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4 Best Water Drinking Reminder Apps for Android

An insanely large number of people don’t drink the right amount of water that their body needs. Surprisingly, this happens a lot more in winter than in summer. It is highly recommended that you use one of these great water drinking reminder apps for Android to stay hydrated throughout the day. A lot of people who start exercising, don’t intake the right amount of water, and that can result in cramps or worse. Drinking too much water at one time or going through the day without a single sip is also not the right way.

When I started using the best weight loss apps and the best workout apps for Android, I felt really weird and tired. Turns out, I was sweating out most of the body water and spending a lot of time dehydrated. Sure, it was not a severe case of dehydration, but it was enough to make me feel odd and uncomfortable.

Since I have one great water drinking reminder app on my Android smartphone, I have never felt more energized. Your body has a way of telling you to take water but some factors can shut it down for a while. This is exactly where the drink reminder apps come in handy, they track the time and amount and tell you when to drink water.

Note: The 5 best water drinking reminder apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps worked just as intended and no problems were faced during testing. I personally use the number one app on the list throughout my day and it has served me well. I also recommend that you stick to one app alone for your reminding needs. Some of the apps may require an internet connection to work fully.

1. Water Drink Reminder

This is the app I use daily. It has worked really well since August of last year when I got it. The interface of Water Drink Reminder app is simple and easy to understand but, that is not why it is my favorite app on the list. The app gives you a drink target and even gives you a neat table that helps you stay hydrated and energized.

Of course, there are regular reminders about taking water in the app, but it’s the little touches that make it a great app to use. For example, the app gives you a customized cup and even imperial or metric units for easy understanding. Graphs and logs help you in maintaining a record of your drinking patterns. The app even has smart watch support which is great for those who can’t take their phone out in office.

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2. Hydro Coach

Hydro Coach would have been my first pick if I hadn’t tested the first app extensively over several months. Hydro Coach, as the name suggests, is a coach that will make your Aquaman, the king of Atlantis. Jokes aside, the app comes with one of the best looking yet standardized interfaces. It also has some unique design elements; some of which are great, while some are not so amazing.

The app uses a formula to calculate the ideal amount of water you need individually. This also means that you will need to fill out a form for the app to actually start recommending optimal times. Age, gender, weight and lifestyle questions will be asked, but after that, you will be set. I also recommend that you select one glass and stick with it.

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3. Aqualert

This is a fun looking water drinking reminder app for Android, mostly thanks to its funky interface. The app is suitable for young kids as it presents everything in lively and fun colors. If you have an athletic kid in the family, I highly recommend getting this app for them. The app provides a graphic display of your daily consumption and hydration levels.

The app also calculates how many servings of water you should take as taking more can also be harmful to some people. I really like how easy it is to tell the app that you have drank. The app also comes with a customizable serving size but, I suggest you stick to one container for at least half a day, this makes everything easier.

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4. Drink Water

Just like its straightforward name, Drink Water is a very simple app. There are no animations or cartoons here. I know a lot of people who just want a simple and fast app which serves its purpose. I’m not one of those down straight to business people but there is definitely a market for apps made for them.

Enter your weight and the app will tell you how much you should drink per day. After that, you will be able to see a virtual glass fill as you take water every day. This is a clean and neat way of informing a person of their daily needs. Don’t worry, the app is not barebones either. You will still have detailed graphs and logs that keep track of your daily water intake.

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Staying hydrated throughout the day is extremely important. If you want to lose weight and gain that perfect figure, you will love having one of the best water drinking reminder apps for Android on your smartphone. Almost all the apps are compatible with Android Wear which makes them an ideal companion for the best running apps for Android as well.

Some people drink a ton of water during exercise, which is not good at all. These apps will help you take the right amount at the right time. And to be honest, after a while you will make a habit of drinking water by yourself without the need of any app.

So how much water you are drinking a day? Do share your experience with us in the comments below.

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