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6 Cheap Android TV Boxes Worth Buying

Here’s the thing: The Android TV Box may soon replace traditional television programs in the future, if not tomorrow. People have adapted and moved to stream television shows instead of hooking up and tuning in to scheduled television shows.

Fact is…

The best Android TV Boxes have allowed people to watch television shows, listen to music, and play games by just plugging it into any smart television.

And why is that?

With the domination of smart televisions and demand for shows that you can watch anytime, giant tech companies have capitalized on this through Android TV Box.

There are many high-quality and top-performing best Android TV Boxes, but they come at a hefty price. So how can you get your hands on an Android TV Box without spending a fortune but still get its excellent features?

We got you!

Below we have compiled the 6 best cheap Android TV boxes that will surely fit your budget and still deliver the performance and quality that you are looking for. Take note that the main criteria for this list to be considered is that the best Android TV boxes should be $150 and below.

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The Best and the Cheapest Android TV Boxes

Best OverallXiaomi Mi Box
Best ValueLeelbox Q4
Highly RecommendedBeelink GT1 Ultimate
Runner UpsAmalen MXQ Pro 4K TV Box
 WeTek Hub
 Goobang Doo ABOX

Choosing from a lot of options for Android TV Boxes is hard, especially if you don’t know what features to consider. So to help you narrow down your choices, we curated a list containing the cheapest best Android TV Boxes.

Now, without further ado, let’s get to it!

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Beelink GT1 Ultimate

Beelink GT1 Ultimate
The Beelink GT1 Ultimate has the most updated Android version

Beelink GT1 Ultimate is one of the most updated and advanced Android TV Boxes yet it is so affordable. This android tv box has Android 7.1 as its operating system, coupled with a 3GB RAM and storage of 32 GB. It has an octa-core processor that can play 4K videos at 60 frames per second. Others might also be happy with the fact that is pre-installed with Kodi.

Though Beelink is one of the brands that are not that well-known this tv box has a support forum and an over-the-air firmware update process and that greatly counts because you can get help from other users too.


  • This android box has a bigger RAM and ROM than other Android TV boxes
  • Remote’s features are not found with other Android TV boxes
  • Has a customizable interface


  • Non-customizable home screen
  • Kodi named as Qodi, this might be mistaken by others
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Amalen MXQ Pro 4K TV Box

Entertainment Box MXQ Pro 4K
This box is good enough, but don’t expect too much

Amalen MXQ Pro 4K TV comes in two model versions for this unit — one 1 GB RAM with an 8GB storage space and a 2GB RAM with 16GB storage.

Choosing between the two should not be so hard seeing as this is already cheap might as well get the best out of this tv box. The super plus side of the Amalen MXQ Pro 4K TV is its user support forum that actively discusses and helps the user with their needs regarding the Android TV box.

This tv box also has a regular firmware update even though the over-the-air update process version is not yet out but will soon be available.


  • This budget android box is very affordable
  • High performing processor for watching movies and shows
  • One of the best android tv boxes with its easy to use interface thus easy to set-up


  • Has only 1GB for the processor, quite slow
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
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WeTek Hub

WeTek Hub
The WeTek Hub comes with Kodi and best used in mouse mode

WeTek Hub is yet another tiny Android TV box, though not as small as Beelink MINI MXIII. It is 4K and Kodi streaming enabled due to it being pre-installed in the device already.

This tv box is one of those Android TV boxes that both run live TV and online streaming. On the other hand, WeTek Hub runs with a tablet-optimized version of Android thus it is very advisable to use it in mouse mode so that you can access some of its software. Otherwise, you will have problems accessing other features.


  • 4K enabled
  • This android box is H264 compatible
  • Kodi pre-installed


  • It has a tablet-optimized version of Android meaning it can’t run well with other Android TV apps
  • Outdated navigation of Android Vanilla apps with remote
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Xiaomi Mi Box

Xiaomi Mi Box
The Xiaomi Mi Box is a hybrid device that does the job

Xiaomi as a brand presents devices that are way cheaper than counter brands but still deliver decent performance and quality. This tv box is a mix of stick streamer and an Android TV Box and runs an actual Android TV operating system instead of just having a tablet-optimized version of Android.

It also has whopping 4K streaming capability but it is advisable to run it at 30 Hz or lower to run the 4K feature without hitch. Not to worry though, this tv box can perfectly stream at 1080p.


  • Very cheap
  • Has Android TV OS instead of a tablet version of Android TV
  • Solid 1080p
  • 4K enabled


  • 4K needs to be run at 30 Hz or lower for it to be usable
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Leelbox Q4

Leelbox Q4
The Leelbox Q4 is good enough for gaming

Leelbox maybe a not well-known brand but it is powerful and plays 4K videos, unlike other Android TV boxes. You can go online and surf the net, stream music, play games, and watch TV anytime, anywhere.

It is equipped with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage space that you can expand through its external memory card slot. Leelbox Q4 is also pre-installed with the Android 8.1 operating system and works with both wi fi and ethernet connection.


  • Can handle hardcore gaming
  • Pre-installed Kodi
  • Fast processor
  • Smooth media playback


  • Tacky remoted design
  • Has few ports
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Goobang Doo ABOX

Goobang Doo ABOX
Buying this Android TV box is a good deal

Goobang Doo ABOX Android TV box is one cheap device that allows you to watch a lot of TV programs, movies, music, and games without paying a monthly subscription.

It has a lot of source for TV shows offering you a wide range of choices when it comes to TV entertainment. What’s more is that it is pre-installed with Kodi, so you get all the entertainment you want with a pretty cheap price.

It is powered by a 64-bit Quad Core processor and a Mali-450 5-core GPU, quite powerful if you ask me. It is accompanied by a 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. Another good thing Goobang Doo ABOX is that it has an air vent that acts as a basic cooling system for the small device and prevents it from overheating.


  • Updated Android OS
  • Has lots of features
  • Plays all type of files


  • Tacky remote
  • Long set-up time
  • Needs mouse and keyboard for certain apps/software
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People Also Ask

What can you do with an Android TV Box?

An Android TV Box can give you an HD viewing experience on your TV. It also lets you stream the internet using your TV. And, of course, you can still watch live TV with this device.

Are Android TV Boxes illegal?

No. These devices are not prohibited. Streaming and using apps with this device will not make it illegal, so you don’t need to worry.

In a nutshell

Looking for an affordable yet the best android tv box without forsaking the basic features and top performance is quite difficult. You have to consider what to let go of and what you can’t go without, and the most important of all the factors is that you have to know the money you are willing to spend.

Lucky us, there are quite a number of companies willing to make inexpensive Android TV boxes but still give a decent performance and add some unique features. They might be brands that are not well-known but give them a try and you might be surprised at the package that you can get. It does not always mean that when a device is cheap it is automatically subpar. No, there are good finds for a great price out in the market. You just have to know where at what to look for.

Do you know of a cheap Android TV box that’s not on this list? Share it in the comments below!

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