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5 Best Writing Apps for Android to Be a Master Scribe

Every writer, be it journalistic, artistic or content oriented, has her own personal writing space and mood. I for instance only write immediately after I wake up. Otherwise I start playing video games. My dad however, only writes at night while drinking bitter coffee. I use my trusty 8-year-old laptop to punch keys, but sometimes ideas form when you are away from the keyboard. Then I use writing apps for Android to aid me in my wordsmithing endeavors. The best writing apps for Android are not the ones that allow you to write, these are the ones which help you in the creative process. We have already listed a number of amazing word processors in the 10 best office apps for Android article, so head over there if you need a great app for making word files.

Tip: If you are serious about doing all the writing on Android devices, we recommend a tablet and a portable keyboard. Kindly do not purchase the flexible ones as they are a nightmare to type on. I use a Nexus 7 tablet and a handy OTG cable attached to a portable keyboard to work anywhere I want. If you can’t get a portable keyboard, try one of the better keyboard apps to speed up your writing.

Note: All the apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. These apps were already in constant use and are in perfect working condition. I use most of these apps daily and they have never let me down.

1. Evernote – Free and Subscription


Note everything!

Evernote is always creeping in the lists I make, that’s because it is one hell of a useful app. When working on a particularly demanding piece (I do more than just lists you know), I tend to get brilliant ideas at the most inconvenient time. I jot down my thoughts in Evernote and retrieve them when I get back at home. It’s amazing how many great ideas come into mind when you are not actively searching for them. So as a writer, you should always keep this free app on your Android device, or consider another to-do list app.

If you are fully impressed and want to invest in a premium service, Evernote also provides that. By paying $5 a month you can get the advanced features like offline viewing of notes, bigger note sizes, through searches and better full screen presentations. There is also a business bundle available which allows you to make a workroom with your colleagues and spearhead a project.


  • Quick to boot and use.
  • Ideal for sticky notes.
  • Allows you to remember everything.

Notable Features:

Did you have an amazing dream? Note it down in this app so when you wake up you will have either an extraordinary idea or a jumbled mess. That’s a chance any writer should be willing to take.


2. MindBoard – Free and $5.99

MindBoard writing apps for Android

Map your mind

2.a Free Version:

Working on a complicated story can be a bit hectic, especially if you are dealing with multiple characters and plot lines. MindBoard allows you to streamline your ideas and make a board of everything. Make icons and flowcharts that help you in remembering that it was Harry’s long lost evil twin who conspired to kill the taco vendor. The app works great with Samsung phablets and tablets with S-Pen functionality. Freehand writing and drawing can really help you in mapping your mind on a virtual board. It is somehow very liberating and takes the burden away.


  • Freehand writing is convenient.
  • Zoom in or out with two fingers.
  • Scrolling with only one finger.

Notable Feature:

The app automatically ignores the palm when you are writing with the stylus. The app is only limited by your own imagination.


2.b Paid Version:

The paid version allows you to create more than 10 mind maps. It also removes the watermark from exported PDF documents.


Joy of Android Recommends: If you find the app useful, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to the paid version. The price is a little too high for my taste, but if it helps in getting your ideas sorted, it is well worth it.

3. Google Docs – Free

Google Docs

What’s up docs?

Google Docs is a great way to do group assignments. I have been using this great free app in my academic and professional work and it has never let me down. Co-authoring a guide was made easy despite the fact the other writer lived 2000 miles away from me. Making documents in Word format or stitching together presentations, Google Docs makes it very easy to make and share. Open, edit and save documents as well as spreadsheets for free. The fact that the app saves everything you type instantly makes it an essential tool in your writing arsenal.


  • A sleek and stylish interface.
  • Powered by the Google cloud.
  • Getting stuff done even without an internet connection.

Notable Feature:

You can type on your phone or tablet and when you feel the need open Google Docs on any PC and continue working. As long as you are connected to your Google account, you can take your work anywhere or any device.


4. Wikipedia – Free


The place you copy from

Getting your facts straight is as important as weaving an interesting article. Did you know why the sky is blue? Or why the clock hands go clockwise? Wikipedia has all the answers for your questions. If you are doing the history assignment or writing an alternate history novel (with zombies), Wikipedia is the way to go. But remember kids, never copy and paste content.


  • It’s the official app for Wikipedia.
  • The app is very speedy and uses less data.
  • Share pages with friends via social networks.

Notable Feature:

You can even save full pages with this great app. Simply one of the best writing apps for Android, Wikipedia is the app which saved my butt countless times.


5. Advanced English & Thesaurus – Free

Advanced English & Thesaurus

Strong vocabulary

Sounding extraordinarily intellectual is made easy with the Advanced English and Thesaurus app. Words are grouped in a well-managed interface. All of them are easily accessible and not only provide you with ample knowledge but also help you evolve your English. You might also try one of the best dictionary apps to sharpen your skills and look up words.


  • A well-kept interface.
  • Words are immediately accessible.
  • Memorizing new words is easy.

Notable Feature:

Booting up this app once a day helps you polish your language. One word a day makes a big difference when you learn 300+ in a year.



Writing something is never hard; it’s the writing in style that eludes most writers (including yours truly). I hope that these 5 best writing apps for Android will enrich your writing experience and help you become a better writer. Who knows we might have a future Dan Brown on our hands. So go on ahead and try out the 5 best writing apps for Android and punch some keys until they make sense.

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