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Charge Your Phone With a Broken Charger Port- 3 Quick Methods in 2023!

It’s dreadful to have a broken charger port! It’s something that can’t be fixed easily unless you get it serviced. Thankfully, charger ports can be easily replaced and don’t cost too much compared to a broken LCD.

But if you’re somewhere far without the necessary utilities, and you need to open your phone to get something important, then I can teach you how to charge your phone with AA batteries. You can use Double-A batteries to charge your battery if it has a broken charging port by connecting the batteries in series, which I’ll tell you about below.

Before anything else, carefully determine if the problem is actually the broken charger port. There can be plenty of reasons why your phone isn’t charging, but if you’re sure, continue reading this article.

Note: I found these tricks to be useful for me during an emergency. Take note that we advise you to get your phone serviced. However, at times of emergencies, these methods can help you charge your phone battery.

Emergency Fixes For a Broken Charging Port

1. DIY USB Port Fix

This might be the easiest, fastest, and most common solution for a broken charger port.

There are instances when the metallic surface of your broken charger port and the USB charger don’t make good contact. Most of the time, it’s either because of a manufacturer defect or damage from the continuous plugging and unplugging of the charger cable.

DIY USB Port Fix for Broken Charger Port
Fixing a broken charger port can be done easily

Before anything else, clean your charging port. Use a flashlight and toothpick/pin to carefully remove any dirt that’s stuck on the charging pin.

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. If possible, remove the battery.
  3. Get a small stick to rearrange any misplaced tabs inside the USB port of your phone.
  4. If the charging pin is misaligned, lever it up slowly and gently.
  5. Reinsert the battery.
  6. Plug in the charger.

2. Charge a Battery With a Battery

This only works for phones that have a removable battery. Otherwise, refer to method 1.

1. Remove the device’s battery. Get access to the connection points of the battery. 

Remove Battery - How to Charge Phone with Broken Charger Port

2. Get a 9-volt battery or a AAA/AA battery. 

Get AAA/AA Batteries - How to Charge Phone with Broken Charger Port

3. Look for the positive and negative connectors of the batteries. The positive side is in the red rectangle and the negative side is at the other end of the battery.

Check Sides of Battery - How to Charge Phone with Broken Charger Port

4. Be sure that the device’s battery and batteries have the same voltage. Usually, a normal phone battery is 3.7V DC and a single AA or AAA battery is 1.5V. So you’ll need 3 AA batteries.

5. Get 2 metal wires covered with plastic insulation. 

Metal Wires - How to Charge Phone with Broken Charger Port

6. Tape the batteries together.

Tape batteries - How to Charge Phone with Broken Charger Port

7. Clamp or tape the insulated wires to the batteries that will provide the charge and to the battery.

Charge Battery - How to Charge Phone with Broken Charger Port

8. Wait for a while, the battery should have some charge. You have to remember that it won’t charge your phone battery that much, but it’s enough for emergency use.

3. Rub The Battery

Remove the phone battery.

Remove Battery - How to Charge Phone with Broken Charger Port
Carefully remove the battery to fix charging port

Hold it between your palms. Generate enough heat and friction by rubbing the battery in between your palms. Put the battery back into the phone and try charging again.

If the methods above didn’t solve the problem, the problem isn’t a broken charger port. Have a look at your phone’s battery as it’s also one of the common causes why your phone doesn’t charge.



How do I check the amperage and voltage of my phone’s battery?

Ampere is an app that you can download on your Android smartphone to identify the charging statistics of your charger and device.

At what battery percentage should I charge my phone?

There’s a rule in charging your phone; you have to keep your phone charged between 60 to 80 percent. When you drop your phone battery below 15%, it will disrupt the battery life of your phone. It also exceeds the rated charge cycle by the manufacturer. Make a habit of keeping your phone battery healthy.

My phone is already plugged in, why isn’t it charging?

Causes range from an outdated operating system, faulty battery, damaged USB socket or wall socket, or defective charging cable. Most of the time it’s because of a faulty charger.

What if my charging port is broken?

Try inspecting the broken charger port. If you see any damage, you can try purchasing a new lightning cable. Or you can try connecting your phone to your computer or laptop by plugging in the cable to your computer’s USB port. 

How do I charge my phone with another phone?

You can charge your phone with another charger using the Wireless Power Share feature. All you need to do is place two devices together that contain the wireless Power Share feature.

In Conclusion

Now, if you have a broken charging port without the means of getting it fixed, and you’re in need of an emergency fix for your problem, then this is worth the effort. But be careful not to incur damage on your phone.

And if possible, get your phone serviced instead of potentially damaging it because you’ve been poking at the charging port for a few hours. These are only emergency fixes, and there’s also a reason why manufacturers started making single unit phones–you might damage your device.

Do you have any suggestions? Share it with us on the comments section down below!

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  1. This was a great read! Thanks for sharing great tips for making rechargeable batteries last longer. Keep sharing this type of informative blog.

  2. Hi I can’t remove the battery as the phone has a sealed back and its becoming a night mare I have to prope it up to make it charge and it take hours my phone is a cubot I have never heard of it before but but everything about it the memory is amazing all bar this can you help

  3. Hello, my name is Jerrel from East Texas. I took an old charger cut the micro plug off and soldered the + and – to two outstretched paper clips, put the ends on positive and negative, made sure they did not touch each other and that’s it. Charged battery outside the phone of course.

  4. Umm I still have a problem
    Like the charging port is really wobbly inside the phone and I have put in a tooth pick to readjust it but whenever I take it out and plug in d chanrger it still goes back to its former position and it’s not charging
    What else can I do because I need major help?

    1. Hi Dolly, that’s a common issue with the port of the phones. The only way to fix it is to disassemble the phone and fix it manually.

  5. What crap!!! Your technique where you daisy chain batteries is good, BUT you don’t say where to connect them to on the Samsung battery. The most important part of the solution is missing!!!

  6. IF I can find someone with similar phone and EXACT battery, I can let their phone charge my battery – Right. ?

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