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Christmas Decoration Wallpaper App for Android – Bring Joy

When the ‘ber’ months start, the Christmas spirit kicks in. People have their own way of celebrating the season of joy. Some of them decorate their Android phones with Christmas decorations wallpaper. Every time we open our phones, it reminds us of the remaining days until Christmas. We want to help you celebrate so we’re recommending a collection of applications of Christmas decoration wallpaper.

Christmas Decoration Apps to Download

1. Christmas Wallpaper – FREE

Logo of Christmas Wallpaper
Christmas Wallpaper Logo

The Christmas Wallpaper features live and animated Christmas-themed wallpapers for FREE. It shows Christmas decorations, like the dynamic Christmas lights and 3D or 2D snowfall. The app gives a lively Christmas decoration wallpaper for your Android phone or tablet. Feel the Christmas spirit with Christmas wallpaper!

Preview of Christmas Wallpaper
Preview of Christmas Wallpaper

There are several key settings and effects that you can try with the app:

  • Animated Snowfall with 2D or 3D snowflakes
  • Smooth 3D Animations

You do not have to worry about the live wallpaper draining your battery–the app will sleep when the phone is inactive.

Google Play

2. Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper – FREE

Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper Logo
Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper Logo

Christmas Trees are the most common Christmas decorations we have in our homes. It delights us as it sparkles every night with an angel on top of the tree. The Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper features a 3D scene of a sparkling Christmas tree. Moreover, when you tap the 3D star on the tree top, you will hear chimes of Christmas bells.

Preview of Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper
Preview of Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper

What’s best with this app is it has a hologram mode for Android devices that has a gyroscope feature. When you rotate your device, it will give you a 3D effect. The amazing features of the application are not limited to:

  • Bell chimes
  • Camera advanced settings
  • Camera automation mode
  • Hologram mode
  • Snowfall effects and more

Download the app to feel the Christmas spirit with realistic snowfall and a beautiful Christmas tree on your wallpaper.

Google Play

3. Christmas HD – $1.99

Christmas HD Logo
Christmas HD Logo

The Christmas HD app gives joy with its 3D Christmas live wallpaper. You’ll know you’re celebrating the jolly season. The 3D fireplace gives you a virtual warmth as you wait for Christmas to come.

Preview of Christmas HD
Preview of Christmas HD

You can customize every scene to make the wallpaper more personal. What makes this Christmas decoration app amazing is it gives you the freedom to decorate the scene on your own. You can customize the color of the Christmas lights, change the ornaments, tree topper, garlands, and more.

You do not have to worry about the battery consumption. The 3D live wallpaper has smooth animations and conserves your battery energy.

Google Play

4. Christmas Fireplace Live Wallpaper – FREE

Christmas Fireplace Live Wallpaper Logo
Christmas Fireplace Live Wallpaper Logo

It is undeniable that our favorite hangout place during the Christmas season is near the fireplace. It gives warmth during the cold winter season. Moreover, near the fireplace is the most common place where we put the Christmas decorations. But what if your house does not have a fireplace? Well, don’t worry. The Christmas Fireplace Live Wallpaper app has a nice realistic feel to it.

Aside from the 3D effect of a fireplace, you can also hear a burning sound to make it more realistic. It is the perfect Christmas decoration wallpaper app to enjoy and relax with. You can also disable the sound effect of the fireplace animation.

We wish you a warm and merry Christmas with your virtual fireplace. Enjoy the season!

Google Play

5. Christmas Live Wallpaper HD – FREE

Sometimes we want to immerse ourselves into the moment, and by downloading Christmas decoration wallpaper, we become more excited as Christmas approaches. The Christmas Live Wallpaper HD app allows you to download beautiful and lively Christmas decorations.

There is a wide variation of Christmas wallpapers from which you can choose. It will truly give you the feeling of Christmas magic. The live wallpaper does not consume your battery. Also, you can share the wallpaper image with your friends and family.

Make your Android phone look lively with Christmas live wallpapers!

Google Play

People May Ask

What is the best Christmas Song?

Some of the best Christmas songs we grew up with are Silent Night, Deck the Halls, and Jingle Bells. When we hear these songs on the radio, we automatically know Christmas is coming. You can enjoy these songs by downloading Christmas Song apps on your Android phone.

How to Control Christmas Lights?

Christmas trees are always present in our home decorations during Christmas, and the Christmas lights make it sparkle at night. It is mesmerizing to look at the colors and patterns of the lights. But, there are moments when we might want to control our Christmas lights. You can control your Christmas lights by having app-controlled Christmas lights.

What are the best apps for Christmas Celebrations?

Christmas season brings every family immeasurable joy. There are apps for Christmas Celebrations that can help you feel the festive mood. Make most of the apps to spread happiness to the people around you, and make every holiday experience memorable.


Most of the apps mentioned above are free. You can easily download them on Google Play Store to give your phone a lively and realistic Christmas feeling. We wish you a warm and beautiful Christmas, as you celebrate it with lively Christmas decoration wallpaper.

We hope the Christmas decoration wallpaper recommendations helped you in looking for the best wallpaper for Christmas. We hope you will share it with your friends and family, too! If you have any suggestions, you can leave them below.

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