Wedding Planner App for Android

5 Best Wedding Planner Apps for Android

Back in the day, planning a wedding was not as complicated as how it is now. I remember when I and my wife started planning our wedding. We had to list down everything on a piece of paper, so we won’t forget. We even bought a wedding planner on Amazon. So, we could list and not forget things like the venue, the budget, the number of guests, etc…

It’s funny though that despite our preparation, we still missed a few things on our wedding day.

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So, if you do not want to experience such an unfortunate situation and want everything to go as planned. Then one of the best ways to do that is to set a to-do list. A constant reminder of what must be done. Fortunately, technology is here for us. With the simple use of your Android phone, you can make sure that your wedding day and preperations will go smoothly.

5 of The Best Wedding Planner Apps for Android

To start you up or simply help you with your wedding plans, we listed down five (5) of the best wedding planner app that you can download for Android. So, without further ado…

1. WeddingHappy – Wedding Planner by WeddingHappy Inc.

WeddingHappy Wedding Planner App for Android User Interface
WeddingHappy Setup UI

If you are looking for a convenient wedding planner app for Android, then the “WeddingHappy – Wedding Planner” app might just be the one for you. It has all the necessary features that will keep you updated and on track of your to-do things for your wedding such as…

  • a predefined list of tasks that you must do,
  • enlist the information of your selected vendors,
  • a tracking feature for your payables,
  • and invite other people to create a team that will help you with your planning.

However, the feature where you can invite other people will cost you some money.

WeddingHappy Wedding Planner App for Android User Interface
WeddingHappy Premium Feature

It’s a premium feature that you can pay for if you want to add your friends or your hired planners. So, everyone can contribute and be updated when using this app even if you guys are far away from one another.

Google Play

2. Wedding Planner by PlanBook

Wedding Planner by PlanBook on Android - User Interface
Wedding Planner User Interface

If you want to plan your wedding but have no idea what you should do, then this “Wedding Planner” app by PlanBook has everything you need to know. This app has enlisted already everything you need to do before your wedding day. It even has a pre-defined to-do list for 12 months prior to your wedding day and up to the wedding day itself.

Furthermore, it also features a budget tracking system that keeps your expenses and budget on a certain item or vendor in check. Giving you the convenience to know the overall cost alongside your total budget.

So, if you want an app that already has enlisted all the necessary to-do things, that you can also customize, then this is the app for the job. We find this app as the simplest yet convenient wedding planner app on Google Play.

Google Play

3. The Wedding Planner by

The Wedding Planner app by for Android
The Wedding Planner Setup UI

Similar to the “Wedding Planner” app by PlanBook, the “The Wedding Planner” by TheMousist also features a pre-defined to-do list that covers all the basic things that you need to do and check before and on your wedding day. The only difference is that this app is developed by a wedding organizer.

So, this app comes with a free extra feature from the developer. It offers wedding packages. However, it’s not for everyone. The wedding packages for the residence of South Africa. Fortunately, even if you are not a resident, you can still use this app.

If you want a simpler a brighter user-interface, then we recommend this app than the one from PlanBook.

Google Play

4. LadyMarry Wedding Planner by LadyMarry

LadyMarry Wedding Planner Wedding Checklist, LadyMarry Wedding App
LadyMarry App Setup UI

One of the most popular wedding planner apps for Android is the “LadyMarry Wedding Planner” app. It currently has over 100,000 downloads. Like the other apps, it features…

  • a customizable wedding checklist,
  • an interactive wedding to-do list,
  • writable wedding notes,
  • synchronizable wedding planning across devices,
  • and the best of all, do that with your wedding team for free.

Additionally, it also features some unique options such as:

  • Categorize guest base on events
  • Hire professionals for your wedding day
  • and a couple of tips and tricks that aims to help you in your planning.

One feature that LadyMarry app has that others don’t is the creation of an invitation card. Within the card creation, you can also edit a registry of gifts that the couples would want. The gift selection has their prices listed too. How convenient is that? I remember when I and my wife wanted a set of 2 stylish galvanized iron cups on Amazon. We were too embarrassed to request it personally.

Oh, it also comes with a countdown widget.

Google Play

5. Bridestory – Wedding App and Hilda by Bridestory Pte Lte

Bridestory wedding app and hilda for android
Bridestory Setup UI

The “Bridestory” app is not your typical wedding planner app. It’s an app that specializes in providing various vendors for your wedding needs. So, if you’re looking for a one-stop shop place for a professional, venue, or every staff that you will need for your wedding day, this app is the one to go for.

Furthermore, with this app, you can check the works of the selected vendor. That way, you can be confident that they can deliver quality work for your money. This app also offers an easy payment system that goes through the app called “Bridestorypay”. It is a simple wedding payment solution that allows you to pay the vendors through the app.

Lastly, this app comes with various wedding inspirations. You can view some wedding photos, events, or blogs to give you an idea. So, you don’t have to browse and search them on the web.

Google Play


Overall, planning your wedding is one of the most exciting moments in one’s life. If we are to choose amongst these apps, we would highly recommend LadyMarry and Bridestory. Otherwise, all the listed apps will surely aid you in your wedding plans.

So, we hope that this article helped you with your wedding needs. If you have questions or suggestions, do let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Wedding planning apps can really help with planning a wedding. From using the checklist to a budget planner and charting out all the travel arrangements for guests, wedding planning apps come in the form of a boon for millennial couples.

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