointed.

NOTABLE FEATURE: The case can also act as a stand, for comfortable multimedia viewing.


4. CM4 Q Card – $39.99

CM4 Q Card Case

This is one of the slimmer and more convenient options for your Samsung Galaxy S6. The CM4 Q Card case, apart from having a weird name, has a unique design when pitted against its competitors.

It is made up of a light-weight plastic that is not only durable but also alleviates the problem of adding too much additional weight to the smartphone. Combined with a premium leather finish, it is turning out to be a great wallet case, indeed.

The case acts as a kickstand and includes what CM4 calls a lay flat screen-guard design. This design elevates the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 using a raised front bezel and provides the ultimate protection. It also has Natural Throw buttons, which CM4 claims improves your experience with the Galaxy S6.

It can hold up to 3 cards, plus cash, and offers full frame protection. The premium leather has a soft-touch finish, which can only make you experience with this case that much better. Coupled with the face that it is slim and sleek, the CM4 Q Card case is a great wallet case.

It can be purchased for $39.99 in black, gold, and blue.

Users mainly complained that they could not fit in the third credit card, which CM4 claims that the case can hold. Others added that it is cheap looking in person. Others say it’s not the best bang for your buck when compared to the price.

NOTABLE FEATURE: The case has a unique design, which does not compromise functionality.



Barkely Wallet case

People looking for a bit of class can certainly agree on this case. Featured in our 10 best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Burkley Wallet Case is made out of 100% real leather. Since it is handmade, it results in a high-quality product.

It offers complete access to all of the ports and buttons and provides a bit of functionality by integrating ID slots for your cards.

It retails for $44.95 and is available in Fiesta Red and Rustic Black.

User reviews suggest that the flap doesn’t close all the way, and the case does not offer that much protection. Some claim that the magnet doesn’t hold the flap when closed.

NOTABLE FEATURE: 100% Leather case



Most of the cases mentioned in this post aim to offer a richer experience with your Galaxy S6 and provide you with more functionality as well.

If you use a wallet case on a daily basis, please let us know which one you use and what you like about it.

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