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5 Best Christmas Clipart Wallpaper for Android Phones – Season of Joy!

Are you ready for the Christmas countdown? It’s only two months before the season of joy comes! Everybody is decorating their homes and phones to have a Christmas vibe. There are several high-quality clipart wallpapers you can download to decorate your phone. You can use the clipart photos for Christmas wallpaper decorations or greeting cards. Check the following apps that will provide clipart wallpapers.

5 Best Christmas Clipart Wallpaper Applications

1. Merry Christmas Wallpapers Hd – FREE

Christmas Clipart Wallpaper – Merry Chirstmas Wallpapers Hd
Merry Christmas Wallpapers Hd Logo

We always look forward to this season to come! There are several ways to celebrate Christmas to feel its warm and joyous vibe. Merry Christmas Wallpapers Hd offers heartwarming Christmas clipart wallpapers. It beautifies your Android device with clipart of Santa Clause, the Christmas tree, Snowman, and presents with the traditional colors for Christmas.

All their wallpapers are in High-Definition quality. What makes it good is it does not require an Internet connection for saving and setting wallpapers. You only need an Internet connection for sharing the wallpaper with your friends or updating the app.

Application Features:

  • Select image to set as wallpaper
  • Share button: Gives you the freedom to share it with your friends
  • It does not require an Internet connection, only for sharing and updating the app.
  • Wallpapers are compatible with all screen sizes.
Google Play

2. Christmas Wallpaper 4K – FREE

Christmas Clipart Wallpaper – Christmas Wallpaper 4K Logo
Christmas Wallpaper 4K Logo

In the coming of Christmas, we want to give some customization to our houses and Android smartphones. The Christmas Wallpaper 4K app provides lovely and stunning Christmas wallpapers. Its app contains hundred of wallpaper images that are in 1080p and 1920p high resolution. Your heart will be filled with happiness as you look at your phone.

These dozen Christmas clipart wallpapers are free to download and share with your friends. Moreover, you do not need an Internet connection to share and update the app. Download the stylish and user-friendly app now.

Application Features:

  • High-Definition Christmas wallpaper
  • User-friendly
  • Stylish menu icon
  • Share button
  • Requires an Internet connection only for sharing and updating the app
Google Play

3. Christmas Wallpaper – FREE

The Christmas wallpaper allows users to freely choose a live Christmas wallpaper. These clipart wallpapers are smooth 3D animations that will give you the Christmas vibes. You only need to follow these simple steps to set these stunning wallpapers. Visit the settings configuration of your phone, look for the display menu to tweak your home screen wallpaper by setting the Christmas live wallpaper.

Christmas Clipart Wallpaper – Christmas Wallpaper - Preview

The live Christmas wallpaper supports landscape and portrait orientation. Moreover, you do not have to worry about your battery. It has a battery optimization that avoids draining your battery. However, you have to take note that these free wallpapers contain ads.

Application Features:

  • Animated wallpapers
  • Fully supports portrait and landscape orientation
  • Compatible to all Android devices
  • Smooth 3D animations
  • Battery optimization
Google Play

4. Merry Christmas Wallpapers – FREE

Christmas Clipart Wallpaper – Merry Christmas Wallpapers Logo
Merry Christmas Wallpapers Logo

We take much effort to become joyful during the Christmas season, and downloading the Merry Christmas wallpapers will help you. The bright and colorful Christmas clipart will lighten up your mood every time you look at your phone. Every day you will be reminded to feel positivity for the upcoming Christmas and New Year.

The application does not need an Internet connection to download the wallpapers. You only have to download the app and everything is good to go. Internet connection is only needed when you want to share the wallpaper with your family or friends, or you need to update the app.

Application Features:

  • Share option: You can share clipart wallpapers with your family and friends on any social media platforms.
  • Does not require an Internet connection to download wallpapers
  • User-friendly
  • Compatible to any Android devices
Google Play

5. Christmas Wallpaper – FREE

Christmas Clipart Wallpaper – Christmas Wallpaper
Christmas Wallpaper Logo

The Christmas Wallpaper is an updated application of 2019 that serves high-quality clipart to its users. It fully supports landscape and portrait mode for its colorful illustrations. Do not worry, you can get their amazing Christmas wallpapers as it has wide compatibility to most Android phones. Moreover, if you are concerned with its battery usage, the app has optimized battery usage.

The wallpaper can only be set one at a time. But, there is an ‘add to favorites’ option to save the ones you want to set later. If you want to share the joy this Christmas, send your friends and family with the wallpaper that reminds you of them!

Application Features:

  • Fully supports landscape and portrait mode
  • High compatibility with Android devices
  • Share wallpaper with friends and family
  • ‘Add to favorites’ option
Google Play

People May Ask

What is the best Christmas tree wallpaper?

A Christmas tree is one of the traditional ornaments for the season. If your apartment is too cramped for a Christmas tree. Worry no more, you can download a Christmas tree wallpaper to feel the vibe. You can even bring it anywhere you go, to feel the Christmas spirit in your Android device.

Is there a Christmas countdown wallpaper?

Yes, it is possible to have a live wallpaper that tells you how many days until Christmas. It gets you more excited about looking forward as Christmas gets near. You have the freedom to customize your phone with helpful features.

What is the best game to play during Christmas?

During the joyful season, we want to spend more quality time with our family and friends relaxing and playing games. There are several game apps you can choose from to enjoy with your loved ones.


Christmas is fast approaching and we want to feel the spirit through our phones. A way to give our phones a spirit of Christmas is to set Christmas clipart wallpapers. We hope that the list gave you an idea on how to decorate your phone to have a Christmasy vibe.

Do you find the article helpful? Share it with your friends and family who also want to decorate their phones. Moreover, if you have some suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

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