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8 Best Weather Widgets for Android for Quick Storm Checks

Nobody likes to get caught in the rain or a storm.

That’s why it’s important to get in check with the weather. And what better way to do that than to use the best weather widgets for Android. It lets you check the weather conditions quickly right on your home screen.

Unlike the iPhone which only shows the app drawer, Android allows you to do almost anything with the device you own.

Do Android devices come with such free widgets?

Yes. There will be some widgets available right off the bat for your Android device.


Let’s be honest here, we rarely like what the OEM (original electronic manufacturer) puts on our phones. Thankfully there are better alternatives.

What alternatives?

We dig some of the best weather widgets for Android that you can download for free. These widgets will not only inform you of the weather at one glance, but they will also make your home screen look beautiful.

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8 Best Weather Widgets for Android


Check out these best weather widgets for Android so you can simply glance on your phone to be updated about the weather. It’s always better to get rain or storm check.

1. Go Weather

GO Weather is from the same team who made impressive lock screen apps and launcher categories. And, as usual, they did not disappoint. With its many features and themes, it’s safe to declare that it’s one of the best weather widget apps for Android.

This widget and weather app for Android provides accurate weather details. It features local forecasts for around 100,000 plus locations worldwide and more than 1000 themes. This makes it perfect for people who want to check the weather in style.

The app also provides a good platform for sharing weather-related photos with others.


  • Interactive and dynamic maps
  • Hourly and daily forecast
  • 1000 themes and styles
  • Multiple cities can be selected
  • Detailed weather reports in real-time
  • Precipitation forecast

Pro Features:

The pro version of the app can be unlocked by in-app purchases. It will enable the probability of precipitation, world clock integrated to show time and weather for selected cities and 10-day detailed weather forecast.

The pro version will also allow you to use exclusive premium widget themes. There are no ads and sponsored messages shown.

Notable Feature:

Click on the widget and you will have access to a full-fledged weather app. This feature allows you to enjoy the simplicity of the widget with the details of a full weather app in just a touch.

2. World Weather Clock Widget

World Weather Clock Widget not only comes with a big name, but it also has a big detailed look about it. There are great themes to make your home screen look fantastic as well as provide useful info.

This particular weather widget for Android is so high on the list because it is the only one that tries to jam almost every aspect of weather on a single widget. So if you are a perfectionist who wants to check everything at a glance on a widget, then this app is for you.

The downside or it could also be the upside, depending on your personal taste, is its big look. It can draw too much attention to itself. Definitely recommended for the minimalist.


  • Rain radar and satellite maps
  • World weather alarms
  • Themes are varied and look great
  • Worldwide forecast
  • GPS-based forecasts
  • Check current condition in status bar

Notable Feature:

The widget comes with a photo background that allows you to further personalize the way your home screen looks.

3. Weather & Clock Widget Android

This weather widget for Android likes to keep things simple. Tap the screen, select the widget and 80 percent of your job is complete. The Weather & Clock Widget is for those who just want a nice looking widget app to show the current weather.

Sure, you can dive deep and find some customization options, but honestly, they are not that spectacular. However, the widget performance and reliability are top-notch, which earns it a spot in our list of top weather widget apps.


  • Current weather with a 5-day weather forecast
  • Automatic location detection
  • Weather notification alerts
  • Elegant and clean home widgets
  • The temperature in the status bar
  • Share the weather and location with friends
  • Multiple location forecasts

Notable Feature:

The ability to limit the internet source to WiFi-only is incredible. Unlike other epic widgets, this app won’t sap your data.

There’s also a paid version. But the main difference is that the paid version is ad-free. So if you can tolerate ads popping now and then, the free version will do just fine.

4. Aix Weather Widget

Aix Weather Widget is simple and minimalistic. There are no fancy options here and the widget just shows a simple graph with current temperature. So if you’re into detailed and stylish looks, then this isn’t the app for you.

But it’s nice to see a widget app that’s just straight as an arrow. With many weather widgets for Android taking the fancy route, it is refreshing to see such a straightforward and simple widget. You just need to enter your location and you are good to go.


  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Designed for a portrait format
  • No confusing options
  • Simple weather display and a good graph
  • Compact weather forecast
  • Precipitation, temperature, and sunrise/sunset graphs

Notable Feature:

There is only one size option for this widget. This is great for users who get confused over the sizes and placement. Sometimes, the simplest is the best.

There’s also a paid version. However, in all honesty, the paid version is only there for making donations to the developer. Every feature is already available in the free version of the app. If you like what this widget has to offer, kindly show your support by donating.

5. Transparent Clock & Weather

While an actual transparent clock and weather widget might be useless, the mischievously named app doesn’t actually feature an invisible clock and weather widget.

Despite its name, the Transparent Clock & Weather Widget comes with a clear background, allowing the information to merge with whatever wallpaper you are using.


  • A good-looking weather interface
  • 3 different sizes available
  • Live weather wallpaper
  • Worldwide weather forecasts
  • Various clock and widget options
  • Complete weather report

Notable Feature:

Apart from feature multiple themes and icon skins, the widget comes with different fonts as well. The app is also capable of displaying the next alarm and calendar event.

6. Sense Flip Clock & Weather

The Sense Flip Clock & Weather is a full-featured weather forecast and clock widget app that is fully customizable. It does not only tell you the current time and weather update on your home screen, but you can also use it as a feature-rich weather app.

This widget will seem all too similar to HTC fans; this is because it totally takes inspiration from the Sense widget featured on HTC smartphones. If you love that old school flip mechanic of the HTC original, you’ll be glad to have this widget as an option to use on your other Android devices.


  • Flip animations
  • Detailed current weather
  • Several widget hotspots
  • Weather update interval
  • It comes in 3 widget sizes
  • Different widget skins and weather icons

Notable Feature:

You can set the automatic weather update interval. If you want regular updates you can set the widget to update every 15 min.

7. Weather Live

WeatherLive has some of the best looking weather widgets. The variety is amazing and so are the widgets. Its fully rounded weather widget is simply lovely. With this app, you can check the local weather or worldwide forecast at a glance, right on your phone’s home screen.

It breaks the usual norm and gives all the info you need right in 1 convenient place. The widget also provides weather forecasts for multiple locations all around the world. You can choose a compact layout if you’re feeling being a minimalist. If you’re the kind who wants to see it all on 1 widget, you can opt for the detailed layout. Easily switch from 1 layout to another.


  • Great collection of widgets
  • Easy to set-up
  • Cloud, rain, and satellite maps
  • Precipitation forecast and pressure information
  • Wind direction and speed
  • “Feels like” temperature
  • Compact/detailed layout option

Notable Feature:

The app comes with animated live wallpaper. The live weather scenes reflect real-time weather conditions, which look awesome.

Want to enjoy more features? Try its paid version.

The paid app is actually quite powerful since it adds plenty of features like additional wind speeds and more satellite imaging.

8. Today Weather

To complete our list of the best weather widgets for Android is Today Weather. This app is clear and easy to understand. It doesn’t complicate things and just offers you all the essential weather forecasts and information you need in the simplest, most straightforward way possible.

Quickly view the weather forecast through its beautiful widgets. With this app, it’s very easy to view and check the current weather condition in various parts of the globe.


  • Beautiful weather widgets
  • Severe weather alert and rain alarm
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Daily weather forecast
  • Share photos and weather information

However, this app is more of a weather app than a weather widget app. Nevertheless, it deserves a spot on our list.


What are weather widgets?

Basically, they’re a mini-application that provide certain information. Weather widgets allow you to quickly check the weather and other necessary information in relation to the weather.

How to use weather widgets?

Weather widgets are very easy to use. You just choose or personalize the widget you like and they appear on your home screen or second home screen, as you see fit. Once set up, all you have to do is to glance at your home screen and the weather widget will be there, containing the current information about the weather, among others.

Which weather widget is the best?

It depends on your preference. Overall, Go Weather is a great weather app. If you want a clean, elegant, and minimalist look, you can go for Weather & Clock Widget or Aix Weather Widget. However, if you’re the kind who wants to see detailed weather information at a glance, we recommend the World Weather Clock Widget. Which is best would ultimately boil down to how you want your weather widget to be.

The Weather Right on Your Home Screen

With any of these 8 best weather widgets for Android installed, you will be on top of your game every day. No need to get caught in unexpected rain and ruin a perfectly great suit. Combine these with the best weather apps for Android and you have a weather team working for you.

Let us know if you have any questions below.

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  1. Where did you find the circular compass version of #8 Sense Flip Clock? It looks great and I’d like to try it out. Thanks.

    1. Paul
      Install app>long press anywhere on homescreen>select widgets>select Weather Live Circle 🙂 Now you will have a nice circular widget on your screen. Long press it to adjust its size.
      Got it?

  2. Every clock and weather widget I download to my Galaxy Note 3 (Sprint) will not change the time. Once installed and opened it will only display the time of opening. Both the Transparent and Sense Flip Clock do this (or should I say do nothing?)

  3. Want to use time app 9.a. don’t know how to get it. Please give instructions as to how to get in on my note 3 and how to make it my homescreen

    1. Hi Karen,
      You can get the app at the Google Play Store. If you are interested in the paid version, just click on link in the article, but if you want the free version you can follow the link below.

      To add it your homescreen you just have to follow the following steps:
      1. Switch to a Home screen panel that has enough room for the new widget
      2. Long-press the home screen and choose Apps and Widgets
      3. Touch the Widgets Tab
      4. Scroll the list of widgets to choose the one you want to add
      5. Drag the widgets to the Home screen

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