7 Common ‘Realme 5’ Issues and Solutions

Are you annoyed because your Realme 5 has issues? Well, you’re in the right place. Keep reading, and you’ll learn about the most common problems and how to solve them.

But before we go into that, let’s have a quick background check on the Realme 5.

The brand Realme originally came from OPPO. The brand became independent last 2018 due to its large volume of sales.

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The Realme 5 was released by Realme last August 2019. It flaunts quality specs for a relatively lower price than most smartphones.

It has a diagonal screen size of 6.5 inches and uses Android OS 9.0. A battery capacity of 5000maH and stunning camera quality.

It has a quad-camera Sony sensor at the back with a standard lens of 12MP and a 13MP selfie camera Samsung lens.

Isn’t it amazing?

Smartphones help us with the majority of our daily tasks. We browse our social media accounts, watch Netflix, check our mail, listen to music, and many more.


Isn’t it annoying when you can’t do your thing on your smartphone because of some inconvenience? I remember a time when I couldn’t connect my Bluetooth earphones to my smartphone; it hindered me from video calling my boss from work.

There was also a time when I couldn’t connect to our home Wi-Fi, and it was hard. People nowadays rely heavily on the internet for information and entertainment.

Well, it is not at all a surprising matter that common problems can be there on any smartphone even if you’ve just recently bought your smartphone. There are always bugs that the manufacturer hasn’t recognized in every device.

I know you’re excited to fix that problem as soon as possible, so without further ado, here’s the list of the common Realme 5 issues.

Usual Problems and Solutions for Realme 5

1. Network or SIM Problems

SIM card issues

Are you experiencing weak sim card coverage?

Most of the time, it’s because there is no nearby tower to transmit the signal, but sometimes it’s because of your device.

Here are some quick fixes:

Inspect if your sim card is damaged. If it’s damaged, sad to say but you already need to get a new one.

If it’s still good, check if you inserted the sim card correctly. Also, try reinserting your sim card and restarting your phone.

Check if you have the Airplane mode turned ON. If it’s ON, turn it OFF. Airplane mode disables the sim card activity.

Log-in to your Google account. Some problems arise when an account is not logged-in.

If it still doesn’t work, your phone antenna might need servicing.

2. Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

Bluetooth icon

Can’t connect to a particular device?

You might have a problem with the Bluetooth connection.


Check if the device you want to connect to is Bluetooth enabled. If not, activate it then try reconnecting.


Some Bluetooth devices have two switches: one for power on/off and the other one to enable/disable Bluetooth connectivity.

Make sure that the gadget is within range. Most Bluetooth devices have a maximum range of less than 10 meters.

Update your phone OS. Some Bluetooth connectivity issues arise when the OS is outdated.

Reboot your smartphone. After doing all of these, try reconnecting to the device again.

If you still can’t connect to the device, there might be a problem with your Bluetooth antenna, or it’s also possible that the appliance you’re trying to connect to has the Bluetooth issue. Try consulting your local electronics repair shop to service your smartphone or Bluetooth device.

3. Internet or Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

Wi-Fi icon

Do you have a problem connecting to your Wi-Fi?

Or maybe your Wi-Fi speed is slow?


First, check the security restrictions of your Wi-Fi. Multiple factors can affect how you connect to your Wi-Fi.


Your Wi-Fi router has some security protocols: WPA, WEP, and WPA2. Make sure that you enter the same settings and passkey in your phone to the one you set-up with your Wi-Fi.

Some Wi-Fi routers can only maximize their speed when there is a limited number of devices connected. Check if the problem in your connection only arises when there are multiple devices connected to your router.

Turn off your Realme 5 and Wi-Fi router. Wait for 15-20 seconds, then turn them both ON.

Try reconnecting to your Realme 5 to your Wi-Fi.


If the app you’re using doesn’t work with your Wi-Fi, try reinstalling it.

Also, check your Wi-Fi router antenna. Sometimes it is not installed correctly; that’s why the connection is weak.

4. Touch Screen Not Functioning Properly

Touch screen issues?

Some users report that their touch screen doesn’t function properly. There are several reasons why this happens, and we’re here to discuss some answers to it.


The number one reason why your screen doesn’t function properly is dirt. Maybe it’s from the table where you put your phone, the lint in your pocket, or from the grime gathered by your fingertips.

Make sure that your hands are clean before touching the screen.

Wipe your screen using a clean cloth. There are also readily available screen cleaning kits in hardware stores.

Another factor to this issue is if you’re using a screen protector or tempered glass. The protector may be too thick, and it can degrade the touch quality of your Realme 5.

If you’ve checked all these, now restart your phone. Sometimes the problem is internal, and a restart can help fix it.

5. Charging is Slow

Charging issues?

Does it take you several hours to fully charge your Realme 5?

Charging your phone for a long time can also cause the battery life to deteriorate faster. So here are some tips to help save that battery.


Double-check if your charger or wire is damaged; if it’s damaged, it’s probably causing the charging to slow down. It’s time to get a new one.

Choose the right charger. Realme 5 can optimize charging only at 10W or around 0.83 amperes.

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Clear your cache data. Open Settings>App Management>Select Specific App then click the delete cache button.

Close all the applications that are running in the background. Even though it’s in the background, it still uses your battery life.

Delete apps that are not from Google Play Store. They might be the ones causing the problem.

Also, turn OFF the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspot, and don’t use your phone while charging.

6. Overheating

Overheating problem?

Can’t handle the heat of your phone?

It’s called overheating, and many factors cause it. It may be from the number of apps you use simultaneously, your charger, or from other external factors.


Realme 5 is ideally charged only with a 10W charging adapter. If you’re using something above this standard, it will inevitably cause overheating.

Take note:

When using power banks, select the charging port that is specific for the Realme 5, which is 1 ampere. Yes, you can charge faster with the 2.1 ampere, but it will cause your phone to overheat.

Sometimes when you use low quality charging adapter and wire, it causes overheating. Always use only chargers that supply 1 ampere to avoid overheat.

Check if the apps you’ve downloaded does not cause the overheating. Some third-party apps cause the phone to overheat.

Charging while playing always makes any phone overheat, so it’s better to wait for the phone to full charge before playing.

7. Low Camera Quality

Realme 5 camera problem?

Do you think that your camera isn’t fully optimized?

If you’re always getting pictures that are below your expected quality, there’s probably an issue on the camera.


Check the storage of your phone. If your Realme 5 has limited room for more data, it automatically turns all the images to low-quality ones.

Try deleting some unnecessary apps or images. You can also insert a micro SD card to upgrade your storage limit.

Turn OFF the power-saving mode or safe mode to get the full quality of the images you take. You can also use the built-in image stabilization feature to get better pictures.

Don’t overuse camera zoom; it’s the same with any smartphone, the bigger the zoom, the lower the quality of the image.

Open the camera settings and set it at max resolution. Sometimes the settings are automatically set to low, especially when your Realme 5 is running low on battery or storage space.

Check the camera lens if there is moisture or dirt. Gently wipe the affected area with a clean cloth and try retaking a picture.


Do you consider the Realme 5 a good purchase?

Yes. It is the cheapest phone with a four-lens camera and running with a Snapdragon 712 processor. It also has an exemplary battery life and excellent overall performance.

What does quad-camera mean?

Realme 5 has four camera lenses on its back, which has different functions and focal points. It has a 12MP lens for standard images, an 8MP lens for wide-angle photos, 2MP for depth, and another 2MP for macro imaging.

Realme 5 has four camera lenses on its back, which has different functions and focal points. It has a 12MP lens for standard images, an 8MP lens for wide-angle photos, 2MP for depth, and another 2MP for macro imaging.

While there are many reasons why, first, check the security restrictions of your Wi-Fi. Check this article to know more.

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We hope that we’ve given the right solutions to your Realme 5 issues.

Don’t worry!

All smartphones experience different kinds of issues. It’s perfectly normal.

This smartphone is still worthy of its price even though there are some minimal problems. Continue following our tips to maintain the peak performance of your Realme 5.

If you have an issue that we were not able to include, feel free to add them to the comment section below, and we’ll try to solve them too.

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