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Christmas Wallpaper for Android- Have Holiday Vibes on Phone or Tablet

Christmas is a season to be jolly and most true so for those who celebrate this holiday as a tradition or beliefs. Decorating one’s home to fit the holiday and bring joy to the season is one way to truly live the essence of Christmas. If you’re an Android user such as a smartphone or tablet, then here are ways for you to bring the Christmas spirit in your device.

Christmas Wallpaper

christmas wallpaper

There are millions of different wallpaper related to Christmas you can use. From the symbolic icons that represent Christmas to various arts, images, and decorations. Additionally, there is more to it than just wallpapers. There are those that are live, 3D, musical, clipart and installable themes.

1. Christmas Live Wallpapers

christmas live wallpaper

With Christmas Live Wallpapers, it can make any phone home screen to look alive and interesting. This type of wallpaper takes advantage of the gyroscope of your phone, 3D parallax, as well as GPS to animate in the background. Additionally, live wallpapers can be interactive where it can react to your touches. So we highly recommend checking out free Christmas Live Wallpaper for yourselves.

2. Christmas Clipart Wallpaper

Clip art wallpapers are images consist of simple illustrations as opposed to photographic images.

So Christmas Clipart Wallpapers are wallpapers that can be used on documents and does not involve nor give off an image that was taken from a camera.

With Clipart wallpapers, you can be sure to have more acoustic and wallpaper oriented images.

If this interests you, then be sure to check our article about Best Christmas Clipart Wallpaper for Android Phones.

3. Christmas Decoration Wallpaper

christmas decoration wallpaper

This type of wallpaper focuses on Christmas decorations.

The wallpapers that you can use are pictures or images that emphasize decoration over everything else.

If you find this type of wallpaper interesting, then better check out our article about Christmas Decoration Wallpaper for Android. We featured 5 Android apps that will let you install various types of wallpapers belaboring decoration for Christmas.

From Christmas balls, trees, lights, mistletoe, stars, to reindeer, Santa, and more.

4. Christmas Lights Wallpaper

christmas lights wallpaper

When we talk about Christmas, one particular ornament or design that anyone will have when they are celebrating the Holiday is Christmas lights.

Android devices are also capable of integrating Christmas lights within the system as a theme. All you have to do is simply go to the Google Play store and search for the best Christmas lights wallpaper for your device.

Fancy having a Christmas light that supports all colors and can be controlled with a smartphone?

phone controlled christmas lights

Maxonar LED Strip Lights Works with Google Assistant & Alexa

This fancy Christmas light uses a super bright 5050 waterproof flexible LED RGB light strip. It comes with a 3M adhesive on one side and the LED on the other side. It also comes with a Wi-Fi module that you can connect the LED strips with enabling it to work with either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Pretty neat right?

This LED strip is available for $20 to $100 depending on the length of the strip and price can vary from store to store.


Regardless of it is for a smartphone or a tablet, your choice will surely be the best one out there.

5. Christmas Countdown Wallpaper

One of the best way to bring the essence of Christmas into your Android cell phone or tablet is by having a live countdown wallpaper. With countdown wallpaper, you’ll visibly see how many days are left before it’s Christmas. A pretty neat feature to have most especially since it changes every day.

We listed down our top 3 favorite and best Christmas countdown live wallpaper available from the Google Play store. All you have to do is click on the link to check out our list.

Be sure to share with us your favorite countdown wallpaper or smartphone theme so we can include it on our list for everyone to see.

Additionally, if you like this article, be sure to give us a like, comment, and share it with your friends.

6. Christmas Quotes Wallpaper

christmas quotes wallpaper

For those who desire to tap into their inner poetry and artistic nature, Christmas Quotes as wallpaper is something to bring your literature self into your device.

With this in mind, wallpapers like this will always boil down to individual preferences. Quotes are chosen mostly on how the users can relate to it. So having the best Christmas quotes wallpaper for inspiring wishes and messages will be highly dependent on the person.

So be sure to share with us your favorite Christmas quotes. Ours is “Christmas is the season of joy, of gift-giving, and of families united.”

So make December not just another ordinary holiday month, but something that’s worth remembering.

7. Christmas Tree Wallpaper

christmas tree wallpaper

Christmas is the essence of the rebirth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and one way to truly incorporate this essence is by having a Christmas tree to decorate it with.

Did you know that the Christmas tree originated in the pagan culture where the evergreen represents life, rebirth, and stamina needed to endure the winter months?

One way to bring that essence into us at all times is to have a Christmas tree wallpaper for our tablet, laptop, or smartphones.

It wasn’t until about the nineteenth century that we find Christianity absorbing the bright, cheery symbolism of the Christmas tree.

8. Christmas Lights, Quotes, Apps, or Countdown as a Wallpaper

Ultimately, nothing will ever beat the essence of Christmas by celebrating the holiday together with your family and loved ones.

To further get into the holiday vibe, we highly recommend considering purchasing a Christmas themed phone case for your smartphone.

Phone cases christmas Android
Christmas Phone Case

Not only it would bring and share the holiday spirit amongst anyone who sees you using your phone with such a high spirited and joyful phone case, but it will also bring out the joy inside them.

So don’t forget to consider having Christmas accessories for your Android smartphone or tablet as well.

One of our favorites is a Rudolf the red-nose reindeer design phone case.

So what’s the model of your phone or tablet? What’s your favorite part of celebrating Christmas?


We hope that these apps will help you in deciding which and how you would integrate the holiday season with your phone or tablet.

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