wallet case 6p

Best Wallet Cases for the Nexus 6P to Wrap It Up and Keep It Safe

wallet case 6p

The Nexus 6P was 2015’s pick for the best smartphone, and this year is no different. Even though it has been a year since its conception, it still performs amiably because its successors, the Pixels, have been unveiled.

The Nexus 6P has the most solid build quality we have seen on a smartphone, but it is still with its drawbacks. For starters, the aluminum body tends to get scratched relatively easily and even though it feels quite nice and smooth, it drastically reduces any grip you have on the smartphone.

For these very reasons, we at JOA recommend that you use cases for your Nexus 6P to give it a flair of style and functionality that it lacks when used without.

So, let’s get straight to it! Here are JOA’s picks for the 10 best wallet cases for the Nexus 6P.

1.  Fettion Premium Wallet Case- $10.88

fettion premium wallet case

This case remains one of the most uniquely crafted ones I’ve seen for any smartphone. Designed exclusively for the Nexus 6P, the Fettion case has one pocket stitched on its back that can be used to store cards or cash (or both).

It is made out of a premium synthetic leather-like material that feels really good in the hand. This feature mostly shoots down 2 birds with one stone by offering you some grip on your slippery device and feeling quite nice simultaneously.

It also has precise cutouts that ensure efficient use of your device. You don’t want to purchase a case to find out that it partially blocks the camera’s sensors or something of the like.

It comes in a variety of colors depending on your taste, which includes – black, blue, rose, brown, and white. It’s is also relatively cheap, costing you $10.88.

Notable feature:  The pocket on the back doubles as a kickstand for watching videos, hands-free.

2. Fintie Premium Leather Case-$8.99

fintie premium leather case

For the stylish, yet modern smartphone user, the Fintie wallet case is your best bet. It is made from premium synthetic leather which feels sleek in hand. Also, the interior is lined with microfiber which prevents your investment from getting scratched.

It has a pocket which can be used to store your ID or some cash, and it also incorporates a magnetic closure to keep it secure. You don’t want your contents spilling out, now do you?

It has a raised lip which prevents the screen of your Nexus 6P from making direct contact with whatever surface it’s on. This can be extremely useful in case of an unfortunate drop.

The Fintie case retails for $8.99 and is available in the following colors- black, green, light blue, magenta, purple, and red, among many others.

Notable Feature: The case covers the corners of your phone, thereby protecting it from day-to-day bumps and scratches.

3. Vest Wallet Case-$29.00

vest wallet case

This case is designed for all the minimalists out there who are looking to customize their Nexus 6P. The Vest wallet case boasts the minimal look that you just might be looking for.

It is made from synthetic leather (like most other cases on this list), but it also claims to be an anti-radiation case that can protect your device from high temperatures and potentially harmful radiation.

It has 3 slots for storing cards and another large slot for storing some cash as well. It has precise cutouts for the camera and the fingerprint scanner so as to enable you to use your smartphone’s features effectively.

It costs $29.00and is available in the following colors- black, brown, gray, and white.

Notable Feature: The case offers an all-around protection for your Nexus 6p that prevents it from getting damaged from day-to-day bumps and scratches.

4. i-Blason Bookcover Case-$14.99

i blason book cover case

One word: slim. This must be one of the slimmest wallet cases for the Nexus 6P out there. It consists of a soft interior case which snaps around your Nexus 6P while the outer flap is made from top-notch vegan leather, which has a very good feel to the touch.

It gives your smartphone a sense of luxury and also has exceptional craftsmanship. It has 3 slots. 2 slots to hold some cards, and a transparent slot to hold some ID. It also has a large pocket to hold a wad of cash as well.

It also has a kickstand incorporated with the design which is quite convenient as it allows you to consume media hands-free. It is priced aggressively at $15 and only appears in one variant.

NOTABLE FEATURE: A great case for the people who love leather for their smartphone. Also, the soft material on the inside of the case prevents it from getting scratched.

5. Izengate Wallet Case- $29.99

izengate wallet case

One of the more functional cases on this list, the Izengate wallet case for the Nexus 6P consists of 2 distinct parts. The inner case is made from a material which makes the smartphone more resistant to shock while the exterior synthetic leather feels good in the hand while offering more protection from general scuffs.

It includes a magnetic closure to prevent the case from opening up unnecessarily and spilling out the contents. It has 4 small slots, one of which is transparent, in which you can store some ID. It also has 2 bigger slots to store your money.

Itretails for $29.99 and is available in a myriad of colors ranging from- mint, turquoise, blue, purple, and black.

Notable feature: It also includes a lanyard with the package which is pretty convenient in case your Nexus 6P slips out from your hands.

6. Genuine Leather Vintage Hard Case- $90

geniune leather vintage hard case

This particular case adds the perfect amount of that premium look to be worth your while. The leather is tough enough to protect your smartphone from daily nicks and scratches, and also from regular wear-and-tear.

The cutouts are precise and accurate enough and promise unhindered usage of the power button, volume rockers, camera, and Nexus imprint. It includes pockets to store cash, or some ID, as well.

Priced at $90, the price does indeed justify the product. It has only one variant, but it is sure to be a snug fit for your Nexus 6P. This case is a unique one as it protects your device with style.

NOTABLE FEATURE: the best combination of that premium look, protection, and functionality.

7. Abacus 24-7 Flip Stand Case

abacus 24-7 flip satnd case

The Abacus24-7 is a protective case, and the outer leather flap ensures that part. But, it also has functionality in mind, acting as a wallet, a stand, and also as a protective case as well.

It consists of 2 parts, the soft interior case, and the exterior synthetic leather. Therefore, it feels good and does a good job of protecting your Nexus 6P too. It has a total of 4 slots. 2 to hold some cards, a transparent one to hold some ID, and a large one to hold some cash, as well.

It is aggressively priced at $20 and is available in the following colors: Black, blue, and purple. However, be wary, as the cutout for the Nexus imprint might be small to be used comfortably.

NOTABLE FEATURE: You can fold the flap backward so that the case acts as a stand for comfortable media consumption.

8. Arae Flip Folio Case

arae flip folio case

The Arae case for the Nexus 6P is made from synthetic leather which is quite soft to the touch. The leather also feels high-quality as well. The inside of the case is made from a soft material, which prevents your Nexus 6P from getting scratched on the inside. The front of the case also doubles as a kickstand for comfortable media consumption.

The case has precise cutouts, so you don’t have to worry about removing the case to charge your Nexus 6P.  It also focuses on slimness so that it does not add any additional bulk to your device.

It retails for $20 and is available in the following colors: black, brown, purple and pink.

NOTABLE FEATURE: An all in one case which is competitively priced and is not too fancy.

9. J&D Wallet Stand Case

jd wallet stand case

The J&D wallet case for the Nexus 6P is the perfect definition of a wallet case. The outer synthetic leather is quite stylish, regardless of the color variant you choose.

Like any other typical wallet case, the J&D one has 3 slots. 2 slots to hold some cards, and a transparent slot to hold some ID. It also has a large pocket to hold some cash as well.

It has other faculties as well, such as a magnetic closure to prevent your cards from spilling out unnecessarily, and also a kickstand feature for comfortable media viewing.

The J&D wallet case is priced at $29.95, and in the following colors: blue, brown, red and black. However, the cutouts may be small to use comfortably for some.

NOTABLE FEATURE: The color options are quite stylish.

10. AceAbove Slim Diary Case

aceabove slim diary case

If none of the above cases were your cup of tea, the AceAbove case might just be what you are looking for. It has 3 small slots to store your various cards and a large one for some cash.

On the protection front, it covers all the four corners of your Nexus 6P, Thereby protecting it from bumps resulting from drops. Also, it has a raised lip to prevent it from making direct contact with whatever surface it’s on.

It incorporates a magnetic closure feature in addition to protecting the contents of the case. It is surely a snug fit for your Nexus 6P while giving unobstructed access to all its features.

It retails for $15.90 and is only available in one variant.

Notable feature: It boasts a leather notebook-like style which is quite appealing to a lot of users.


Please note that these views are quite subjective in nature. However, we’ve added enough variety to suit your needs.

If you still find that some of the cases that you’re aware of are missing, do post a comment and let us know below.

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