wallet cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

10 Best wallet cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Best Wallet Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was released amongst a great round of applause, mainly due to its refined design. Gone are the days with the flimsy plastic, and cheap looking designs of yesteryear. However, the sturdier material does not encourage any rough use with the device; the primary ingredient is still glass.

Nonetheless, there are various ways to tackle this particular issue. My favorite method is the use of wallet cases. They add a bit of functionality, and a dash of style as well.


1. TAURI CASE –  $9.99

Tauri Case

The Tauri case can surely be complemented on its design. The premium PU leather used has a great feel and we wouldn’t be writing about it if it weren’t for the slots it integrates to store your cards and cash. Along with this, the case also has a kickstand feature for easily watching videos.

The case significantly protects your phone from dust, dirt or scratches. There are four available colors; Black, blue, hot pink and purple.

User reviews are generally quite positive, with people saying that the case is quite ideal, and the smartphone stays locked in really well.

NOTABLE FEATURE: Though this case has a classic look, it is what we call, “a cheap and best” case. The case is a good bang for the buck at only $9.99 and can’t be discouraged on its quality.

2. VERUS CASE –  $59.99

Verus Case

The Verus case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge provides quite a luxurious setting for your smartphone. The case is made of premium quality PU leather and a plastic phone holder. It also has 3 slots to store your identification cards and/or cash.

The case comes in three but unique colors; Black, coffee brown and wine red. It incorporates 360-degree protection, covering all 4 corners of the phone, which does not allow the phone to come in direct contact with the ground.

NOTABLE FEATURE: The case is not bulky and is easy to handle.

3. JOOPAPA CASE –  $19.99

joopapa case

The Joopapa case is built from premium PU leather which defends the phone from everyday dangers.

The case has a lot of slots which makes it the perfect fit if you carry around a lot of business cards. It is possible for the plastic on the interior, clasping your phone, to break if you give much pressure to lock the device in place. You also might not want to risk putting too many cards in there as the magnet might lose its ability to seal tight.

The case will be a choice of six colors; black, blue, brown, pink, red and white.

NOTABLE FEATURE: Overall the case is light, stylish and easy to handle, and average in cost.

4. AMCHOICE CASE –  $24.99

AMchoice Case

AMCHOICE is a fancy looking phone case, mostly meant for the female market. It is made of great quality PU leather. Like the previous cases, this case too has got numerous of slots on the interior. The case is rugged enough to keep your phone aside from those nasty scratches, dust, fingerprints and bumps.

The company offers you seven colors; black, blue, pink purple, red, white, rose-red. The case includes precise cut-outs. Using the Galaxy S6 Edge with the case on wouldn’t be an issue.

It costs $24.99, which is a reasonable amount for a case of premium quality. It is not too heavy too.

NOTABLE FEATURE: Arrives with a stylus which is pretty useful.

5. SHIELDON CASE –  $111.99


SHIELDON cases are known for their ultra-quality and are made from genuine cowhide leather.

This case is a combination of a wallet case, a credit card holder and it also is equipped with the stand view feature. Watching your favorite movies shouldn’t be a problem. It also has a magnetic flap which again secures your phone into the right place,

As this case is manufactured for the Galaxy S6 Edge, the curved screen can cause some problems to fit the smartphone in the case. However, SHIELDON has a ‘woven-fabric technology’ which assures that locking the corners of the phone is enough.

The SHIELDON arrives in two colors. Namely, Elegant black and Tan brown. They are pretty good choices for your phone.

NOTABLE FEATURE: Also, it is light and perfect to handle.

6. VAKOO CASE –  $25.99

Vakoo Case

The Vakoo case is a professional looking case for men. It has a magnetic closure strap, to safeguard your phone. It is made of good quality PU leather.

The case has 2 card slots, in which you can insert any type of ID or credit card you prefer and a pocket to keep your cash safe. It has a kickstand feature to view movies or anything that you like.

In addition to all these, it also has a wristlet which won’t let you down by leaving your phone to free-fall. This stylish case is available in 13 colors.

Putting all these features together, the case just costs $25.99.

NOTABLE FEATURE: The Vakoo is equipped with a shock-absorption feature which is very useful. You can also change decals for your S6 Edge.

7. JANCALM CASE –  $39.99


The JanCalm case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge looks quite elegant while maintaining its compact and slim design.

Just like the previous cases, it too has a kickstand feature which will help you in entertainment consumption.

It is made of synthetic leather. It has an upgraded soft interior which promises to protect your phone against scratches, dust, dirt, etc. The slots for buttons and the elevation for buttons have been made accurately. The JanCalm has two card slots and a larger slot to store money. It also has a built in magnetic flap.

JanCalm is offered in a variety of designs. Although these versions have proved to be beautiful, you can always customize the skin of the case in accordance with your preference.

The case is quite light and is not very bad overall along with its average cost of $33.99.

NOTABLE FEATURE: It also has a stylus which is lightened up in a spectrum of colors.

8. TRADEKMK CASE –  $23.99


An element to really appreciate about this case is the slim form factor and design which is sure to please most of the consumers.

The Tradekmk case for the Galaxy S6 also integrates a magnetic flap which adds for security. The company assures everyone to protect the phone from scratches, dirt, dust, etc.

Grooves for the various buttons are cut out perfectly. The case weighs 4.16oz, which is an ideal weight for an S6 Edge. Unlike other cases, the Tradekmk arrives in only one color and does not have any other color option.

It costs $23.99 which is kind of cheap in the market.

NOTABLE FEATURE:  The Tradekmk is equipped with the stylus which has its own, stylish look.

9. FYY CASE –  $8.99

FYY Case

The FYY case is made from premium looking PU leather, which nowadays seem to be a staple.

The FYY also has a leather strap which would make handling the phone considerably easier. The case is also equipped with a card slot. It also has the kickstand feature which again, would help you with watching movies and such.

This case made this list only because of its sheer number of color options which offers quite the choice to your average consumer.

NOTABLE FEATURE: Tons of color options available.

10. HILDA CASE –  $22.99

Hilda Case

The HiLDA case for the Galaxy S6 Edge is a fairly decent case when you take into account its price point. It is made from PU leather which feels quite soft and premium to the touch. It also integrates a magnetic closure for security reasons.

Like the myriad of other cases on this list, it also has a kickstand feature which makes it a lot easier for you to watch movies and attend video calls hands-free.

The case is available in six colors: Black, red, rose, brown, pure green and blue. All the buttons have been precisely cut. It is user-friendly and is also durable so it won’t get eroded in a months’ time.

NOTABLE FEATURE: It is super light and only costs $22.99.


When it comes to buying a wallet case for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it comes down to what you want in a case and how they feel in your hand. Whether you want more storage or more protection, there is something on this list to fit your wants.

If you feel that we’ve left something out, make sure your voice is heard by using the comment section below.

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