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Clubhouse app on Android – Best Alternative Option 2023

Our voice is powerful. We can use it to influence people and make changes. There are a lot of ways to let everyone listen to you. You can let technology help you with reaching other people. 

Whether you want to influence others or just communicate, there are a lot of applications that can help you achieve that goal. You can let other people hear your thoughts on different topics through these applications. In return, they can also join the discussion so that you would know their side. 

If you want to try using this alternative Clubhouse app on Android, many applications are waiting for you to try. Get ready for your voice to be heard with the following applications. 

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Try Using Spaces on Twitter

Twitter has been a popular alternative for the Clubhouse app on Android in our generation. We use the app to tweet our thoughts and sometimes get things off our chest. Since its creation in 2006, the Twitter app for Android had major changes. 

From only typing out our thoughts, we can now voice them out, too, with the new feature in the app. The feature we are talking about here is called Spaces. With spaces, you can start speaking live while others listen to you. 

For you to start making Twitter Spaces, you can follow the next steps. 

  1. Look for the mic icon on the bottom part of your Twitter homepage.  
 clubhouse app on Android
Clubhouse app on Android
  1. After clicking the mic button, you can check what spaces are live. You can join the spaces that are already live and listen. You can also create your own. 
  2. To create your own space, click the mic button with a plus button. 
  3. Choose the topic that you want to discuss in your space
  4. Choose whether you want the discussion recorded or not 
  5. And click on the start space button 

After starting your space, you can wait for people to get in. Once you have the desired amount of listeners, you can begin. Let your listeners speak by permitting them to become a speaker. In that way, discussing your chosen topic would be fruitful because of different opinions and views. 

There are times when people could not listen live to your spaces. The solution to this is they can listen to the recorded spaces. After the space, you can share the link to the recording with your followers, and they can listen to it anytime and anywhere. 

Discover Another Use for Discord With Discord Stage Channels

Discord Stage Channels - clubhouse app on Android
Discord Stage Channels – clubhouse app on Android

Discord has been popular in the gaming and streaming industry. People use it to play games with their friends. They also use it to stream their screens, which can also be used to host watch parties with friends who live far away from you. 

However, there is more to Discord alternatives than just streaming and communicating with your friends. If you explore the app more, you can discover new features such as Discord Stage Channels. 

With Discord Stage Channels, you can have public conversations with other users. You can use this feature to discuss topics and get to know them better. Learn more on our blogs on How to change Discord background with simple steps.

What we like about stage channels is that it is very organized. Listeners have a raise hand button. They can use this button to send requests to the hosts if they want to speak or clarify some of the things the hosts have said. 

If you are the channel host, you have much control in your hands. If an audience is done speaking, you can move them to the audience group so that more room would be available for other listeners who want to speak. 

The hosts also have the power to remove members of the channel. If you think a member is unfit for the channel, you can remove them. You can also do this if there are members of the channel whose behavior is rude. 

If you explore the Discord app more, you can discover more features, like the stage channels. Stage channels can help you express your opinions while listening to other people’s side.

Use Telegram’s Voice Chat

Telegram Voice Chat - Clubhouse app on Android
Telegram Voice Chat – Clubhouse app on Android

The first two apps that we talked about were about making the discussion open. Other people can join in on the discussion you are having. If you want a more private discussion, there is another alternative for the Clubhouse app on Android you can try. You can try using Telegram’s new launches and voice chat over here. 

You would need a channel to enable the app’s voice chat. Once you have created the channel, you can configure the settings. You can adjust the settings so that the voice chat is enabled. Once this is enabled, you can let others send voice chats. 

Only the members of the group can listen and send voice chats. You can always share the invite link if you want to add members. You can also keep the members as is if you want a more private discussion. 

Start Your Day With Cappuccino

Cappuccino - Clubhouse app on Android
Cappuccino Clubhouse app on Android

The next application that we have for you is another intimate app. With the cappuccino app, you can listen to the recordings sent by your friends and family. Since the name of the app is coffee-inspired, the audio recordings done by your chosen friends and family are called beans. 

These “beans” will be collected and made into coffee after. In the morning, you will be notified that your Cappuccino is ready. With this, you can start your day with messages from the important people in your life. 

Like a Capuccinno, their encouraging messages can energize and get you through the day. In return, you can also send them “beans” to make their mornings better. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clubhouse app on Android?

Clubhouse apps on Android are applications wherein users get to communicate through audio. These are public discussions wherein other people can join and lay their thoughts regarding the topic. 

Are Clubhouse Discussions Always Public?

No, clubhouse discussions are not always public. You can use applications if you want your clubhouse discussions to be intimate. They can be limited to the people you invite, like your close friends and family. 

What Clubhouse Apps Can I Use on Android?

Clubhouse app on Android you can use:
1. Spaces by Twitter
2. Discord Stage Channels 
3. Telegram’s Voice Chat
4. Cappuccino 

Does Clubhouse app work on Android?

The app was rolled out earlier only to iPhone users but is now available on Android devices as well. You can download it from the Play Store by clicking this link.

Why is Clubhouse app so popular?

The main reason for the popularity of the clubhouse app on Android is the audio-conversations features. People tend to enjoy the audio-based chatting and collaborating more than the text-based version as in other apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Express and Listen With Clubhouse App on Android

Times have truly changed. There are a lot of different platforms where we get to express our opinions regarding certain topics. Aside from social media, we can use the Clubhouse app on Android to express ourselves better. 

You can let other people hear your thoughts with clubhouse apps like Twitter Spaces, Discord Stage Channels, Telegram, and Cappuccino. Not only do you get to express yourself, you learn to listen and respect other people’s opinions as well. 

A lot more Clubhouse app on Android is waiting for you to try. Do not be afraid to voice out what you truly think. Letting others hear your thoughts about a topic can help open your eyes because you can see the other side of the discussion. 

I hope I brought some value to your Android usage. Let me know in the comments section below if you already use the Clubhouse app on Android or if you are planning to use any of the alternatives mentioned above. Until next time, take care and stay safe! Cheers!

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