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5 Best Waterproof Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10

If you have a smartphone as expensive as the Samsung Galaxy S10, then it’s perfectly normal that you’d want to protect your investment with the best waterproof case. You never know what accidents might happen and it is good to be prepared for anything. If you’d like to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S10, we recommend you read our article “Samsung Galaxy S10: Everything You Need to Know”.

Now, let’s see which are the best cases in stores today!

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Best Waterproof Cases for Samsung Galaxy S10

Best Over AllGhostek Nautical 2
CheapestProCase Universal Dry Bag
Highly RecommendedJOTO Dry Bag
Best ValueLifeproof Fre Series
Runner UpTransy Waterproof Case

Best Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S10

Note: The prices shown are as of 18th of August 2019, and might change in time.

1. Ghostek Nautical 2

Ghostek Nautical Black

This one is referred to as an “extreme waterproof case”. It will protect your smartphone even if it drops 20 feet (or 6 meters) underwater, for a whole hour! But it will not only protect your Samsung  Galaxy S10 from water, but it is also shockproof, withstanding drops from as high as 2 meters.


  • Wireless charging
  • Wireless PowerShare
  • Dual-Layer

However, some users reported that the cut-outs aren’t perfect and the cover can sometimes cover the camera. Additionally, some found the case bulky and said that it adds unwanted width to the phone.

2. Lifeproof Fre Series

Lifeproof Case Black

Even though the price is a little higher, the Lifeproof Case provides lots of features. As opposed to the Ghostek case, this one has a built-in screen protector, shielding your Samsung Galaxy S10 from even more dangers. It also claims to seal all ports, including microphones and speakers, to protect them from dirt or sand.


  • Submersible for 2 meters, up to an hour
  • Shockproof, from drops from as high as 2 meters
  • 360° protection

Some users have said that even though the protection is great, it makes it hard to actually hear people during calls. Additionally, it isn’t built to be compatible with the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner, so you may have trouble using that feature.

3. Transy Waterproof Case

This waterproof case is more on the affordable side, but don’t worry, it still has lots of useful features! It comes with an additional kickstand, while it is also waterproof, snowproof, dustproof and even shockproof. Also, it is still compatible with wireless charging and the company offers customers’ support in case you need help.


  • Waterproof for 2 meters, up to one hour
  • Anti-shock and dustproof
  • Anti-slip bumper

Most users were very happy with the product, but as nothing can be perfect, there are also some drawbacks. As with most cases for Samsung Galax S10, there are issues with using the fingerprint scanner with the case on. Additionally, the kickstand has been reported to not be of the best quality.

4. JOTO Dry Bag

JOTO Dry Bag

This pouch-style phone case is universal, for phones up to 6’8” diagonal size. This could be the perfect choice if you need it for more phone or just simply need occasional waterproof protection for your Samsung. You will still be able to use the touchscreen while submerged in water, but no fingerprint authentification will work.


  • 100 feet IPX8 Waterproof certified
  • Dustproof
  • Snowproof

This is a great option if you don’t need a waterproof case specifically for your Samsung Galaxy S10. While it doesn’t come with all the possible features a fitted case could have, it still gets the job done and keeps your smartphone as new.

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5. ProCase Universal Dry Bag 

Procase Dry Bag

This is another pouch case for phones up to 6.8” in diagonal size. This one has clear plastic sides so that you can continue to use your touchscreen in water and even take photos. It works for up t0 100 feet (or 30 meters) and protects your phone with a snap and lock feature, that is easily accessible.


  • Waterproof certified
  • Snowproof
  • Dustproof

While a fitted case will work on your phone better, these pouch cases have their advantages as well. You can store your money and ID in them along with your phone, so you have your valuables with you while carelessly swimming at the beach.


S10 Waterproof Cases – Take Your Smartphone Diving!

No matter if you’re looking for a fitter case or only a universal dry bag, surely one of the featured cases in this article will catch your eye! Protecting your phone is crucial, especially for a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S10. So go ahead and take care of it!

So what case do you have? Are you satisfied with it? Let us know in the comments down below!

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