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Christmas Greeting Apps – Give Love through Warming Messages!

It’s the season to be jolly… Christmas is just around the corner! Today, you might have been done with all the preparations for the most awaited holiday season. But, the love and warmth of Christmas will not be complete without the greeting cards. Greeting cards on every occasion are important! The appropriate seasonal greetings remind our loved ones that we think of them on the special days.

Do you need to send out well-wishes for the holidays?

There are Christmas greeting apps on Android that can help you get the job done! Yes, you read it right. Almost everything can be done on your Android phone. There are even app-controlled Christmas lights available in the market! These Christmas apps are in handy in making your holidays merrier than ever. Check out the best Christmas greeting apps for Android!

Spread Love with Christmas Greetings!

1. 100+ Christmas Greeting Cards

Christmas Gretting Apps - 100+ Christmas Greeting Cards
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The 100+ Christmas Greeting Cards have a hundred greeting cards collection on HD. You can directly download the Christmas greetings from your Android phone for FREE. Yes, you do not have to go to the store to purchase a greeting card and send it to your friends and family. Instead, you can share the thoughtful eCards through the social media platforms you installed in your phone.

Sending thoughtful and heartwarming wishes have made easier through time. Christmas is near! Do not forget to choose the best card to send to your family and friends.

  • Free app
  • Hundreds of greeting card collection
  • Downloadable greeting cards
  • Share eCards through WhatsApp, Facebook, MMS, Twitter, Mail

You can download the app at Google Play Store. Send your wishes to your friends and family through the greeting cards!

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Google Play

2. Christmas with Jesus Cards & Quotes 2019

Christmas Gretting Apps - Christmas with Jesus Cards & Quotes 2019
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Christians celebrate Christmas with the birth of Jesus. Thus, most of our Christmas friends and family send beautiful messages and wishes with Bible verses. The app has hundreds of quotes and card collections that conveys love and sincerity in wishing them a blessed Christmas. You can choose the selection with ready-made images with inspirational quotes that celebrate the day Jesus Christ was born.

Christmas Gretting Apps - Christmas with Jesus Cards & Quotes 2019 Sample Preview
Sample Preview

Moreover, you have the freedom to edit the Christmas eCards, Bible verses, or messages to make it more personal. These Christmas greeting cards can be shared through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

  • Edit Christmas message
  • Share Christmas greetings through social media
  • Additional Christmas Mini Puzzle Game

Christmas is a way of giving love through any kind– it may be a tech Christmas gift or a heartwarming message! If you wish to share a thoughtful message. These heartwarming greeting cards can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Google Play

3. Christmas Greeting Cards

Christmas Gretting Apps - Christmas Greeting Cards
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One of the best ways to make our loved ones feel warmth and love is through personalized Christmas greetings. The Christmas Greeting Cards is a game changer! It allows you to place stickers and text to help you personalize the image. Moreover, you can capture memorable photos or export from the gallery.

Christmas Gretting Apps - Christmas Greeting Cards Edit Preview
Edit Preview

You can have your family photo placed in a nice photo frame, draw patterns, and add texts. The Christmas Greeting Cards app does not only offer collections of greeting cards. But also, it offers endless possibilities. By then, you can mail it to your friends or share it through your social media platforms.

  • Customizable greeting cards
  • Add personalized text into cards
  • Christmas Frames available
  • Export photos from camera or gallery
  • Share greeting cards through social media

There is nothing more heartwarming than receiving personalized Christmas cards from your loved ones. If you wish to give out love and inspiration through card greetings, download the app at the Google Play Store. Moreover, you can download Christmas clipart wallpapers to personalize and experience more of the Christmas vibe.

Google Play

4. Christmas Cards Free

Christmas Gretting Apps - Christmas Cards Free
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Everyone is looking forward to Christmas, it is the most favorite holiday around the globe! Christmas Cards Free offers thousand of collections of greeting cards and images. There are different styles and designs offered by Christmas Cards Free that are appropriate for the occasion.

The Christmas Cards Free application has a simple UI making it easier access. It is available for FREE to any Android users. Moreover, you can share the greeting cards through any social media platform you have.

We all want our Christmas season to be filled with joy and love, and greeting cards can fulfill this wish. Download the app on the Google Play Store to feel special in the holidays!

Google Play

People May Ask

Why do we give gifts at Christmas?

Aside from Christmas is the season of being joyous, it is also the season of giving. It commemorates the story in the Bible about the Wise Men giving gifts to the newborn Jesus Christ. You may be a Christian or not, but the gift-giving tradition has been a way of celebrating the season!

How can I call Santa Claus for FREE?

Mostly kids are the ones who are excited about Christmas, especially with the thought of having Santa Claus around. Google has offered the opportunity for kids (and adults) the holiday season to call the big guy in the North Pole! Just tell your Google Assistant or Google Home Device, “Hey Google, call Santa”. You will then be connected with an elf, and the call will dispatch to Santa! Exciting, isn’t it?

Can I add Santa Claus on my photo?

Yes, there are different applications to brighten up everyone’s Christmas season! Aside from the Christmas greeting cards, there are apps on Android that introduce new filters that add Santa Claus to your photos.


There is no need to rush on the holiday preparations! Everything can be done perfectly on your Android phone. Creating and sending heartwarming greeting cards to your friends should take time. You can customize and make the Christmas greeting cards more personal. We hope that the mentioned applications fit all your needs.

Do you find the article helpful in creating heartwarming messages? We hope you enjoyed sending greeting cards to all your friends and family. Moreover, you can tell them where you made those inspiring and loving messages! Share this article with them, they might need it too!

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