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10 Best Brain Training Apps for Android: Tone Your Noggin

As the saying goes, all fun and no brain made Johnny a lame lad. It seems that I too am in dire need of some great brain training apps for Android. I used to be sharp and quick-witted but the tedious nature of the daily grind tends to make your brain a little rusty. The best way to keep you on top of everything is to not only exercise the body, but the mind. With the use of these apps you will feel rejuvenated and energized.

Note: The 10 best brain training apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S3 running on an Android 4.4 based custom ROM. All apps performed well and no problems were faced during the testing phase. Some apps may require an active internet connection to work properly.

1. Elevate – Brain Training – Free

Elevate brain training apps for android

Elevate to higher existence

Elevate Brain Training is an app which offers 16 individual brain training games and complies them into a neat package. Elevate is among the best brain training apps for Android because of its extremely user friendly interface and actual brain teasing exercises. That’s not all though, unlike other apps, Elevate allows you to customize your daily brain exercise experience. For example my focus is brilliant, so naturally I don’t need to work on it as much as my memory. The app allows you to select from three fundamental brain activities: focus, memory and brevity, making it the most versatile app in the list.


  • A detailed performance tracking system.
  • Personalized brain workouts are amazing.
  • A workout calendar is also available for progression tracking.

Notable Feature:

Adaptive difficulty progression is there to make sure your experience is always challenging. After all, challenging those lazy brain cells is the target of the app.


2. Lumosity – Free


Luminosity for the brain

Lumosity is among the top brain training apps for Android and it clearly shows. The flat art style and sleek interface oozes with quality and makes you instantly at ease. I personally rank Lumosity a clear equal to the number one app on our list as it provides similar results via different experiences. The app boldly claims that it is designed by neuroscientists who incorporated a unique brain training approach. With deep seated foundations in the study of neuroplasticity, the brain games in the app improve core cognitive and forcing abilities.


  • Some of the best games we have seen in a brain app.
  • Selective attention, cognitive games and much more.
  • Tracking your progression is very rewarding.

Notable Feature:

The app is clearly one of the best brain training apps for Android when it comes to flexibility, attention and problem solving games.


3. Little Things Forever – Free

Little Things Forever

Why you little thing!

Lost you phone again? Can’t find your socks anywhere? That evil microSD card is on the run again? Install Little Things Forever on your Android device and you will gain hawk eyes. This fun little app has thousands of little things to find in pictures. Think Where’s Waldo and you are on the right track. The app shows colorful patchworks which are built from hundreds of little things and you have to find one among them. While the app does get a little frustrating when you are stuck (I recommend changing perspective), it is immensely rewarding to find that one pesky spoon.


  • Great interface.
  • Amazing art design.
  • Solid and remarkable music.
  • 151 puzzle pieces to collect and 11 puzzles to solve.

Notable Feature:

The randomly generated lists make sure you are never bored with the game and every instance of the game is unique.


4. Apparatus – Free and $0.99


It’s science

4.a Free Version

Apparatus is one of the most unique brain training apps for Android. This is especially recommended for those who lack advanced cognitive skills and fail to make simple connections in daily life. The app basically allows you to make simple mechanical structures to move around and play with. But that’s not all though; your creations must achieve given goals. You can attach electrical batteries to cables and then attach them to a motor to make a functioning car.


  • Allows you to think outside of the box.
  • Creativity is well rewarded.
  • You can play other people’s levels.
  • Challenges are actually challenging.

Notable feature:

The sandbox and free build modes are amazing at allowing you full creative freedom and relaxation at the same time.


4.b Paid Version

The free version has limited features and it’s actually very limited. The paid version allows you to enjoy more challenge levels, controllable vehicles and mini games. There are a ton of features and gameplay elements added in the paid version.


Joy of Android Recommends: Try out the lite/free version, and if you like what you play, you will definitely love what the full paid app has to offer. We recommend the affordably priced paid version of Apparatus.

5. 2048 – Free


Add it up

2048 has taken me by storm. It’s not only addictive, but it is also highly competitive. The premise of this brain teasing game is simple; you add numbers up until you get a tile with 2048 on it. While it seems easy, actually getting this elusive number can be a bit hard. There are 4 by 4 tiles on the screen, each with a low multiple of 2. You combine two adjacent tiles and their numbers will merge into one. Then you combine and combine until you either run out of moves or reach a high score. You make your very own number adding pattern to achieve success.


  • Simple and intuitive.
  • Really get the mind gears churning.
  • Getting the high score warrants bragging.

Notable Feature:                                                       

2048 is one of the fun mathematics oriented brain training apps for Android. It’s a shame when your nephew beats you in the game though (it didn’t happen to me though, just saying).


6. Flow – Free


Let the force flow

Don’t let the wires intersect! This is the main aim of Flow. You get over 1000 free puzzles to play in this colorful yet challenging brain game. The free play mode eases the tension a bit, but if you want a real challenge, I recommend the Time Trial modes. Clean and vibrantly colored graphics may put you off from trying the game, but believe me, it is a hardcore puzzle game.


  • Over 1000 puzzles for you to solve.
  • Time Trial modes are hectic yet fun.
  • Some good music.

Notable Feature:

The Free Play game mode is eerily relaxing. You get all the time in the world to “diffuse the bomb” and come out a hero.


7. Can You Escape – Free

Can You Escape

Can you man? can you?

Can You Escape is a 3D game which tasks you with escaping rooms. To keep things interesting and disabling you from simple opening the door and waltzing out, the game introduces complex puzzles. These puzzles can range from simple math based ones to articulate physics based ones. That’s not all though, you will also need to find hidden objects like keys and tools. The game features amazing looking graphics with various rooms to keep you engaged.


  • Great 3D graphics.
  • The soundtrack is soothing.
  • Constant updates of new Rooms.

Notable Feature:

The app doesn’t hold hands when it comes to solving puzzles and that’s the way it should always be. Solving those hard puzzles is an amazingly rewarding experience.


8. Alchemy – Free


It’s ALIVE muwhahahah

What do you get when you combine a human with a horse? No this is not a joke, well at least in Alchemy it isn’t. Alchemy is one of the unique brain training apps for Android, since it isn’t strictly a brain straining app. Alchemy answers age old questions for you, like how vampires, beer and life are made. All you need to do is combine stuff to make new amazing stuff and then combine some more to make even more stuff.


  • You can make oxygen and save the planet.
  • Water? Sure, sand? Of course!
  • Combining stuff is fun.

Notable Feature:

If you give yourself a target, Alchemy becomes ever more addictive. You will actually feel like a mad scientist after fiddling with the ingredients.


9. Fit Brains Trainer – Free

Fit Brains Trainer

Talk about mental fitness

Fit Brains Trainer is one of the best brain training apps for Android around. The app combines the easiest and most enjoyable brain training apps which are scientifically designed to provide a brain stimulating experience. The app allows you to keep your brain sharp with just minutes of daily activity and it works. The personalized training sessions combines with virtual tools help you increase your brain’s output. The app also utilizes an adaptive learning system that automatically increases the difficulty according to your own personal level.


  • Amazing looking interface.
  • Memory, problem solving and visual training.
  • Concentration sessions are great.

Notable Feature:

There are a lot of games in Fit Brains Trainer which focus multiple genres of mental development and up keeping. All of them actually work and help you in keeping your brain fit.


10. TED – Free


This TED guy is awesome

TED is not strictly among the brain training apps for Android list but it allows you to think. TED gives speeches from influential people from all walks of life. There are more than 1700 TEDTalk options such as video and audio.


  • Great interface and smooth operation.
  • Audio and video streaming are top notch.
  • Fully translated and localized in 22 languages.

Notable Feature:

Listening to some of the best minds in the business allows you to gain better perspective of the world you live in. It is a healthy practice to learn from the best and gain knowledge, expanding your mental horizons in the process.



The 10 best brain training apps for Android work extremely effectively when two or more are combined. I recommend using a brain training app with a game and TED. This combination will help you be on top of your game all the time. We have listed physical training apps before and now it’s time we make you a much smarter person, both mentally and physically.

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