20 Best WiFi Analyzers for Android

Wifi Analyzers for Android are beginning to gain traction for every user.

Have you ever wondered why your WiFi connection seemed a bit slower than what you’re paying for?

Trust us, we’ve been through that before…

Thankfully, we discovered and ran Wifi Analyzer apps for Android and it has made all the difference for us.

In this time and age, WiFi is almost a given commodity within in each modern houses. Before, you’ll be surprised if someone has got a WiFi connection when you visit their home. Now, you’ll be surprised if someone DOESN’T HAVE WiFi connection in their houses.

The WiFi modem is in there somewhere.

While it is now indeed a common household necessity, many people still don’t know how their WiFi work.

But guess what?

You don’t have to worry anymore because we will teach you the best WiFi analyzers for Android.

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What are WiFi analyzers for Android?

First of all, a question.

What is a WiFi analyzer?

A WiFi analyzer is a tool for diagnosing or troubleshooting and optimizing your wireless network.

You can use a WiFi analyzer app to make some changes or tweaks on your wireless network. This way, you can increase the speed and reliability of your WiFi connection just by using these apps.


This leads us to the next question.

But of course, we don’t want you to expect too much. If ever you’re looking for actual solutions on fixing your WiFi’s range, you better know the 6 Best Belking Routers and WiFi Extenders for Better Connection to help solve your problem or you might need a new WiFi router altogether.

You might need a new one.

How does it work?

So, how does a WiFi analyzer work?

Think about it this way:

You might have 10. 20, or even a hundred MB/S but your internet will still slow down to crawl due to a lot of factors.

This includes obstruction, distance, and other physical aspects.

And of course, there is also network sharing: Whenever you share your password with someone, you should expect to have slower internet speed. There are also frequent interruptions that almost always happen.

Wifi Analyzers for Android come to work by reading these data and giving you an idea of how your wifi performs along with certain conditions and parameters.

NYC To Turn Some Of Its 12,000 Phone Booths Into Free Wifi Spots
Home is where the true WiFi is.

The gist?

A Wifi Analyzer App helps you optimize your WiFi usage and allows you to have the best with your internet connection.

So there you have it…

Are you ready for the best Wifi Analyzer for Android?

I bet you do so let’s get it started!

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20 Best Wifi Analyzers for Android

1. NetX Network Tool

Network X Network Tool is one of the top WiFi Analyzers that can be downloaded in Google Playstore.

The best thing that can be said of this App is its functionality and user-friendly interface.

With NetX Network Tool’s  Network scanner, you can find out all devices that are connected to your network and know each device’s IP Address, Vendor, Bonjour Name, NetBIOS Name, and Domain.

NetX Network Functions

It’s Network Analyzer will show you information about the WiFi that you are currently connected to like its external IP, signal strength, subnet mask, DNS, gateway, and download/upload speed.

It also offers Network Security by giving notifications whenever a new device or an unknown device connects to the network.

Overall, it’s a solid WiFi Analyzer that can be used by beginners and experienced users alike.

Download on Google Play

2. OpenSignal


Open Signal comes close to NetX Network Tool when it comes to functionality but do you know where its strength truly lies?

It’s on OpenSignal’s numerous features.

It includes speed tests that cover download/upload and latency for…

Guess what?

3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, and WiFi.

Open Signal Wifi Analyzer main functions.

Awesome, right?

What’s more:

This app can also check how fast you can stream videos over YouTube, Netflix, and others.If you want to do more than just checking in your WiFi Connection, you might want to get this.

Download on Google Play

3. Network Signal Info


Want accurate and detailed information on the network that you currently use?

Then Network Signal Info can really help you out.

Network Signal Info Main Features.

It is easy to use and can give you plenty of valuable information whether it is WiFi Connection or Mobile Connection.

Its main features include signal strength indication, Android System Information, and accurate and detailed WiFi and Mobile Network Connections Information.

Download on Google Play

4. WiFi Monitor


WiFi Monitor is a powerful tool that enables you to analyze the status of your WiFi networks and allows you to track its parameters like signal strength, frequency, connection speed, and other things.

Its functions are separated into six tabs: Connection, Networks, Channels, Strenght, Speed, and Scanning.

WiFi Monitor: secure and oversee your WiFi connection.

Each tab will display information related to the title of the tab.

Example: “Networks” tab will show you all available WiFi Networks by type, equipment manufacturer, security protocol, and signal level.

In all, WiFi Monitor is a useful tool when you’re setting up your Wireless Router and maintaining and monitoring it.

Download on Google Play

5. ScanFi: WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor

ScanFi is a wireless network analyzer that has the capability to turn your Android phone into a passive scanning device.

Test your WiFi connection with Scanfi!

With this app, you can scan your network without connecting to any access point and get all the details that would be displayed through nice-looking graphical representations.

All in all, ScanFi is a capable WiFi Scanner and Analyzer with basic functionality.

Download on Google Play

6. WiFi Analyzer


WiFi Analyzer is one of the top-rated apps that you can download and use to analyze your WiFi Network.

Why you might ask.

WiFi Analyzer will turn your phone into a functional and very capable WiFi Analyzer.

What? WiFi Analyzer=WiFi Analyzer?

Troubleshoot your WiFi connection with WiFi Analyzer.

The developer might have spent all his time making his app into a good one that he forgot to come up with a better and unique name.

But kidding aside, the app will allow you to see crucial information about your network which includes IP Address, Netmask, Gateway, DNS 1, DNS 2, Server IP, and other relevant parameters.

Download on Google Play

7. Wifi Static

WiFi static manages your IP configurations and will even make an automatic switch.

Scan your WiFi with WiFi static.

Just like the WiFi Analyzer, WiFi Static will also display important details about your WiFi network like Gateway, IP Address, Netmask, DNS 1, DNS 2, and other useful and relevant configurations.

With this app, you can set your static IP with built-in Settings Apps like Wireless & Networks, Wi-Fi settings, menu key, and Advanced.

Download on Google Play

8. Who is on my WiFi?

Who is on my WiFi? is the simplest and easiest network scanner with a combination of an easy-to-navigate interface and uncomplicated looking menu.

Scan your area with Who is On My WiFI!

This app allows you to detect and find any device that is stealing your network signals and slowing down your WiFi network speed.

It can also scan your WiFi and see the number of devices that are currently connected to your WiFi network router.

Download on Google Play

9. Mr. Wifi Analyzer

Mr. Wifi Analyzer is one of the most unique among this list as it has the capacity to measure the radio wave condition of WiFi and display it as a graph and even turn it into a wave strength map so you can visualize it.

Create a WiFi map with Mr. WiFi Analyzer!

This app lets you explore other devices that are currently connected to your network and make that network visible.

Lastly, Mr. WiFi Analyzer allows you to see additional information on connected devices like radio field strength, link strength, rate, and other more.

Download on Google Play

10. Netgear WiFi Analytics

If you are searching for an app that can optimize your existing or new WiFi network, then why not hand Netgear WiFi Analytics a chance?

Repair your WiFi with Netgear!

Not only does it help you find out how strong your WiFi signal is, but it can also be utilized to diagnose your network status, identify crowded WiFi channels, know how strong your WiFi signal is, and other functions.

Download on Google Play

11. IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer


IP is one of the more powerful tools to set up and speed things up.

Fix your WiFi with IP Tools!

The app combines popular utility tools commonly found in your desktop PC. The tools will help you fix network-related problems and quickly optimize your network connection even when you are away.

To conclude, IP Tools will give you access to the most popular utilities that administrators and other users often use on their desktops.

Download on Google Play

12. Pixel Netcut WiFi Analyzer


Pixel Netcut is one of the best multi-functional apps out there.

It has a Wifi Analyzer function, WiFi Scanning, and WiFi monitoring app that allows you to have total control over your connection.

With Pixel Netcut, you can quickly find other devices that are currently connected to your network.

Basic functions of Pixel Netcut Analyzer.

Lastly, this app can also be utilized to diagnosed network quality, check internet speed, cut off internet access for all devices that are connected to your network, and other more functions.

Download on Google Play

13. WiFi Warden


WiFi Warden can detect and analyze your WiFi Network’s frequency, encryption, security type, distance from the access point, and all other components of your WiFi Network.

WiFi Warden can also check the vulnerability of the network and will not join it by default.

You can never go wrong with WiFi Warden.

WiFi Warden can also generate complex and effective passwords to increase the security of your network.

Additional features include the analyzer, which can get you al the information about a network and connect to a network using only a passphrase.

Download on Google Play

14. WiFi Data-Signal Analyzer

WiFi Data-Signal Analyzer allows users to keep track of the current status of your WiFi network and can also search for other active networks within your area.

Measure your connection with WiFi Data Analyzer!

It has a simple user-interface and is very easy to use. It gives clear and understandable information that is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your WiFi Network.

You will not go wrong with this application as it allows you to check your signal level, connection speeds, IP address, netmask, net gateway, and DNS addresses.

Download on Google Play

15. Net Master


Net Master is another application that can help you to quickly examine and determine the speed of data transfer within your WiFi Network.

The program is very useful in detecting problems with data transmission and will show you the real amount of speed and identify the root cause of poor connections if there’s any.

Be protected by Net Master!

In addition, it can also perform a number of security functions like giving you a secure VPN connection so you can share files from your private network with utmost security.

Download on Google Play

16. WiFi Router Master


WiFI Router Master is an app centered around convenience and simplicity.

This app will provide you with all the data and information about your network to help you maintain clean and fast connections.

Get a load of WiFi Router Master’s features!

WiFi Router Master allows you to know how fast your internet speed is and who and how anyone uses your network.

Lastly, WiFi Router Master can scan around and will show you all the available WiFi points around and will provide you with the best and recommendable option.

Download on Google Play

17. Fing


Fing is one of the universal Android application with the design to assist in researching network parameters.

Clean interface of Fing.

Fing can work with wireless networks and can work quickly and immediately as soon as the application is launched and the command is issued. It greatly helps in detecting intrusions, assessing network security, and finding and identifying issues within your network.

Its key features include the automatic host which makes it possible to select one host and create a separate scan for different parameters.

The app is widely praised for its functionality and is useful to system and network admins for scanning home and work networks.

Download on Google Play

18. WiFi Analyzer – Home & Office Security

WiFi Analyzer - Home & Office Security

WiFi Analyzer – Home & Office Security has been called as one of the most impressive router network utility tool on Google Play Store.

It combines functionality and features like no other  and you can get all of it without paying a single cent.

Monitor your WiFi with WiFi Analyzer- Home & Office

Its key functions include Network Discovery, WiFi Strenght, Access Point Scan, Access Point Graphs, Connections, Device Blocking, and IP tools.

Download on Google Play

19. WiFi Expert


WiFi Expert is a very capable app to analyze and troubleshoot your WiFi network. It can search for all available WiFi networks that are closeby and shows all relevant information which includes an analysis of signal strength as well as interchangeable channel data and even interference from nearby channels.

The app can also display the network SSID, AP/Router Provider, IP Address, Authentication/encryption type, and other important information to help you troubleshoot your wireless network.

The text message interface of WiFi Expert.

It also has a feature called “Expert Advisor” which adds a ping utility to the table which will then display the gateway or DNS servers.

All in all,  WiFi expert is a little known but a very useful tool to analyze your WiFi networks but is unfortunately underestimated by some users.

Download on Google Play

20. WiFi Analytics Tool


WiFi Analytics Tool is one of the apps which offers advanced signal strength graphs which makes it easy for nonprofessional to set up and optimize their WiFi Network.

Keep your WiFi Secure with WiFi Analytics Tool!

It’s best features include the WiFi Channel Graph, WiFi Singal Strenght Graph, and Signal Strength Meter.

Aside from the those, WiFi Analytics Tool is also capable of WiFi Scanning and can function as a Channel Interference Analyzer.

Download on Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a WiFi Analyzer do?

A WiFi Analyzer allows you to see the current state and technical details of your WiFI network and it also enables you to see the range, strength, and speed of your internet connection.

Where can I get a WiFi Analyzer?

You can download it by using the internet but make sure that you are getting it from trusted sources. We strongly recommend that you get yours from Google Play Store and we have already prepared the links for your convenience.

How do you use a WiFi Analyzer?

Almost all WiFi Analyzers will do their functions automatically. All you need to do is switch tabs or press the buttons according to the functions you want the app to perform.

Keep an eye on your WiFi!

So there you have it!

The best WiFi Analyzers that are available for us.

In this world of internet and constant connectivity, you should make sure that your  WiFi is maintained in a topnotch condition and this includes keeping it secure from hackers, uninvited connection, and other threats.

And how can you achieve that kind of security and integrity?


By installing one of these apps and monitoring your WiFi connection.

Not only that…

You can also use some of these apps to make sure that you are connecting in a secure public WiFi.

Awesome, right?

So what are you waiting for?

Get one now and share your experience with us! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them on the comments below. 

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