10 Best Weather Apps for Android Devices: Ultimate List

You may have noticed it too. The weather is getting more and more unpredictable these past few years.

We’ve seen it in the news. The weather’s getting kind of moody, especially in certain parts of the globe. The solution? Use the best weather apps for Android.

Outsmart the unpredictable climate and be a few steps ahead of the weather.


Download and use Android weather apps. They are not exactly new technology. In fact, they’ve been around for years.


Each year, they’re getting better and better, improving on certain features and accuracy. Now, these apps are better, feature-rich, more accurate and reliable. With the right app, you surely won’t get caught in the rain unprepared.

And if ever it suddenly rains, you’ll still be able to use your phone if you use one of these waterproof smartphones.

However, there are just too many weather apps out there that it can be difficult to choose which of them is the best for you.

That’s where we come in…

We’ll help you narrow down your choices so you can download and use only the best among the best. Stay up-to-date with the climate wherever you are in the globe. And if you frequently travel to other countries, these voice translator apps may also be a life-saver.

Use the best weather apps for Android devices at any time of the day.

10 Best Weather Apps for Android

Weather appNotable featuresFree / Paid
AccuWeatherPersonalized local forecasts, advanced 15-day forecast and warnings, trending weather news, accurate weather radar technologyFree with in-app purchases
The Weather ChannelReal-time rain notifications, up to 48 hours weather forecast, live weather radar, high-risk allergy and air pollution alertsFree with in-app purchases
Weather by WeatherBug18 weather maps, 10-day advance forecast, thunderstorm alerts, air quality, heat, and other notifications, radar weather mapFree with in-app purchases
Today WeatherEasy-to-view weather information, severe weather and rain alerts, take and share photos of the weather, check air quality, temperature, humidityFree with in-app purchases
1WeatherReal-time, localized weather updates, sun and moon phases, 7-day precipitation percentage, satellite and terrain maps, weather layers infoFree with in-app purchases
Weather LiveCompact and detailed layouts, pressure and precipitation info, weather radar and rain maps, graphics and live animationsFree with in-app purchases
Weather UndergroundSmart weather forecasts, interactive and hyper-localized weather maps, customizable weather widget, hurricane track maps, personalizationFree with in-app purchases
Yahoo WeatherAdd up to 20 cities/locations, interactive maps, satellite, and radar, chance of precipitation, pressure, and wind info, animated sunrise and sunset, share photos for others to seeFree
Dark SkyDown-to-the-minute forecast, rain alerts and notifications, detailed and real-time radar, day-to-day summaryFree
FlowxMultiple map layers, cloud, precipitation, wind, waves, temperature and other data, animated wavefront lines, multiple graphs and widget, travel modeFree with in-app purchases

These are the 10 best weather apps for Android along with their notable features.

Note that the forecast range varies from app to app.

Is it going to be sunny, windy, cloudy, stormy or rainy? Find out what it’s going to be using a weather app. Knowing about the condition of the weather way ahead helps you prepare. That way, you can decide what to wear, you can bring an umbrella if it’s going to rain, or you make changes to your plans for the day or the week. With these weather apps for Android, you can even do more than just checking the weather.

Check them out below.

1. AccuWeather

accuweather app logo

When speaking of weather apps, it would be an abomination not to include AccuWeather on the list. AccuWeather is of the best free Android weather apps. It is one of the most popular and widely used apps to get updates and warnings about the weather.

Is AccuWeather the most accurate Android weather app?

Yes! As the name goes, AccuWeather is actually the most accurate Android weather app. As per a research by Forecast Watch, AccuWeather had the lowest mean absolute error among all the providers for one- to five-day-out forecasts.

With this app, you can check global and hyper-localized weather updates. You can even choose to turn off certain alerts so that you’ll be only getting the ones you need. Get local forecasts that you can easily personalize to suit your preferences. The results are accurate to your exact location. That way, you’ll get accurate, reliable real-time updates wherever you are in the globe.


  • Personalized local forecasts
  • Advanced 15-day forecasts and weather warnings
  • Live weather update (minute-by-minute)
  • Daily forecast updates tailored to your preference
  • Trending weather news and videos
  • Accurate weather radar technology
  • Hyper-localized results

AccuWeather uses a live radar and weather radar technology to deliver up-to-date, accurate results by the minute. Stay steps ahead of the weather by being notified 15 days in advance. Know when it’s going to rain or if there’s a tornado or storm coming. Download this app to try their service for yourself.

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2. The Weather Channel

the weather channel app logo

Get real-time and local weather updates and check on the live radar and weather map anytime with The Weather Channel. Know the temperature or if there’s a storm, rain or severe weather condition coming. Predict the weather 15 days in advance and get daily notifications.

But aside from telling you about the weather, you’ll also get notified about possible air pollutants and allergens. Prevent colds, chills, and flu from developing by wearing the right outfit before heading out.


  • Real-time rain notifications
  • Up to 48 hours weather forecast
  • Live weather radar
  • High-risk allergy and air pollution alerts
  • Daily weather, temperature and wind speed updates
  • Running conditions updates
  • Storm and severe weather tracker
  • Smart videos

With this app, you can also find out the running conditions by checking on the weather, temperature and wind speeds. That way, you’ll know if it’s a perfect day for a morning or afternoon run.

Download this app and stay safe from severe weather conditions.

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3. Weather by WeatherBug

weather by weatherbug app logo

One of the best weather apps is now available for Android devices. Weather by Weatherbug is a widely-used app that offers real-time forecasts and alerts. With its interactive radar map, you’ll be able to check weather conditions, air quality, wind speed and pressure, temperature, and pollen count.

This app has user-friendly widgets that allow you to check information, update, and alerts easily from your home screen. It’s an easy, convenient app to use for those who want to stay updated about the weather.


  • 18 weather maps
  • 10-day advance forecast
  • Hourly and daily weather updates
  • Dangerous Thunderstorm alerts
  • Local and international weather forecast
  • Air quality, heat, and other notifications
  • Radar weather map

It has interactive, intelligent and animated weather maps. Not just one, but 18 in total, including local temperature, precipitation, satellite maps, UV index, wind chill, Doppler radar, and more. Check everything you need: from the weather condition, pollen content, air quality, temperature, fire risk, hurricane update, and more. You can download this app for free.

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4. Today Weather

today weather app logo

Weather apps are great. But not all are that easy to use. If you’re looking for something beautiful and simple, one that is easy to use and navigate, check out Today Weather. It may be designed to be simple, but it already has the necessities of a weather app. View weather forecast anytime, wherever without having to go through complex steps. It’s weather updates and alerts are easy to view and understand.

Today Weather provides accurate local weather updates. This is made possible by using various reliable weather sources, including Dark Sky, Aerisweather.com, AccuWeather, and Weather Company Data. Look ahead for any chance of rain and prepare for any weather conditions 24/7.


  • Easy-to-view weather information
  • Daily weather update
  • Severe weather and rain alerts
  • Accompanied by photos
  • Take and share photos of the weather
  • Check air quality, temperature, humidity and more

This is more than just a weather app. Find out other information besides the weather. Get real-time updates about air quality, humidity, temperature, wind speed/direction, air pressure, dew point, pollen count, UV index, and visibility.

Gear up and stay updated with Today Weather. Download the app below.

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5. 1Weather

1weather app logo

1Weather makes checking on the weather condition and other information fun and easy. It’s a simple app that covers your basic weather needs. Access weather maps, graphs, severe weather alerts, precipitation forecasts, and weather videos and fun-facts.

Track the current weather condition for your location. You can also add up 12 locations to get updates from. This comes handy if you frequently travel or if you need to keep updated about the climate conditions of different locations at once. Get detailed and accurate weather alert by the hour or by the day, or weekly. The app boasts a 12-week Precisioncast feature as well.


  • Real-time, localized weather updates (My Location)
  • Up to 12 locations
  • Sun and Moon phases
  • 7-day precipitation percentage
  • 1-week temperature (high and low)
  • Satellite and terrain maps
  • Weather layers and other information

1Weather also allows you to check the current phases of the moon and sun, find out information about current temperature, Doppler radar, precipitation forecast, temperature, and more.

Make this app your weather today. Download it here.

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6. Weather Live

weather live app logo

Get detailed weather conditions anytime or predict the weather for the next 7 days with this Weather Live. With this app, you won’t even have to open the app itself to get real-time weather conditions on the home screen using its visually-appealing widget. You can choose to keep it clean or using a full-size widget.

You can also open the app and navigate through its many features. Aside from the weather, you can also check the current temperature, sunrise and sunset time, weather radar, rain map, air pressure, precipitation information, wind direction and speed, and more.


  • Live weather app
  • Compact and detailed layouts
  • International weather updates
  • Current temperature update
  • Pressure and precipitation info
  • Weather radar and rain maps
  • Graphics and live animations

Using the Weather Live, you’ll get live updates and choose to view the information according to your preference. Whether you like it simple or detailed, you can easily switch from one layout to another. However, while you can download this app for free, the free version is quite limited in features. You’ll need to go Premium to fully enjoy its features.

Check the current weather and get live updates starting today. Download the weather app.

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7. Weather Underground

weather underground app logo

Weather Underground offers hyper-local results for your personalized microclimate. Get a detailed forecast and check on current conditions at a glance. The live weather data are gathered from 270,000 different weather stations. This means that you’ll get personalized results and more attune to your actual location.

You can be part of the sources by reporting about your local weather conditions. This app features interactive weather maps which include severe weather alerts, Doppler radar, weather webcams, hurricane track maps, temperature, smart weather forecasts, and others.

Weather underground hurricane tracker is the most special feature of this app. The app sends severe weather alerts so that you can always be prepared for an upcoming storm.


  • Weather conditions and temperature information
  • Smart weather forecasts
  • Interactive and hyper-localized weather maps
  • Hourly, daily, and 10-day forecast
  • Customizable weather widget
  • Hurricane track maps
  • Personalized app experience

Using this app, you can also explore other weather information including the moon and sun phases, UV index, dew point, humidity, visibility, wind speed, wind direction, air quality, and temperature.

You can give this app a try. Download it below.

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8. Yahoo! Weather

yahoo weather app logo

Sometimes, all we need is a simple, clutter-free and responsive weather app. If you’re looking for one, Yahoo Weather is the go-to app. It already sports all the essential features you’ll need in a weather app.

Prepare for any kind of weather that might come your way. You get to check the weather hourly or daily, or get an advanced 10-day forecast. You can check the local forecast, as well as track the climate conditions of other cities or your destinations. You can add up to 20 cities and can easily switch from one place to another.


  • Add up to 20 cities/locations
  • Interactive maps, satellite, and radar
  • Hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts
  • Chance of precipitation, pressure, and wind information
  • Animated sunrise and sunset
  • Share photos on Yahoo Weather for others to see

Download the app below.

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9. Dark Sky

dark sky app logo

When it comes to accuracy, Dark Sky is a great source of hyper-localized weather information. Now The Dark Sky Company offers a free app. The free version already offers great features, such as beautiful weather maps, historical weather data, multiple locations, 24-hour forecast, and a detailed advanced 7-day forecast.


  • Down-to-the-minute forecast
  • Temperature and weather information
  • Rain alerts and notifications
  • Detailed and real-time radar
  • Day-to-day summary

However, if you want to enjoy more features, you’ll need to go premium. Still, if you want to use the app for free, you can download it below.

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10. Flowx

flowx app logo

Flowx not only gives you weather update. It also helps you understand the weather more and lets you see the “big picture.” The app offers 16 forecast models and over 30 data types so you can track the weather better and with much more accuracy. It even has hurricane tracks and radar reflectivity. To make things more exciting, you can watch detailed forecast animation easily.

Aside from getting weather updates for your daily needs or your travel, you can also use it for your other activities: hiking, surfing, cycling, fishing, aviation, storm tracking, and much more.


  • Multiple map layers
  • Interactive forecast maps
  • Cloud, precipitation, wind, waves, temperature and other data information
  • 10-day forecast and 3-day hindcast
  • Animated wavefront lines
  • Multiple graphs and widget
  • Travel mode

Plan around the weather with Flowx. Download it here for free.

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FAQs About Weather Apps for Android

Are weather apps for Android free?

Not all. However, many of the apps included here are free to download and use.

Is there an Android Auto app dedicated to the weather?

No, but you can use Google Assistant to tell you about the weather. But there’s good news coming, as Android 4.8 hints of adding a setting to show weather information.

Why do weather apps give different forecasts?

There are variations because the forecast comes from different weather stations around the globe, as well as satellites, weather balloons, radars, and even reports from trusted volunteers. Additionally, the weather apps use different supercomputers and can have their own meteorologists and use their own formulas, which could account for the variation.

Which is the best free weather app for Samsung?

Samsung Weather, the official weather app from Samsung, provides accurate weather forecast for the day and a week ahead. The app is available for use free of cost and it comes installed in Samsung devices. The app shows weather updates based on your current location without having to manually change the location.

Keep Updated About the Weather

With any of the best weather apps for Android featured here, you can stay one or steps ahead of the weather. You can better plan your day, your weekend, outdoor activities, travel, and much more. And one thing that these apps have in common is that they offer more than just weather information. While they may have variations in features and results, they are the best in their own right. Ultimately, what is best would depend on your personal preferences and needs.

Now try any of these apps and start planning around the weather.

What do you think of this article? Let us know by dropping your comments and suggestions below.

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  1. Keep in mind that many weather apps are computer generated and may not be updated by a human, so a snow storm forecast in the app may not be completely accurate

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