Best ZTE Phones

7 of the Best ZTE Phones for 2022-Top Picks

Want to start your 2022 with the right phone? We got you. We looked for the best ZTE phones for 2022, and we’re here to share them with you!

Here’s the deal:

Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment (ZTE) Corporation is a mobile phone manufacturer in China. It’s a company known for its Android devices.

That’s right.

Although ZTE is not a mainstream brand for Android devices, it is making its name known to the world with its smartphones. It also became a famous brand because their phone designs showed some unique styles. ZTE also is making a statement with the excellent audio experience they offer.

Nifty, right? It’s no wonder why they get all the attention.

And what’s the best part about it? It’s a lot cheaper than other brands. ZTE offers quality devices. The mobiles are sold for a cheaper price without compromising the quality of the product.

Now, that’s a deal I’m here for.

ZTE offers a wide variety of devices, so it might be hard to choose the best phone for you. You might not know what features to focus on and prioritize.


We figured out a way to help you! We curated a list containing the best ZTE phones this 2022. So, sit back and read on to know more!

Best ZTE Phones

Best Over AllZTE Blade V9 Vita
CheapestZTE Axon 7 Mini
Highly RecommendedZTE ZMAX PRO Z981
Best ValueZTE Axon M Z999
Runner UpsZTE Nubia Red Magic 3
 ZTE Blade Max 2S
 ZTE Blade Spark Z971

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Worthy ZTE Mobiles for 2022

ZTE gives you a lot of options to choose from, and that’s a great thing. But this also makes it hard for people to pick the best phone. So to help you choose the most suitable phone for yourself, we made this list containing the best ZTE phones.

Curious? Then, let’s get started.

1. ZTE Axon 7 Mini

 ZTE Axon 7 Mini
Best ZTE Phones

The 8MP front-facing camera and 16MP rear-facing camera on the Axon 7 Mini provide stunningly stunning pictures, and vivid 1080p Full HD video lets you capture life’s most exciting moments. The Axon 7 Mini can go anywhere the globe wants you to go because it has two SIM card slots. Whenever you need more memory, use the 128GB MicroSD card slot to capture your entire experience. Award-winning ZTE designers worked with Designworks, a BMW Group Company, to create a svelte, cozy aluminum unibody chassis that makes it feel at home in your hands, similar to the flagship Axon 7.

 ZTE Axon 7 Mini
Best ZTE Phones

With Quick Charge 2.0, the Axon 7 Mini’s battery can be fully charged in 90 minutes, allowing you to continue using the device without stopping. In a rush? With just a 30-minute charge, you can converse for about 7 hours. The audio experience is simply incredible thanks to Dolby Atmos Surround Sound, a cutting-edge HiFi processor, and dual front-facing speakers, especially when using earphones. The Axon 7 Mini offers an optimal mobile entertainment experience for talking, streaming movies or videos, listening to music, or recording it. A 1.5 GHz Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, 5.2″ AMOLED screen, fingerprint scanner, slow-motion camera mode, and our Passport 2.0 Program, the Industry’s finest guarantee, are just some of the many features that keep the Mini delivering.

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2. ZTE Axon M Z999

ZTE Axon M Z999
Best ZTE Phones

Now, if you are looking for a unique Android phone this 2022, we got the right phone for you. The new Axon M Z999 is a smartphone that showcases two identical full HD screens.

That’s right, you get two 5.2 inches displays in a single phone. You can watch a video while playing a game at the same time. It’s a dream come true, right?

ZTE Axon M Z999
Dual Fold Screen of the ZTE Axon M Z999

That’s not the only excellent thing about this phone.

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The ZTE Axon M Z999 captures all your experiences in high definition with its 20MP for its single camera that you can use as a front and rear camera. This device gives high-quality audio since it uses Dolby speakers. So you can listen to all your music and watch all your videos at an excellent standard. The mobile also has fingerprint security and a 3180 mAh battery.

3. ZTE Blade V9 Vita

ZTE Blade V9 Vita
Best ZTE Phones

ZTE Blade V9 Vita has a 5.5 inches 1080×2160 display that lets you watch your videos in HD. It’s powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and has a 2GB RAM. These features can support your gaming and more.

ZTE Blade V9 Vita
Back of the ZTE Blade V9 Vita

Not only that.

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The phone is powered by a 3200mAh battery that you can maximize for hours. It also has a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera that can upgrade your selfie game. You can even increase your storage via a microSD card because it has a separate slot for expandable storage.


Best ZTE Phones

ZTE ZMAX PRO Z981 has a 6 inches touchscreen display with a 1920×1080 HD view. It has a 13MP rear camera that can take high-quality videos and images. The front camera is also a 5MP camera that takes great selfies.

Back of the ZTE ZMAX PRO Z981
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If you want to experience great sounds while watching movies or while listening to music, this phone can do that for you. It also has a noise cancellation mic that lets you converse with your acquaintances with no problem. Like other ZTE phones, this also has fingerprint security that’s placed on the rear part of the phone.

5. ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3

 ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3
Best ZTE Phones

Are you trying to find a worthy smartphone for all your gaming? Then this phone is for you. The ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3 has a Qualcomm chip that lets users have a great time while playing games. This phone is part of the ZTE Nubia gaming series, and it has a built-in cooling fan.

 ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3
Back of the ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3

The Nubia Red Magic 3 showcases a 1080×2340 6.65 inches display. It’s powered by Android 9 and has a CPU of Octa-core. It has a rear camera of 48MP that’s suited for recording HD videos and a 16MP front camera for selfies. It also has a fingerprint security sensor that secures your phone.

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Note: The ZTE Nubia Red Magic comes in black, red, camouflage, and blue.

6. ZTE Blade Max 2S

ZTE Blade Max 2S
Best ZTE Phones

The ZTE Blade Max 2S has a 1080X2160 six inches display powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon. This device also has a 32GB internal storage, and this storage can even be expanded with a microSD. It runs on Android 8.1 and can handle two sim cards.

ZTE Blade Max 2S
Back of the ZTE Blade Max 2S
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This mobile has a long battery life of 235 hours on standby. The rear camera for this device is great since it’s 13MP and it also has a 5MP front camera suitable for selfies. The mobile has a fingerprint sensor like any other ZTE phone.

7. ZTE Blade Spark Z971

ZTE Blade Spark Z971
Best ZTE Phones

ZTE Blade Spark Z971 is a smartphone that was released by ZTE in 2017, but it’s still in 2022. It got sold at an affordable price of $99. That’s a cheap price compared to other devices, yet it shows quality performance.

Now, why get this smartphone?

ZTE Blade Spark Z971
Back of the ZTE Blade Spark Z971

Well, the Blade Spark Z971 can perform for 240 hours due to its 3140mAh battery. You can watch all the videos and play all the games you want without running out of battery.

To be honest…

This phone is quite an old model, but its features are still up to date. It has a 5.5 inches display that shows an HD display. Its dual camera can take high-quality pictures, and it even has a fingerprint security feature at the back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ZTE phones Android?

Yes. ZTE is a company known to make Android devices and all of the phones they make are Android smartphones.

Do ZTE phones support wireless charging?

Some of the phone models made by ZTE support wireless charging. You will know whether or not the mobile supports wireless charging if it is indicated in the specs of the device.

Where are ZTE phones made?

ZTE phones are made in China. The ZTE Corporation is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. And the company is considered to be one of China’s leading telecommunication equipment manufacturers.

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Choosing a phone that’s best for you is time-consuming and troublesome since there are tons of brands to choose from.

You see, there’s nothing wrong with buying the mainstream brands of phones. Understandably, you can trust well-known names better than less known ones.


There’s also no harm in trying out labels that are less known yet offers greater specs at an affordable price. ZTE is a brand that may not be popular, but it offers devices that are on par with common brands.

And, to help you with your quest to find the most suitable phone for you, we made a list of the best ZTE phone for 2022.

Did you find the best ZTE phone for you this 2022? Feel free to leave a comment down below with any questions and suggestions you have for us.
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