5 Cloud Based Call Center Phone System for Business

As businesses grow, handling communications, customer support and sales is increasingly a challenge. A stop-gap solution is a virtual phone system. However, a more comprehensive solution is to use a cloud based call center phone system. This is especially true for companies who get large volumes of calls.

What makes a call center phone system great is its ability to offer routing calls, customer relationship management (CRM), call analytics, VoIP calling, and workforce management tools.

We looked at some of the popular phone systems in the market. We compared them by the range of services they offer, their service plans, customer support, and ease-of-use. Based on these, we have come up with a list of the best cloud based call center phone system.

How Can Call Center Phone System Help Your Business

Improve your sales, customer relation and call handling

A call center phone system is a software designed to manage multiple communication. It offers more than just call handling. It also includes other channels like email, instant messaging, live chat, social media, and SMS, depending on the service plan and the provider.

This system is mainly used for communication, customer support and marketing. Depending on the type of service you’ll choose, this can include call analytics, computer telephony integration, automatic call distributor, call accounting, and interactive voice response.

In general, the benefits of using call center software include the following:

  • It reduces operational costs in the long run.
  • The team is not tied to 1 location. They can function anywhere with an internet connection.
  • It guarantees improved security. This is even better if you use a cloud backup solution.
  • It is flexible and does more than just handling calls and information.
  • Call center phone system helps the business be more productive.
  • It improves your relationship with customers and prospects.

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Best Call Center Phone Systems

Now we present to you some of the best cloud-based call center phone systems for your business:

1. Freshcaller- Easy to Use Call Center Platform

Freshcaller is the best option for small businesses who are looking for something that’s easy to use and manage. This cloud-based PBX platform is very easy to use, with everything accessible from a single control panel.

With Freshcaller, there’s no hardware required. It’s a software that offers a wide variety of features including conference calling, call handling, call masking, forwarding, monitoring, recording, routing.

Since it’s cloud-based, it is highly accessible, not to mention affordable. If you avail its starter plan, you will get to use unlimited agents for free. Why is this so? They don’t charge per agent, but per call. However, if you want more advanced features, you can try the other plans, which can cost you up to $40 per agent per month. The upside of this is that it has call routing even after business hours.


  • Great for small businesses
  • No hardware required
  • Ease of use
  • Cloud-hosted PBX

However, Freshcaller is more focused on call handling and integration. If you need something more productive and comprehensive, check out the other call center phone systems on the list. But if you want to know more about this platform, visit their website. Better yet, try out their mobile app which you can download below.

2. CrazyCall- Sale-Focused Call Center Phone System

CrazyCall does not only offer general client and customer support. It’s more focused on sales-calling, such as increasing ROI and improving conversions. So if you want something that can do more than just communication handling, something that can improve the marketing aspects of your business as well, this is a good choice.

CrazyCall has a unique feature that allows users to route outgoing calls via a local phone number. You can make calls either through automatic dialer or browser extension. It’s easy to manage through, since you can easily access everything through the app. This promotes an increase in response rates, which is great for boosting sales calls.


  • Best for sales
  • Local numbers from more than 75 countries
  • Good reporting suite
  • Increased sales calls response rate

Learn more about the company’s services by visiting their website.

3. Five9- Best For Productivity

Five9 is your best bet if you are looking for something more productive and comprehensive. This is because this platform is an all-in-one solution. Through a single dashboard, you can manage everything, from customer support, sales, and other business aspects.

It even has a predictive artificial intelligence feature, solely designed to improve team efficiency. This keeps a balance between inbound calls and outbound calls. For instance, if there are too many inbound calls, agents handling outbound calls will come to the rescue to handle calls faster and more efficiently.

It’s easy to access too because there’s no need for any telecoms hardware. It can even integrate with other major CRM software like Zendesk and Salesforce. This makes it ideal for expanding small businesses and established ones.


  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • CRM integration
  • Intelligent routing

However, this call center phone system is on the expensive side. But if you’re willing to invest for a more efficient and productive team, head on to their website.

4. Talkdesk- Great for Customer Support

Talkdesk is a call center solution designed for better phone customer support. Its features are aimed at helping small to large businesses handle and manage phone support faster and more efficiently. Thanks to its cotextual customer data, intelligent routing, automated workflows, actional reporting and other features.

This platform is designed for ease-of-use. No code required. With just a few clicks, you can easily route calls and configure IVR through its consumer-grade and intuitive UX.


  • Intelligent routing
  • Automated workflows
  • Pre-built integrations
  • One-click workforce management

You can request for a demo to see for yourself the quality of service that Talkdesk offers. Just visit their website.

5. Zendesk Talk- Call Center Platform with Extensive Customer Service

Zendesk Talk is a call center phone system built for businesses of various sizes. It is designed for better customer support and relation. Everything’s accessible and manageable from the same place. One control for all channels. This maximizes workflows and efficiency.

This platform also allows users to easily keep track of customer information and communication history. It has all the basic features one would expect from a call center phone system, such as the following: call routing, IVR, call recording, real-time monitoring, and call analytics.


  • Custom-focused solution
  • Ease of use
  • Call center and CRM in one
  • Maximized workflow and efficiency

Visit Zendesk Talk to learn more about their services. You can also download their Zendesk Support for agents, managers and team leaders who are always on-the-move. It also helps if these remote team members have a steady internet connection.

Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service

ooma telo

Need something for the home? Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service allows you to call nationwide for free and internationally at low rates. With its Pure Voice HD feature, it features crystal-clear voice quality for a better calling experience.

Other features include:

  • Voicemail and caller ID
  • Call-waiting
  • Text alerts and 911 calling
  • Easy to install
  • Works with Ooma smart security
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You can take your Ooma on-the-go by downloading their mobile app. Check it out below.


What People Ask About Call Center Phone System

How does a call center phone system work?

Basically, a typical call center phone system works by using agents to answer calls and route them to the right employee and department. In effect, this leads to faster call response and better customer satisfaction. But a call center system offers other features aside from call handling and routing.

What does call center agents do?

A call center agent basically handles inbound and outbound customer calls for a particular business. They handle customer relations, sales communications, and others, depending on the company.

What is the difference between a contact center and call center?

While they are sometimes used interchangeably, there’s the main difference. A call center is more focused on outgoing and incoming calls. On the other hand, a contact center uses, aside from calls, other data applications like instant messaging, email, and even social media.

Cloud-Based Call Center Phone System: For Better Customer Relation and Sales

Using a cloud-based call center phone system does not only promote customer relations, but it also improves sales. It makes transactions faster and more efficient. If there’s always an agent to answer the phone, it will lead to a boost in customer management. The faster the response rate, the better it is for the company’s image, which, in turn, can have a positive impact on sales. You can take care of other business aspects like inventory with the help of certain apps.

Each of the call center system featured here has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you are a small business with a tight budget, then we recommend Freshcaller. It’s easy to use and is quite affordable. But it’s only for those who are strictly looking for a call center without the more advanced features. If you are a growing company looking for something more advanced, comprehensive and productive, we recommend CrazyCall and Five9.

In the end, what is best will depend on the size of your company, your budget, and your preferences.

Did you find this article helpful? We hope you did. Feel free to share your thoughts with us by dropping a comment below.

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