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6 BEST Cell Phone Signal Booster in 2021 for Any Office

Having a stable connection and signal in the office is a must. A lot of work in the office depends so much on a strong, stable signal. To make sure that everything will run smoothly at work, you can set up a cell phone signal booster for office. This is especially true if the office is located in an area where cellular reception is often interrupted.

Not all signal boosters are created equal. Some are designed for the home, and others for the office, or it could be both. While some of these home cellular amplifiers work just fine, what works best for the office is something that can support multi-users (considering that there will be more than users in the office than at home) and amplify the signal in a wider coverage range.

Keep the workplace up and running at all times with a cell phone signal booster for office. A business phone system can also make things in the office better and run smoother.

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The Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Offices of Different Sizes

Best for Small Offices Cel-Fi Go X Cell Phone Signal Booster
 weBoost Home 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster
Best  for Medium-Sized OfficesWilson Pro 70 Plus Cell Phone Signal Booster 
 SureCall Fusion5s Cell Phone Signal Booster
Best for Large BuildingsWilson Pro 100 Signal Booster
 SureCall Force5 2.0 Large Building Signal Booster
Best cell phone signal boosters for offices of different sizes

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Small Offices

If you’re looking for something that works for single-floor or small offices, check out these boosters. They also work for 2-bedroom houses.

1. Cel-Fi Go X Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cel-Fi GO X is designed to cover up to 1,500sq.ft, which makes it great for single-floor, small offices. When used in open space, it can boost the signal of multiple devices within a range of 10,000 sq.ft maximum.

Cel-Fi GO X-Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cel-Fi GO X

This 100dB signal booster works for T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon carriers. This means that it has more gain than other single carrier boosters. And more gain means a better signal, larger coverage, and faster data. No more slow data and dropped calls in the office.

The GO X comes with a wall-mounted antenna panel. This makes it easier to install. No need to put up cables through the walls.


  • Complete installation kit and wall-mount antenna panel
  • 100dB signal gain
  • Up to 1,500sq.ft indoor signal coverage
  • Stronger data and no more dropped calls
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2. weBoost Home 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster

This popular weBoost signal booster is not only for the home. With a 60-decibel maximum signal gain and a boosted indoor signal coverage of up to 1,500 sq.ft, this device also works great for small offices.

weBoost Home 4G
weBoost Home 4G

This booster improves the existing connection and signal of multiple devices at once, regardless of the network since it works with all US carriers. With this device, you can maintain a fast mobile data speed and phone signal in the office. It ensures that everyone in the office will enjoy decent browsing, downloading and uploading speed, as well as better voice quality.


  • Up to 32X stronger connection and signal
  • Boosted indoor signal for up to 1,500sq.ft.
  • Smart technology for automatic signal boost
  • Simple DIY installation
  • 4G LTE and 3G signal improvement
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Best Signal Boosters for Medium-Sized Offices

If the office has an indoor space larger than 1,500 sq.ft, then you need a device with stronger capacity and wider coverage. Check out these signal boosters for medium-sized offices.

1. Wilson Pro 70 Plus Cell Phone Signal Booster 

Wilson Pro 70 offers solid indoor signal and data connection, especially if the outdoor signal has 2 to 3 bars. With a 10 dBm downlink power and 70 dB gain, this signal booster can provide solid signal quality for a medium-size office or any building with an area of 25,000 sq.ft.

Wilson Pro 70 Plus
Wilson Pro 70 Plus

The Pro 70 Plus has a self-optimizing microprocessor which makes it easier for the device to locate the cellular tower. This ensures that you’ll get a stronger signal for mobile data use, phone calls and text messaging in the entire office.


  • Complete installation kit
  • Easy tower location
  • No interference with the carrier’s system
  • Works with all US and Canadian carriers
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2. SureCall Fusion5s Cell Phone Signal Booster

SureCall Fusion5s is another cell phone signal booster that works best for medium-sized offices and large homes. It provides consistent and strong coverage inside the office with a maximum area of 6,000 sq.ft.

SureCall Fusion5s
SureCall Fusion5s

Designed to increase 4G LTE, text and voice signal strength, this device works for all carriers in North America. It does not only reduce missed and dropped calls, but it also extends the battery life of multiple devices.

With metal construction, this signal booster is sturdy and durable and promises long-term reliability. It is also FCC approved and compliant.


  • Covers 6,000 sq.ft
  • Boosts text, voice and 4G LTE signals
  • Reduced missed and dropped calls
  • Customizable installation for any office floor plan
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Best Signal Boosters for Large Buildings

You can use medium-coverage signal boosters for a typical office. However, if you want to amplify the signal for the entire building or if the office is quite large, then you’ll need something stronger and more powerful.

Here are the best cell phone signal boosters for large buildings that you should check out:

1. Wilson Pro 100 Signal Booster

The Wilson Pro 100 is the best signal booster for large buildings: retail, commercial or offices. It can provide clear, consistent connection and signal within a range of up to 35,000 sq.ft. It also has a maximum gain of more than 70 decibels, which means faster data, better voice quality, and reduced dropped calls in the entire building.

Wilson Pro 1000
Wilson Pro 1000

Considered as the ultimate commercial signal booster, this device uses XDR Tech for automated gain control. It also comes with kits which you can use to expand or increase the coverage range. It’s definitely the device that’s best for large offices with multi-user support for various carriers.


  • 35,000 sq. ft indoor coverage
  • 70dB gain
  • Automated gain control
  • Expansion kits

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2. SureCall Force5 2.0 Large Building Signal Booster

SureCall Force5s 2.0 is equipped with built-in remote monitoring called Sentry, this device is the first of its kind that can give integrated remote access. This means that you can optimize and adjust the performance using a mobile app.

SureCall Force5
SureCall Force5

If the signal is weak outside, it can enhance the indoor signal for up to 25,000 sq.ft coverage. But if the signal outside is great, then it can strengthen it more up to 100,000 sq.ft coverage. This makes it a highly reliable booster for large spaces such as buildings, retail stores and big offices.

Moreover, its SureIQ Technology maximizes performance and prevents shutdown by balancing incoming signals. It improves data performance, and 4G LTE, voice and text phone signals. It reduces missed and dropped calls as well.


  • +17 dBm downlink power
  • Works for all North American cell carriers
  • Expansive indoor coverage (25,000 sq.ft)
  • Custom installation
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Questions People Ask About Signal Boosters

How to improve cell phone reception in the office?

If you experience a weak cellular reception in the office, these things might do the trick. Take off the phone case, go somewhere where you are not blocking the internal antenna, set outside of the office or go to a higher floor if there is any.

Is cell phone signal booster harmful?

Contrary to what most people believe, a cell phone signal booster is not harmful. When there is a weak signal, the phone frantically searches for it and emits more radiation in the process. A signal booster helps reduce radiation by providing a stronger signal.

Does a cell phone signal booster really work?

Yes, it does. However, the area must have a signal, no matter how minimal, so that the booster can have something to amplify and strengthen. It cannot create its own signal, but merely rebroadcasts the weak signal it receives.

How does a WiFi extender or repeater work?

A WiFi extender is used to extend the coverage area of a WiFi network. It received your WiFi signal, amplifies it, and transmits the boosted signal.

How to improve WiFi signal in house?

You can improve signal in your house by using a WiFi repeater or extender. You can place the unit in a place with good reception and it will amplify the WiFi signal and boost it.

Say Goodbye to Slow Data and Dropped Calls

When choosing a cell phone signal booster, it’s important to consider what and where you’ll be using it for. If you’re using a booster for the car, get something that’s designed for vehicles. If you’re using it for a small office, you can get a model with a 1,500sq.ft coverage. This works fine for homes too.

However, you’ll need something with wider coverage if you’ll use it for a medium-sized office, much more if you need it for a large building. This is why we decided to feature the best signal boosters for offices of different sizes.

Choose something for a small, medium-sized or a large office or building. Take your pice and say goodbye to slow data and weak signals.

We hope you find this article helpful. Do let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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