Best Wearable Speakers

3 Best Wearable Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss

Technology and innovation simply never stops to amuse us. Brands, manufacturers, and designers alike will keep inventing and innovating consumer technology. One particular innovation that some of us have probably expected it is the invention of wearable speakers. No, I’m not referring to headphones or earphones, and yes, real actual speakers that you can wear around the neck.

You might already be wondering or judging this product and saying “What? Why do we have this? LAAAMMMEE!” Now hold on to your thoughts before you judge this gadget. Who knows, you might find yourself somewhat amused by wearable speakers.

The Best Wearable Speakers

Best OverallBose Soundwear Companion Wearable Speaker 
CheapestLIUHE Wearable Bluetooth Speakers
Best ValueJBL Soundgear Wearable Ear-Free Wireless Speaker
Best wrist wearable speakerTech-Life BoomBand Wearable Bluetooth Speaker
Best wearable speakers


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What are Wearable Speakers?

Basically, wearable speakers are actual speakers that you can simply wear. In some cases, you can wear it like a watch, an eyeglasses, a hat, but most commonly, around the neck.

Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker
Bose Soundwear Companion-Best Wearable Speakers

Wearable speakers are basically the market’s answer for those who want the portability and ease of use of a headphone with the power and loudness of a speaker. Furthermore, a speaker that you can wear is great for those that want portability but simply doesn’t want or is uncomfortable with headphones or earphones.

Top 3 Best Wearable Speakers on the Market

If a speaker that you can wear like a small piece of garment picks your interest, then you’re in luck. We listed down 3 of the best wearable speakers that you can buy on the market and are worth every dime.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it…

1. Bose Soundwear Companion Wearable Speaker 

Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker
Best Wearable Speakers

The Bose SoundWear Companion Wearable Speakers is, if not the best, one of the best wearable speakers in the market that you can buy. Bose is a well know veteran brand when it comes to audio equipment. In most cases, we usually find their product on the headphone sections, earphone, speakers, etc… a rarely do we see them producing audio equipment that is unconventional. So it is a sight to see that Bose is one of the leading pioneers when it comes to wearable speakers.

Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker
Bose Soundwear Companion-Best Wearable Speakers

What makes this one of the best wearable speakers out there is its patented waveguide technology, digital signal processing, and upward facing speakers that immerse you and surround you in deep, rich sound. Inducing you with a truly unique and immersive sound experience.


  • Three-Button Controls
  • Supports Siri and Google Assistant
  • Sweat/Weather resistant (IPX4 rating)
  • Excellent Audio Quality


  • Takes Time Getting Used To
  • Some May Find Upward Audio Odd
  • Expensive

Bose designed this product with caution and without interrupting your attention to the surrounding in mind. It’s flexible and durable in a sense that makes this product somehow lightweight, easy to use, and shockproof.

If this speaker picks your interest, then we highly recommend checking them out. You can also connect this speaker to the Bose Connect app on the Google Play store. The app allows you to control the speaker with your phone.


2. JBL Soundgear Wearable Ear-Free Wireless Speaker

JBL Soundgear Wearable Ear-Free Wireless Speaker
Best Wearable Speakers

The JBL Soundgear Wearable Speaker is probably the best alternative to our number 1 if the cost is a concern. This speaker is definitely cheaper but it comes with an added downs too.

JBL is a great brand when it comes to audio equipment. They are considered as a good rival for Bose products. The only edge that the JBL has against Bose is their cheaper products. A good example is this wearable speaker. For $100 less, you can get this JBL wearable speaker.

JBL Soundgear Wearable Ear-Free Wireless Speaker
JBL Soundgear Wearable Speaker-Best Wearable Speakers

The JBL Soundgear features built-in controls, multipoint technology for dual pairing, and speakerphone functionality. The only problem is that some consumers find the fitting tight around the neck. Furthermore, it’s not as flexible and has no covers available.


  • Excellent Audio Quality
  • Affordable
  • Built-In Controls, Multipoint Technology for Dual Pairing
  • Speakerphone Functionality
  • Supports Siri and Google Assistant
  • JBL Signature Sound


  • Fitting
  • No Protective Cover
  • Flexibility

If you something that cost less without compromising the quality of sound, then we recommend checking out this product.


3. LIUHE Wearable Bluetooth Speakers

LIUHE wearable speaker best android cheap cheapest portable travel affordable
Best Wearable Speakers

The LIUHE Wearable Speakers is gonna be your best choice if you are looking for the cheapest one.  The LIUHE Wearable Speakers is also the choice of Amazon.

This wearable speaker is equipped with four speakers, IPX4 Sweat/Weather Proof, supports hands-free call, and for its price, we’re surprised that it runs on Bluetooth V5.0.

The audio quality is acceptable but nothing spectacular. It’s also not flexible and the quality is acceptable.


  • Cheap
  • Decent Audio Quality
  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • IPX4 Rating


  • Overall Quality (You get what you paid for)

If you can live with mediocre audio quality and don’t care much about the design and build quality, then to save a dollars, we highly recommend checking this speaker out.


So these are the 3 best wearable speakers on the market. There are a couple of worthy ones out there but we simply wanted to keep this list simple listing the best, a cheaper alternative to the best one, and of course, the cheapest one with the best quality.

Notable Mention: Tech-Life BoomBand Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

If you want something that you can wear on your wrist instead of having the speakers around your neck, then we highly recommend checking out Tech-Life BoomBand. A speaker that you can wear on your wrist like a watch.

Tech-Life BoomBand Wearable Bluetooth Speaker Tech-Life BoomBand –The World’s Most Portable Speaker – Waterproof Wearable Bluetooth Speaker, Built-in Mic For Speakerphone–Running, Cycling, Hiking, Camping. 2x Volume of iPhone, Samsung

Tech-Life’s BoomBand is mainly designed for music lovers on the go. Furthermore, this band is perfect for those who want to listen while being aware of the surrounding environment. It is engineered with precision and accuracy, focusing on high fidelity, and achieving the sound quality and volume levels Tech-Life has been known for.

Tech-Life BoomBand
Tech-Life BoomBand-Best Wearable Speakers

This wearable speaker is perfect for those that are outdoors enthusiast, cyclists, joggers, mechanics, hikers, or the everyday hobbyist. It is also certified IPX6 waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet.


  • Hands-free calling
  • Support for most Bluetooth enabled smartphone including Amazon Echo.
  • Stylish
  • Playtime of up to 10 hours
  • Crisp Clear Sound & Surprisingly Loud Volume
  • Certified IPX6 waterproof


  • Unconventional Use (Not for home use as using this at home feels awkward)(Divisive)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are wearable speakers waterproof?

Most wearables speakers are not waterproof. They do have somewhat a small degree of water protection but it’s not enough to protect them from water when submerged or it got too much water from the rain.

How does wearable speakers work?

Basically, wearable speakers are designed to be placed around the body either on neck, wrist or over the head. They work like any ordinary speakers but they support wireless connection via Bluetooth or NFC.

What are the ideal situations to use wearable speakers?

Wearable speakers are perfect for those that have an outdoor lifestyle and loves music, those who want to have their awareness of the environment while listening, and for those who have activities that want to listen to music such as cooking, painting, etc.

What is the best wearable speaker for running?

As far as physical activities like running, hiking, and cycling are concerned, ANCwear portable bluetooth speaker is the best. It is compact and wrist wearable that connects to your phone and other devices via bluetooth.

What is the best neck speaker?

The Bose SoundWear Companion Wearable Speakers is the best neck speaker of all the neck speakers available in the market. Its patented waveguide technology and digital signal processing with upward facing speakers create an immersive listening experience.

Final Thoughts on Best Wearable Speakers

Wearable speakers are not that popular yet and some are still quite skeptical about their purpose and practicality. So expensive wearable speakers such as the Bose SoundWear Companion will have a difficult time convincing the majority of the consumers to purchase one. Although, if wearable speakers picked your interest then how about trying the cheapest one first which only cost a 10th of the most expensive one in our list.

We hope that our list has helped you with picking out which wearable speakers to get.

If you think that we should include some brands or products do let us know. Alternatively, do you own one of these? Have questions? Comments? Suggestions? Hit us up on the comment section below!

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